Guys what to do

You sit on the back desk and often look out the window. There is a guarded alarm in his eyes. You mentally count down the seconds: how much is left until the end of the lesson.

They call you a difficult student. When teachers talk about you, they sigh first. This is followed by an unflattering characterization and most of the words begin with not. “Lazy, I could study well. But unassembled, undisciplined and not trying. "

I'm coming up to you. I'm looking at your notebook. Beautiful, even, large handwriting, you diligently draw out round numbers and letters with a small stub from a pencil. Raise your head, and I see big eyes, a slightly blurred look: no longer a child and not yet an adult. You are 15. At the very beginning of life, and all the teachers around have already put an end to you.

I really want to help you. There are six months left before the exams, and most likely, if nothing changes, you will fall into the category of those about whom statistics will say: “did not pass the exam”.

If you're lucky, you will go to a small business or a construction site, or maybe a cook. If everything is worse and you have not been taught to work at all, you will join the multi-million army of the unemployed and settle on benefits.

What happened to you in a few years?

At what point did the spark of thirst for knowledge die out instead of kindling into a fire? And is it possible to revive her from the ashes?

The answers lie in several dimensions.

The child's behavior in society will initially be determined by family relationships. With the beginning of schooling, the school has the same, and often more powerful influence: teachers and students.

What should a young teacher do after crossing the threshold of the classroom?

Let's imagine 30 teenagers - all with their own character, worldview and judgment.

In 45 minutes, the teacher must not only reveal new material, but do it in such a way that the children are interested and can remember it. At the same time, it is necessary to control how the students understood this material. Only a balanced, strict, as well as a soft, cheerful, demanding (and many other qualities) person is able to cope with such a number of tasks at the same time. Every second, the teacher must adequately assess the situation, predict the reactions of students and choose the optimal solution.

Before creating my project, I worked in a bank, and later taught vocals

I am a financial manager by education, graduated from MGIMO. In the third year of the institute I got a job at Deutsche Bank, but I quickly realized that this kind of work was not to my liking.

I dreamed of starting my own creative business. Therefore, she left the bank and began to look for a way to realize herself both in creativity and in business at the same time.

After the bank I taught vocals at school, while giving lessons at home. Over time, there were so many students that they did not fit in the apartment. Then I organized my own theater. She got an individual entrepreneur, rented a room and started teaching children to sing and play the piano. Classes were conducted individually and in groups.

The theater worked for more than three years, but then I decided to change my activity and got a job as a teacher at Vocal Mix. In Moscow, this is considered a top vocal school; the singer Zivert, bloggers Roma Acorn, Dina Saeva and others studied here.

I immediately agreed with the management that I would not only teach vocals, but also organize creative projects. In the first month of work, she conducted a training for the students of the school "It's easy to speak beautifully."

In the same period, an acquaintance offered to teach oratory to her employees. I gave them exercises in speech technique, helped to correct speech problems. We did this for two months.

I launched the first online course while still working at the vocal school

In January 2020, a client from another city wrote to the school. She wanted to learn singing online. For half a year I worked with a girl via video communication.

I managed to clearly organize the lesson, the result turned out to be better than in my offline lessons. In 3 months, the student learned to sing melismatic passages, vibrato, splitting: these are complex vocal techniques used by Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé. She had never done that before.

I am now in grade 10 and decide to enter the medical university. and all my life I have probably changed my decision a million times where to go. This shit is only for one reason: I have such a habit in life, I always cool down to everything, even the most desirable, to what I grieve for. And this applies to everything absolutely everything in my life, my interests are no exception, well, before this surgery I dreamed of becoming a lawyer and burned with this desire and cooled down as always, and then I thought, it's cool to be a surgeon, they are the elite among doctors, I will always have money and on the scholarship I can buy all sorts of things related to my interests: bts (by the way it has cooled down), anime, yaoi, and I just burned with this desire and thought it would be very cool and I can always find a job. But now I understand that I don’t need it at all, it’s not interesting, I don’t want to study chemistry, biology, and everything related to medicine, I don’t need it. I will not be able to earn a lot of money, I will not be able to leave with this specialty to another country, and this is not as cool as medicine and not so much in demand. I always try to provide for myself for the future, and now I seem to be falling into the abyss, I'm terribly afraid to give up my interests and desires, devoting myself to study, and now I think that I will completely become empty, my interests are very dear to me because once they saved me from hell after quarrels with your best friend. And besides, I often “hate everything in this life, I don’t need anything”, sometimes it seems to me. Because of laziness, I love to indulge in my moral masochism and I don't care about anything. Tell the guys how I can again be inspired by the desire for this medicine, because I have no choice anymore (it's a pity to realize that such doctors exist at all), but the fact that I like helping people makes me happy now my goal is to learn and do. But I absolutely can not go forward, I stopped and do nothing, I postpone preparation for the summer and you know, I am completely sure that I will not do anything time-tested. (Guys, forgive me: no commas, I just wrote quickly)

Don't go to honey. Or at least for a start in a school / college, and then you will look. About scholarship purchases - laughed loudly

Go into medicine for the sake of money and a ghostly desire?)) Well, I don’t know, try to look through a public page like "Anatomichki" first, maybe let it go))

It will be hard for you to get married, however.

This is if she becomes a pathologist. Then yes.

