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Fishing is an exciting hobby with a whole range of unwritten laws and regulations. With experience, each fisherman develops his own "chips" that help to achieve the best catch. How can a beginner improve their skills? You can come to the Rakitnoye farm and learn valuable lessons. Fishing in the Kharkiv region is an opportunity to gain valuable experience and communicate with professionals with many years of experience as a fisherman.

Of course, not everyone is ready to share their secrets. But there are still experienced fishermen who agreed to tell the beginners about some of the tricks. Here are some helpful tips that you definitely won't find in the tutorials.

Hangover Pills

This is not about taking to relieve unpleasant symptoms after you celebrate a successful fishing trip. The pharmaceutical preparation "Alka-Saltser" can be used directly in the process of fishing. Namely - to create bubbles that attract fish. We put a few tablets into the tube, and then we throw in the bait.

Another use case. Dissolve the tablets in a glass of water, and then put artificial baits there. They will then attract fish better.

Use of foil

There are situations when fish are simply "lazy" to react to even the most catchy baits. In this case, you should have foil. Cut a petal-shaped piece out of it and fix it on the hook so that it moves freely during the wiring. This method often helps "stir up" even the most passive fish.

Smart use of the weight

Sometimes fishing for carp or other fish is unsuccessful due to improper use of the weight. For example, if you tie it close to the hook, the bait will lose its maneuverability. The best option is to use a sliding lead. However, you need adhere to these rules:

  • we take into account external conditions - windiness, current and others. It is recommended to start with a minimum weight;
  • if the bait is silicone, the weight is not used;
  • the distance between the stopper and the hook must be at least half a meter.

The bait naturally moves in the water column, which attracts fish.

Using fluorocarbon leashes

Fluorocarbon leashes are gaining popularity today. They are invisible to the inhabitants of the reservoir, and even a pike cannot eat them. However, they are less tear-resistant than a line of the same thickness. Therefore, you have to use a thicker leash, and this negatively affects the maneuverability of the bait. Another disadvantage is that the leash does not straighten well after unwinding. Because of the curls, it is difficult for a fisherman to feel a bite, especially a careful one. These leashes should be kept taut. And when tying knots, be sure to pre-moisten, and also carefully check the strength of the knot.

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