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Dream Interpretation - Spider

Seeing a spider in a dream means that you will be attentive and active in your work, and luck will thank you for this.

Seeing a spider in a dream spinning its web means that you will be calm and happy in your home.

To kill a spider in a dream - portends that you will quarrel with your wife or lover.

If a spider bites you in a dream, you will become a victim of betrayal, and your work will suffer through the fault of your enemies.

If you see in a dream that you are surrounded by many spiders hanging on their webs, this promises you an unusually favorable combination of circumstances: good health, good luck, the support of your friends.

To dream that you stumbled upon a web with a huge spider means, despite dangerous connections, quick success in life.

A dream in which a very large and very small spiders are simultaneously approaching you means that you will succeed in business and will rejoice at your immense luck more than once; however, if a huge spider bites you in a dream, the enemies will steal your luck. If you are bitten by a small spider, then minor attacks and envy will bother you.

If you dream that you are running away from a large spider, it means that luck will leave you under humiliating circumstances for you. If you kill this spider, then, perhaps, you will take a worthy position. However, if he later comes to life and again chases after you, then you will be oppressed by illness and change of fortune.

If a girl dreams that golden spiders are crawling around her, then her happiness is not far off and soon she will be surrounded by new friends.

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At the time when I met Olbrychsky, the time after the tragic death of another remarkable Polish film actor, Zbigniew Cybulsky, had passed a little, the pain of the loss was still very acute, and when talking about Danek, compatriots often emphasized : "The second Tsybulsky". Olbrychsky objected ...

DO NOT EXIST, BUT LIVE! Eugene Urbansky was born 89 years ago

THIS was a June evening a long time ago, more than half a century ago. I was sent to Moscow by the St. Petersburg newspaper, and before leaving home I found myself at the Stanislavsky Theater, at the play "The Devil's Apprentice" based on the play by Bernard Shaw. Well, what he saw impressed, especially - the "disciple of the devil", Richard: protesting against God, religion in general, and the usual ethics in the human environment, obeying only his own nature, capable of self-sacrifice - he was magnificent. In addition, every next appearance of the main character on the stage was invariably greeted by the audience with applause - because they adored this actor, who instantly won the movie screen at that time ...

When the action was over (and there was still an hour and a half before the departure of the "Red Arrow"), backstage, I met him - thirty, tall, black-haired, white-toothed, asked for a short interview. We sat on a bench in the courtyard of the theater, next to the actors' dormitory, where Yevgeny Urbansky and his already famous wife occupied a six-meter room ...

He was BORN in Moscow, and then, when he was five, he was exiled to Alma-Ata with his mother and brother. Because the father, the second secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan, was arrested at the notorious 58th and as an "enemy of the people" for ten years in the camp was sent in the opposite direction - near Vorkuta. When, in 1946, Yakov Samoilovich, by the mercy of the authorities "released on parole", began to work hard - first at a brick factory, then - in a mine, the whole family moved there, to Inta ...

Although they were on the other side of the "thorn", the situation around was still "still the same": barracks, watchtowers with guards, columns of prisoners with numbers on their backs constantly following through the village, a daily wake-up call for everyone in Inta - the beeps of the CHP plant ... True, Zhenya's school pleased: where the director, Efim Stepanovich Rochev, called them "children" and in every possible way supported the atmosphere of warmth and even joy, you could come whenever you wanted - not only to prepare lessons, but also to meet friends, friends, to argue, to publish a wall newspaper, even to dance ... And Zhenya, in addition, was fond of acrobatics. They also had a drama club, in which he sang to his own accompaniment on the guitar and recited his beloved Mayakovsky. The famous tenor of the Mariinsky Theater Nikolai Konstantinovich Pechkovsky, who served his sentence here in the past, distinguishing Urbansky from the rest, predicted a great acting future for the guy ...

BUT Zhenya did not attach any importance to this, and, returning to the open spaces of Moscow, in 1950 he became a student at the Road Institute. However, he soon transferred to Gorny - and it was here, among the participants in amateur performances, that the former creative spark flared up in him with might and main. So two years later, with the same poems that are indispensable in his repertoire of the "poet of the revolution", he conquered the admissions committee at the Moscow Art Theater School, being on the course of Toporkov himself. By the way, many who knew him spoke about the mystical resemblance to Mayakovsky. It was more than just an external coincidence: I read the creations of Vladimir Vladimirovich as if it were my own, as if sending a personal message to everyone who could hear. Even Lilya Brik will later tell Urbansky that he "is very similar to Volodya." The untimely death of both giants, the proletarian poet and the warrior of the thaw epoch, almost mirroredly closed the circle of comparisons ... In the meantime, I went to classes in a miner's jacket, received at the Mining Institute, and his former classmate Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov later recalled that Urbansky “very much reminded a miner as he was then usually portrayed on posters, in cinema and theater - healthy, curly, white-toothed "...

