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Heavy soil in a summer cottage does not mean at all that you can forget about rich harvests. With the right approach and on such soil, it is possible to get good yields of vegetables. The most effective ways to grow vegetables on heavy soil - in our article.

Loamy soil is called heavy - soil in which the percentage of clay significantly exceeds the amount of sand. Such soil heats up for a long time in spring and quickly freezes in winter. Due to its density, it does not allow moisture to pass through well, so there are puddles on its surface after rain or watering for a long time. During periods of drought, clayey soil becomes hard, like stone.

Structure Improvement Rule

It is possible to improve the structure of heavy soil by sanding - adding sand. When it is added, the density of the clay soil decreases and the soil begins to better allow air and moisture to pass through. This contributes to the activation of the activity of soil microflora, which in the future will have a positive effect on the productivity of agricultural crops. However, this method of improving heavy soil has a complication. To radically change the mechanical composition of clay soil, the amount of sand must be large enough: at least 15-30 kg per 1 sq. ...

In addition, you need to understand that sand, improving the structure of heavy soil, making it loose and lighter, in itself does not change the fertility of the soil and therefore does not have any benefits for plant nutrition.

Drainage Rule

Clay does not absorb moisture well, and therefore water accumulations always appear on the soil surface after precipitation. Its constant stagnation is harmful not only for plants, but also for the foundation and can lead to the destruction of buildings. Drainage will help drain clay soil, so if you have a heavy soil area, consider a drainage system first.

In simple cases, surface drainage will suffice. When planning greenhouses, open beds or flower beds, slope towards paths or drainage systems so moisture will quickly leave your plantings and plants will not suffer from its excess.

Wetlands or areas with high groundwater levels will require a combination of surface and deep drainage systems.

High Garden Rule

One of the fastest ways to get a good harvest on heavy clay soil is to set up tall beds. Unlike most ways that the process of improving heavy soil takes years, in tall beds, a rich crop can be removed in the same season.

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Browsers, email clients and other programs often offer to save passwords. It is very convenient: I keep it and forget it, and sometimes in the literal sense of the word. But what if you need to change your browser, reinstall the system, or just log in from a different computer? It turns out that browsers store passwords very insecurely. There are a lot of recovery programs, and of course, they will work no worse on someone else's machine than on yours.


Browsers often store dozens or even hundreds of passwords. Of course, if you do not use one password for all occasions (and this is not the best idea), remembering passwords from all sites and forums can be problematic.

If you forgot an important password and don't want to rack your brains, download and install the WebBrowserPassView program. You will be surprised: it can easily extract passwords from Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Yandex Browser, and the latest versions are supported. Personally, I have tested this program with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera - in no case did it misfire.

Before starting WebBrowserPassView, it is advisable to disable the antivirus, as some will complain that it is malware. The recovery result is shown in the screenshot. Don't blame me, but I covered up the Password column and part of the User Name.

Select the passwords that you want to remember, execute the command File - Save Selected Items. The highlighted passwords will be saved to a plain text file of the following format:

And of course, the program is suitable for extracting passwords on someone else's machine. If you have local access or remote - via RDP or TeamViewer, then it will not be difficult to get passwords.


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Since a smartphone or tablet computer, as a rule, does not have control buttons, in case of sensor malfunctions, all functions of the mobile phone are lost immediately. Problems usually appear after dropping the phone or getting inside the tablet, although sometimes the sensor stops working on its own. As part of this article, we will consider ways to fix problems with the touch screen of modern gadgets.

The sensor of the cause of the malfunction does not work

There are many different reasons that can lead to this malfunction in modern mobile devices:

The gadget's memory is very overloaded and the device simply does not have enough hardware resources to process all the clicks. Over time, any sensor can be covered with a bunch of fatty fingerprints. This leads to a strong deterioration in the sensitivity of the touchscreen. To eliminate the problem, it is recommended to thoroughly wipe the display with a special cleaning liquid and a cloth. From a sudden temperature drop, the sensor may also stop working, although usually this malfunction goes away by itself, you just need to wait. You can fix this problem yourself, but only if the warranty period has expired, otherwise you can lose the last one. In addition, none of the owners of a smartphone or tablet is immune from software failure, in which case you will need to reflash your mobile phone. To do this, you will need to download the software and have the required firmware cable in your arsenal

The simplest thing that can be done is to reset the phone or tablet to factory settings, for this you need to disconnect the battery and pull out the SIM card, while for a number of tablets you need to very carefully remove the cover of the plastic case, while you should be especially careful not to break the plastic clips.

