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How to make sure of the reliability of the sandwich panels from which the sectional door leaf is assembled?

What is the best material for guides and fittings?

Does it make sense to issue an extended product warranty?

When choosing a gate for his garage, every car owner is faced with the listed questions and most often does not know how to answer them. Therefore, we decided to ask them to an expert - Deputy Marketing Director of Alutech Gate Systems LLC Andrey Buloichik, who told how to choose a gate that will last a long time.

What determines the service life of sandwich panels?

To answer this question, you need to know the design features of sandwich panels.

So, each panel is 2 sheets of steel connected together. The void between them is filled with polyurethane foam. This is largely due to this fact that sectional doors become "warm". Moreover, their service life depends on the following points:

Reliability of joining sheets and foam

Competent manufacturers use adhesive varnish for these purposes, which works like glue, preventing the panels from delaminating, swelling due to overheating in the sun, as well as by careless handling of the gate (for example, when they are suddenly lowered) .

Although there are companies that, realizing that the buyer will still not see if there is varnish or not, do not use it, which is why, after a few years, gate owners have to pay a round sum for repair or complete replacement canvases.

Bonding strength of steel sheets

It happens that the owner closes the gate too abruptly. As a result, he gets a sandwich panel that opens like a seed. You can protect yourself from such unpleasant surprises: when ordering, check with the seller how steel sheets.

An ideal option is a lock connection (see picture). If you are told that the outer and inner sheets are "wrapped in foam," pass by, such gates are unlikely to last long.

Expert opinion: how to choose a durable sectional door

This winter is already tired! Frosts at night - 40, in the afternoon cold weather, blizzards, snow, wind. We are waiting for spring and thaw! There is a lot of work to be done, to remove the snow, prepare a site for an exhibition of bees.

Painting "Waiting for grandchildren"

80 * 85 Canvas, tempera. Posted by Andrey Boris.

The painting can be seen at the Fairy Tales by the Fireplace exhibition in the Mytishchi Art Gallery until March 21.

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Good morning. There is a photo taken with a simple single-camera phone. Can you tell me how to achieve this sharpness effect on the camera? Even with the aperture closed as much as possible, it still blurs the plans that are out of focus of the subject, although not so much, and at the same time there is a problem of exposure, if you increase it, the snowflakes simply blur, and at low shutter speed it is dark, and the twisted ISO produces noise) In general, I only came up with option with bracken and different focus points, but maybe there is an easier way? Thank you.

Rare guest in the Baltic

Glaucous (Larus hyperboreus) is a very large gull with a long, powerful beak and a flat crown. Its wings protrude slightly beyond the edge of the tail. The body length reaches 68 cm, the wingspan is up to 165 cm. It can weigh up to 2 kg.

In the Baltic, the photographer met a young chick in the first winter plumage: grayish-brown, with dark-brown streaks on the mantle, scapular and wing coverts, as well as on the upper tail.

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