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In this article, I want to share with you new products that I tried this month, I am satisfied with them and can recommend them to you.

Matting Powder by Eveline

I always test powders for a very long time because it is important for me that they meet all my requirements: they do not dry the skin, do not feel on the face, do not emphasize the texture of the skin and set the makeup.

This powder first captivated me with the scent of banana, not chemical, but so delicate and very pleasant. She has a yellow (banana) color that will suit most girls with yellow skin tone. It lays down in a thin layer, mattifies the skin well, is absolutely not felt on the face and does not emphasize the texture of the skin. It seems to me that now I will buy this powder over and over again.

Liners from Catrice

I love the Katrice brand very much, they have a lot of great products at an inexpensive price. In winter, they released new items including this eyebrow marker and eyeliner. Both products come with a brush, not a felt tip. By the way, I use the eyebrow marker as an eyeliner too, for delicate brown arrows. The durability of the liners is excellent, due to the brush, the lines are obtained thin. Many people complain that the product dries up, but it is also obvious that the brush (like any other) must be wiped with at least a cotton pad and tonic or a damp cloth, you will remove the top layer of the dried product and everything is like new. Now this is the most convenient way for me to shape the eyebrows and draw arrows.

Vivienne Sabo Highlighter Palette

Without a highlighter, I can't imagine my makeup, as my skin is dry, dull and never shines. This palette comes in two colors: pearl and gold, suitable for different skin tones, and can also be used as an eye shadow. The texture is very soft with no obvious glitter, looks amazing on the skin. I bought the same palette in my work case.

Elian Foundation & Concealer

This foundation with a matte finish, usually I don't like these creams as they dry out my skin. But this tone suited me, it adheres well to the skin, mattifies, but does not dry the skin and does not oxidize. I use it when I do bright makeup to keep my skin tone perfect. Contains spf 10, albeit a small protective factor, better than nothing. Medium coverage, can be layered.

A very pigmented concealer with a natural finish. Does not dry out the skin around the eyes, does not clog into fine wrinkles and does not emphasize them. Does not roll down during the day and does not oxidize. I now use it everywhere and under the eyes, and to mask some minor flaws.

What decorative or care cosmetics have you tried recently and were satisfied? Or maybe you were disappointed on the contrary?

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