What do you have a penchant for, how do you handle the sight of blood / pain and other dismemberment? If you are a surgeon, you will have a lot of work in the anatomical, on corpses. Is this okay for you?

About off-hour sleep syndrome

Hi, Pikabu, this post is not about technology (although there will be such ones too), I want to share the history and experience of my lifestyle, maybe someone has had this too, maybe there are some tips. Others may not go into details. in general, as you already understood by the name, in my pure form, so. "non-24-hour sleep syndrome". Namely, it consists in the fact that my body lives by its own clock, different from the rest of the world. These problems began in early childhood, when I was little, I did not pay much attention to it, but I often did not sleep at night, and my parents said they say "sleep-sleep", read fairy tales, etc., as a result, after 2-3 hours, already hungry and exhausted, I fell asleep and in the morning went to the kindergarten. Around the same time, my dad was working on duty, two days later, and often did not sleep at night either. If he just went to bed, he could not fall asleep, he had to turn on the TV, run off five times to smoke, only then he could fall asleep and slept normally, without awakening. Omnyu, in childhood there was a "curtain" over the bed, which was closed every time, i.e. his mother slept with him in the same bed, and the TV lit up the whole room. How they came to such a consensus then I cannot imagine, but in their place I would have slept separately for a long time. Now, by the way, they do just that. Let's get back to the topic, in fact, somewhere before 13-14 years old, the problem did not bother me much, but there were nights when I turned the pillow 5-10 times and already prayed to all existing forces to be turned off as soon as possible. In the senior grades of school, the problem worsened, it was necessary for lessons by 9:00, the school was near the house and I tried to wake up as late as possible in order to at least get there (once I woke up at 8:50 and ran there at a gallop). A couple of times I fainted during training, when they tried to wake me up for school, especially in bad weather. What saved me then was that I contracted to help teachers with work, for example, with accounting - and they sometimes allowed me not to come to their first lessons. When I entered the university, I realized that my body, in principle, lives according to its own clock. In the first year, we had several shifts. I remembered most of the material only from the second shift, when it was necessary for pairs by 14: 00-16: 00. I could sleep well and go to couples in a good mood. But for some semesters we were given a "mentally retarded school", namely, we were given pairs at 9:00, one piece 6 days a week. I then came and slept right in pairs. Moreover, I could not even eat in the morning, we had, for example, physical education, and my food just does not go into my stomach and turns it inside out. After 2-3 months, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting began to appear during 1 pair. I somehow managed to survive this semester, although I even lost a lot of weight. This time, the point was that if I went to bed, for example, at 22:00, or even at 00:00, then I did not fall asleep, but simply waited for the body to give the go-ahead. And that was around 3-4 in the morning. Already the seventh sweat disappears and is very tired, but I still do not pass out. In the 3rd year, I began to work with a free schedule, introduced distance learning (quarantine). Then this time of falling asleep-waking up began to constantly shift forward. At the same time, I slept for 8-9 hours and did not wake up, and upon waking up at 14:00, 15:00 I felt good enough. Now I generally fall asleep at 8:00, and wake up at 16:00. At the same time, when I need to go to the first couple, it's easier for me not to sleep at all, and then go to sleep during the day. But overall, I began to feel much better than when I was not allowed to sleep. Now I'm retraining to be a programmer so that I can work at night, because I understand that with such a mode, normal work from 9: 00-17: 00 is clearly bypassed by me. Of course, this does not go unnoticed by society. People and family constantly rub me in at every meeting that I am lazy, I do not like social responsibilities and so on. Although I try to work, despite my regime and bring benefits to society. I tried not to sleep for two days at all. Then you can really fall asleep at 00:00 - 02:00. But then the next day, all the same, fatigue and you need to sleep off the last day, and therefore sleep instead of 8-9 hours becomes 10-12 hours, after which the body again goes to bed according to its schedule, scheduled for that day. If we compare my time for falling asleep for this year, then the "chronoshift" is + 1-2 minutes per day, and therefore for each month passed already by half an hour or an hour, thus, the moment of falling asleep for a year of remote control from 02:00 shifted to 08 : 00. In general, guys, if someone or friends have experienced this, share your opinion whether you can do something in this case, or you will have to live in such a "floating" rhythm for the rest of your life.

Removed in heads

Oh, I also remembered a situation that happened during my work at school.

You may have noticed that various events have been taking place in Russia over the past year or more, the cause of which is called the coronavirus. Approximately in November in our city, the issue with him arose very acutely - there are many sick every day, hospitals are filled to the utmost, and so on. In this regard, esessna, there were many restrictions - everything was closed except. schools. But at some point, a concept, scary for many parents, appeared - distance learning. Ohh, how much anger and petitions I've seen on social media. networks on this topic. However!

My class was not transferred to a remote location for a long time, despite the fact that most of the children stayed at home due to the fact that these guys were in contact or were ill in a mild form. But when only 7 out of 30 people came, quarantine was announced, and I prepared a lesson online. And so, sobsna, a lesson (as I remember now - Saturday morning), I go out into the zoom, I wait. More than half of the healthy ones did not get in touch. I then heard a lot of reasons for this - one had an open fracture, another had an open fracture, another was allowed to sleep, the third did not know what to do at all, the fourth had the Internet covered, the fifth thought that the zoom was created by aliens from outer space and should not be used. Most of all I liked the answer - "I went to the dacha with friends", this is a quote. In November. Funny boys.

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