Down with the diet! Seven foods that trigger acne

Rash on the face (Photo:

Are skin rashes related to our diet? Scientists believe they are, and suggest nutritional adjustments to those with acne tendencies.

Despite years of controversy, recent research shows that certain foods can create conditions conducive to acne and are best avoided.


We are used to thinking that cow's milk and cottage cheese are good for the body. However, scientists have come to the conclusion that cow's milk contains certain hormones that, when ingested, provoke acne. If you notice skin inflammation after consuming cow's milk, try replacing it with goat's or sheep's milk.

Sugar and some carbohydrates

Sugar, as well as foods such as soda, white bread, white rice, juices, cakes and pastries containing sugar, provoke increased work of the sebaceous glands, as a result of which sebum begins to be produced in too large quantities. As a result, the pores become clogged and rashes appear on the skin.


Chocolate has been known to trigger acne for a long time. But the good news is that the reason is not the cocoa itself, but most likely the sugar and milk contained in the chocolate. So forget about milk chocolate, and sometimes you can indulge yourself with dark ones.


When you are a media personality and your appearance is a business card, you cannot relax even for a minute. Extra pounds is a threat to your career. And the fullness obviously does not improve the state of health. Let's talk about the most impetuous and incredible weight loss stories of domestic stars right now. Who are these purposeful lucky ones who managed to lose 15, 40 and even 60 kilograms?

Olga Kartunkova

Russian actress of the humorous genre, captain of the KVN team “Gorod Pyatigorsk”, participant of the comedy show “Once in Russia” on the TNT channel, 42-year-old Olga Kartunkova lost 61 (!) kg per year. The transformation turned out to be absolutely incredible, but the actress has not lost her popularity and continues to act in comedies, humorous shows and programs. In any role and with any proportions of the body, Kartunkova is good and in demand!

The star of the TNT channel began by participating in the StarHit marathon "Lose Weight Together", thanks to which she lost 18 kg, and then continued to lose weight under the guidance of a nutritionist. For Svetlana, her own PP diet was selected, taking into account her preferences and state of health.

Gohar Avetisyan

In just a few years, Gohar Avetisyan has turned from an unknown make-up artist into a high-class professional, one of the best in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people dream of getting to her courses. More recently, Avetisyan was very plump, but then she pulled herself together and her result shocked the public: in 4 months Goar got rid of 40 kilograms of excess weight and turned into a stylish slender beauty, which inspired the subscribers. Avetisyan maintains a page on the social network Instagram, she has over 10 million followers.

In pursuit of slimness, the girl had to give up baking and carbonated drinks, chocolate and desserts, learn how to count calories and even make friends with sports. Avetisyan performed various exercises, swam in the pool, did exercises. After losing a little weight, I started jogging.

Alexander Morozov

Russian pop artist, comedian, TV presenter, actor 47-year-old Alexander Morozov also got rid of significant ballast - the artist lost weight from 135 kilograms to 95.

Morozov told the press that it was simply difficult for him to carry excess weight. The artist does not get hung up on losing weight and nutrition, but he achieved his goal and very successfully. To lose weight, the comedian enlisted the help of a nutritionist.


Russian singer, founder and soloist of the Pelageya group, author and performer of Russian folk songs and romances, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Pelageya (at birth - Polina Sergeevna Smirnova) also lost weight and changed a lot.

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