AND AFTER something unusual happened: upon learning that Yuli Raizman was beginning to shoot the film "The Communist", an absolutely unknown student of a theater university appeared in the cinematic world to the famous director and offered himself to the main role. And after all he convinced! .. Although at first in front of the movie camera "literally died of horror." It seemed to him that he was "clumsy, inept, and it was depressing almost physically." However, the result was excellent. The scene of the death of the hero was especially successful. Moviegoers of the older generation remember: a gang attacked the train, in which Gubanov was carrying food for the builders of the first Soviet power plant, and he entered into hand-to-hand combat with the robbers. Unable to cope with Vasily, his fists shoot almost at point-blank range - one, two, three, and he goes and goes at them ... And the bandits are horrified ... (This episode in the cinema worried us extraordinarily. the scene of the death of the hero there was a syndrome of “the first spectators of the Lumiere train.” Armed “barbudos” jumped up from their seats, yelling: “Hold on, friend! We will avenge you!” And they began to shoot at Gubanov's killers from machine guns). Eugene himself later said that he tried to play his father - "a communist to the bone." But I think that Gubanov's membership card was not the most important thing here. For Urbansky was able to vividly embody on the screen not so much an "ideologically responsible image" as just a person who does his job in such a way that it seems to be beyond the very boundaries of human capabilities. And he also loves passionately, selflessly ... Of course, this is inaccessible, and even incomprehensible to many of today's rogues, who believe that the amount of material wealth is the measure of life, and look down on those who are poorer than them, but fawns at those who are richer ...

At the festivals in Venice and Kiev, "Communist" received the main prizes, and Urbansky immediately became popular in the country - like Rybnikov, Batalov, Strizhenov ... He already played with might and main on the stage of the Stanislavsky Theater: Myshlaevsky - in "Days Turbine ", John Proctor - in" Salem Witches ", Pitchem - in" Threepenny Opera ", well, and Richard, with whom I began my story ...

THEN in the film by Grigory Chukhrai "The Ballad of a Soldier" he acted in the episodic role of an unnamed disabled person. Only for a few minutes he appeared before the audience, but oh, how this young, internally full of mighty soldier on crutches, who left the unfinished war not of his own free will, sunk into the soul: hard curls, a stern face, clenched teeth and hellish pain in his eyes ... Almost simultaneously in the "Unsent Letter" Mikhail Kalatozov showed the taiga guide Sergei, and in the "Big Ore" Vasily Ordynsky - even the protagonist Pronyakin, but both ribbons did not bring him joy ... And finally - again meeting with Chukhrai in "Clean heaven "...

Oh, and he powerfully fashioned his Astakhov! A cool test pilot who fought with the enemy, ended up in a Nazi concentration camp, fled, but in peacetime became "suspicious" - like a soldier who was captured and thereby "tarnished the moral character of the Soviet pilot." Expelled from the party, Alexei cannot find a job by profession and, in general, a place in life, loses faith in people. He is saved by Sasha's love, which she carried through the war and all the difficulties of subsequent years. Finally, Stalin died (on the screen - the first spring trickle, which turned into a victorious ice drift on the river), and Astakhov, returning from the Ministry of Defense, unclenches his palm, in which is the Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union returned to him. And it seems that the scar on his face also straightened a little ... Then, during the Khrushchev thaw, this film was very necessary - it was not without reason that it collected a whole crop of prizes at festivals in Moscow, Mexico City, San Francisco ...

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People are forced to live by uniting in large communities. But at the same time, everyone wants to be able to retire, relax, be alone or together.

Even in a small company, but no one else. To be alone with nature and loved ones. Without prying gaze. A terrace is perfect for this.

Content of the article:

  • The purpose of the terrace
  • The advantages of roof terraces
  • What are the important points to consider and think over?
  • Materials used for the construction of terraces
  • Canopy supports and terrace railing
  • Terrace above the garage

Terrace assignment

Not a garden yet, but not a home anymore. A great place to stay. From spring to autumn, you can sunbathe, have tea parties, picnics, admire the garden and the surrounding nature. Meeting friends and loved ones.

You can retire body and soul, from the bustle of the city, from thousands of eyes, staying in the open air, alone with nature, sunbathing, reading.

The terrace can become a playground for children. Or a barbecue area. And also the home observatory of the young astronomer. Plenty of room for imagination.

Roof terrace with barbecue area

And how many opportunities a terrace opens up for commercial use. Cafes, restaurants, hotels, leisure centers, they all benefit from its presence. Even office buildings with modern layouts tend to have them. The terrace is well suited for a recreation area in any work collective.

Terrace can be used in many different ways. In fact, this is a large additional area that will never be superfluous. But which does not require huge costs for the construction of walls, ceilings and their decoration.

Terrace on the roof of an office building

Dream Interpretation Burned Eyes dreamed of why in a dream Burned Eyes? To select the interpretation of a dream, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing a dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see Burned Eyes in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

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Dream interpretation - Eyes

The type of eyes, the quality of vision are signs of the dreamer's state of mind, the intensity of his spiritual life of the dreamer, their health, illness. The organs of love of the dreamer himself, his sex, potency.

Having good eyesight, moving your eyes quickly is good, happiness, health.

It is bad to see, the eyes are difficult to open, they slowly toss and turn - loss, poverty, harm from sexual exhaustion.

Being short-sighted is a nuisance.

A cut in the eyes to feel, sand in them or something interferes - unpleasant self-knowledge, bad conscience.

Having a thorn is cheating. You will have to take a lot of care of grown-up children, they will not soon become people.

To lose the eyes of one - tangled affairs, useless labors, misfortunes with children.

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