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Have you ever experienced memory problems? Maybe you forget the dates of important events, the names of new acquaintances? Do you find it difficult to formulate your thoughts and focus? The most important organ of our body - the brain - is responsible for the effectiveness of these processes. Few people know that the quality of our life significantly depends on the state of the brain. Therefore, it is important not only to preserve his health until a ripe old age, but also to improve productivity and memory.

The brain is the head

The brain is an organ of the central nervous system, the most complex and not fully understood in the human body. It is he who provides the mental activity of each of us, regulates mental processes, states and properties, forms motor acts and controls our body. It is thanks to the finest structure of the brain that we are able to receive information from space, analyze it, build logical connections and draw conclusions. By the way, the brain is 60% fat cells and 40% water. Thus, it is the fattest human organ.

Due to the peculiarities of the structure of nerve cells, the brain requires a lot of attention and care for itself. The number of neurons in the brain is limited and most of them do not have the ability to heal itself, so you need to try to keep the brain in a healthy and active state.

What does the brain get tired of? Functional, biochemical and hormonal imbalances can lead to brain "fatigue". How to "pump" it? Modern Mayer Therapy can help us with this!

Let's take a look at the main factors that affect the performance of the brain and can lead to a deterioration in its cognitive functions.

As we ate, we thought so

Diet has a huge impact on our brain health. According to neuronutriciologists, we can eat our way to dementia!

Our brains are literally a reflection of what we eat. A clear relationship has long been established in the work of the intestines and the brain. Mayer nutritional therapy not only helps restore gut function, but research has shown that it improves creativity, memory and mental acuity.

One of the key features of nutritional therapy on the Mayer therapy program is the elimination of all intolerances, namely: gluten, fructose, lactose and histamine.

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Misconceptions that women continue to believe

Do you think that all women a priori know, or better say, how relationships work? Alas, this is a stereotype based on the simple fact that for a long time the weaker sex was imposed on the role of guardians of the family hearth. Girls from childhood were fed with false attitudes, in your opinion, role-playing scenarios were hammered into their heads, between us, after which they believed in their special status. Eleus But what if we debunk a couple of myths, frankly, that only get in the way of building healthy relationships with men? 8 misconceptions about men that women keep believing in by mistake

Lie 1. If you want a man, take the initiative

It would seem like a quote in the spirit of modern times, when everyone forges his own happiness. The catch is, in short, that by showing pressure and activity first, a woman with a 100% probability will run into a passive sloth and a consumer who won't lift a finger for her sake. After all, she copes with everything herself - courting him, surprises him, what good, decides everything. Molonya Essei These guys quickly relax and do not particularly bother themselves with reciprocal care. The woman got them too easily, so she is of no value. Do you want to get a reliable and responsible guy? Then leave the role of leader and conqueror to the man.

Lies 2. Family scandals are taboo

Yes, the stronger sex does not tolerate scandals, frankly, the whims or bad mood of the partner. But family happiness cannot be built if you are stoically silent in a rag and ignore the inner discomfort. Bityugi Silencing problems, not indicating to the man our thoughts and desires, as a rule, we will kill our marriage much faster. Resentment does not go anywhere, roughly speaking, the tension grows and requires a way out. It is a high-quality quarrel, in which both will be able to speak out and hear each other, share fears and come to compromises, to admit to say, that enhances intimacy.

False 3. Intimacy is the best way to tie a partner

Yes, without her, relationships with men lose their attractiveness, become too “spiritual” and “ephemeral”.

The problem is, in short, women are judging by themselves again. They themselves give themselves to a man when, in fact, when he means something to them, when they stick to him with their body and emotions. Valkyrie But the stronger sex is far from being so romantic and may well “eat from another plate”. Therefore, one bed cannot hold him, something more is needed - charisma, intellect, general hobbies, to tell the truth, mental and household comfort. Bityugi Intim is a good start, but if this is the only, apparently, that she has to offer, in other words, in your opinion, it will not be enough for a long time.

False 4. Meeting his parents is a good sign

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