The sensor loop is gone, see how to fix it in this video instruction:

Repair of the loop and touchscreen connector using the example of the Lenovo A369i mobile phone

Replacing the touchscreen (sensor) Huawei G510

Replacing the sensor with a fly after a fall

iPhone 5 touchscreen not working, problem solution

An issue with the touchscreen occurred after being hit hard by breaking the screen and touchpad. They were replaced with new ones, but the sensor did not want to show signs of life at all. I decided to look for a "jamb" with a particular passion and started with the connector for the X2502 sensor. I immediately found out that there are no signals on pins 2, 8 and 15. The second and fifteenth contacts go to the touchscreen controller N2564 and the eighth through the resistor R2534, and the signal passed to the resistor.

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In order to change your garden, it is not at all necessary to arrange large-scale redevelopment. It is enough to add one or two details to the composition, and it will sparkle with completely different colors!

The effectiveness and beauty of a site does not depend on its size, but on how well its owner knows how to properly organize the space and adapt landscape design techniques specifically for his garden. Especially for those who want to freshen up the look of their garden at least a little, we have selected some simple and elegant solutions.

Spiral flower bed

Spiral flower beds and "snail" beds always look very impressive and original. At the same time, the construction of such structures will not cause any particular difficulties even for inexperienced summer residents. What can we say about sophisticated gardeners who are not hearsay familiar with the rules for creating warm beds. The principles of their construction are in many ways similar to the technology by which tall flower beds are created.

However, it is not at all necessary to use them exclusively for ornamental plants. For example, some homeowners "adapt" spiral beds for growing herbs.


Another variation on the theme of tall beds. If there are a lot of stones on your site and you want to come up with a worthy use for them, be sure to consider building at least a small gabion flower bed on the site.

However, before installing a gabion on your site, carefully consider the location of its installation. This is not a plastic curb, but a heavy monolithic structure, which is not so easy to move even 20 cm, let alone move it to the other end of the site.

Container Garden

The trend that has emerged in recent years to combine the external and internal space of the house is reflected in the arrangement of the so-called container gardens. The new fashion met with a response among gardeners, as they very quickly appreciated all the benefits of this technology. Mobility, easy care, plenty of room for imagination. Actually, what else do you need to satisfy your love for bold and unexpected experiments?

Ornamental garden

Arranging an ornamental garden helps to solve the problem of lack of free space in small areas. And although many summer residents are of the opinion that garden beds cannot (and in general do not have to!) Look beautiful, the interest in such projects from landscape designers not only does not subside, but is growing day by day.

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Yandex, keeping up with Google, presented its browser to users. It is quite convenient and easy to operate. If you have already installed this Internet application, then the next question that interests you is the Yandex browser settings. Naturally, for convenient work, each user makes them in accordance with their own preferences. Let's consider where exactly they are and what we need to do.

Default settings

Before talking about where the Yandex settings are in the browser, let's see what the developers initially offer. After, here you can import settings from another browser, which was assigned by default. So everything seems to be simple.

In addition, the developers have integrated the Yandex. ar. And how to install this useful application, for example, in Google Chrome, you will learn. It is activated by pressing just one button. But as a result, you get access to a huge number of different services and social networks.

How to change settings

Given the minimalist browser interface, it's very easy to find out where the Yandex browser settings are. To do this, you just need to click on the button and select the Settings item. To set the start page, click on the Where to start link. Here the user is presented with two options for what will be displayed at startup. First, it can be tabs that were opened in the last session before exiting the browser. Secondly, the most frequently visited sites can be displayed on the page.

We see that there is nothing complicated in how to find the Yandex browser settings. Therefore, we proceed to the next step - saving the downloaded files. By default, they will be located in a dedicated download folder. To change this, select Settings, click on the Show advanced settings link. Here we click on the Download button and mark the desired path for the files.

Many users are interested in how to save the Yandex browser settings. To do this, you will need additional software, which is not difficult to find in the vastness of the network. The same applies to how to reset the Yandex browser settings. At the moment, the developers have not provided a special button for this. However, you can delete the profile in which they are mainly located. To do this, in Settings, select Users and click the Delete Profile button. By the way, the window that appears allows you to perform such an operation as importing parameters into another browser, which is very convenient.

Let's consider other ways of changing the Yandex browser settings. For example, JavaScript is supported by default in a web browser. If you accidentally changed this, then you can return everything to its place through the same button. We select the item of the context menu Show additional settings. Next, follow the link Protection of personal data, where we are interested in the Content settings button. In them, we set the selection in front of the label to enable JavaScript support. By the way, you can.

Of course, the hidden settings of the Yandex browser deserve attention. Do not forget that some extensions in the Internet browser are installed by default. If you do not need them, then it is better to delete them immediately, for which we press the appropriate button next to the add-on name. For example, such an extension as "Integration with MetaProducts ..." is hardly useful, so I recommend removing it immediately after installation.

All other settings each set according to their own preferences. If you transferred them from another browser, but they are displayed incorrectly, then you will have to configure everything manually. To do this, press the button and find the item we need.

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