How much will it cost for Luhansk people to get a child to school?

Getting a child to school: how much money should parents prepare?

The closer September is, the more nervous the state of schoolchildren's parents becomes. After all, getting a child to school, as a rule, costs more than one thousand rubles: when sending our child to first grade, we try to buy him quality clothes and good stationery.

The journalists of the 21st Century newspaper walked through the city markets, the capital's children's stores, and calculated how much the child's school fees would cost.


From the first days of August, school supplies, including clothes, are being delivered to our stores. And, as a rule, most of the buyers prefers to purchase the necessary things right away, while there is an assortment of both size and model range.

“We approach the choice of clothes quite seriously, so we buy them as soon as they appear on the shelves. As a rule, I buy in children's stores, it seems to me that the quality is better there, and there are discounts, ”said Elena from Luhansk.

At the same time, Olga has a different opinion and makes purchases about a week before the start of the school year. And then he buys only the most non-avoidable, and buys the rest over time. He says it's cheaper this way.

“I’ll buy at a minimum, what I’ll wear for the first week, I’ll buy the rest after September 1, when prices go down. I practice this way all the time. Checked! ".


There is no mandatory strict school uniform in Luhansk schools, but absolutely all educational institutions require children to adhere to a certain dress code. As a rule, it is a white top and a dark bottom. The color palette can range from black and dark blue to brown and burgundy. The style of clothing is not important either, the main thing is to adhere to a strict style!

A standard "dress-up" set for a girl includes a skirt, shirt or blouse, jacket, white knee-highs, shoes and bows. Instead of a skirt, you can buy a sundress or a dress. For a boy, a shirt, jacket, trousers, belt, bow tie or tie, socks and shoes.

Having the necessary list of clothes on hand, we went to the children's stores and the Central Market. First-graders were collected, since they will have to be dressed "from scratch", which, of course, will result in more than one thousand rubles. Let's say right away that in our calculations we were guided by the minimum and maximum prices that we were able to find.

How much will it cost for Luhansk people to get a child to school?

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