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  • November 29, 2018
  • Home workouts
  • Irina Ivanova

The ankle is essential for our body. But few people think that his ligaments need to be constantly trained so as not to get injured. Weak ankle ligaments can lead to falls on the flattest road. If you decide to go jogging, then first of all think, is your body ready for the load? How to strengthen the ankle ligaments, and what exercises you need to do for this, we learn from this article.

Ankle functions

The main functions of the ankle are:

  • Ensuring an upright body position. Thanks to a strong ankle, we can stand.
  • Ability to walk and run. This is also his merit.

People involved in sports or fitness often forget about the importance of properly developed ligaments and leg muscles. We spend a lot of time on our feet and do numerous exercises. Well-developed and strengthened muscles will not only save you from injury, but also qualitatively improve the result of your workouts. How to strengthen the ankle ligaments, we will find out further.

Why strengthen the ankle

Remember the sensations when you twist your leg. If it were not for the ligaments and muscles of the legs, we would do this at every step. The joint would suffer every time. But this is not happening. The calf muscles hold the leg firmly. Let's not go deeper, what other muscles form the lower leg and foot - this is not an anatomy lesson.

The first and foremost function of a strong ankle is to keep the human body upright. Because of this heavy load, the Achilles tendon is quite thick (you can feel it over each heel). The next function is to provide walking and running.

People with weak calf muscles tend to twist their legs more often, they are more likely to fall and injure themselves. This is the important role of the ankle apparatus.

Finally, the calf and soleus muscles organize the appearance of our lower leg. This is very important for bodybuilders. Therefore, they pump caviar from all sides.

Why reinforce the ankle?

Who needs to think about strengthening the ankle:

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