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In Vesyegonsk, four poachers killed a moose. The animal was driven through the snow on snowmobiles, and then strangled with bare hands. It is reported that three residents of Vesyegonsk, Artem, Vasily and his wife Yana, as well as their friend Mikhail, who came from another region, participated in the corral.

Hunting for ungulates closes in January, and shooting of females is completely prohibited. Also, hunters are prohibited from using special vehicles, which are considered snowmobiles, during the hunt and to drive the victim.

Not to mention that any kind of hunting requires a shooting license.

On the eve of February 23, a company of eight people gathered in Vesyegonsk.

Later, deciding to have some fun, the whole company went into the forest, where they came across three moose. Then four sadists chose a moose cow as their victim, which they drove on snowmobiles.

According to some reports, the moose cow was pregnant.

Participants face a fine of up to a million and criminal liability.

The tags say "Animals", as I understand it is about this company of "hunters"?

Fagots with shoulder straps and their female.

or personal data of third parties, optional

To strangle a moose with your bare hands? TS are you serious?

three scoundrels and one screaming.

I hope at least these people will cry out loud after the trial.

Even animals don't do that.

The ranks and standards are designed to stimulate the diversified integrated development of the street worker. The categories include basic exercises, having mastered them, you can master the corresponding elements without any problems. The standards specifically include exercises that are NOT related to balance, joint mobility or increased injury risk. The main factors are strength and endurance.

To obtain a category, it is necessary to record on video the fulfillment of each standard that is assigned to the corresponding category. Then make video editing. Then you upload your editing to our group (BARSTYLERSKharkov). We evaluate it and, if everything is done within the framework of the rules, we give you a grade and put your video in the rating table of dischargers. !! THERE ARE NO TIME FRAMES !! ANY TIME GAP IS ALLOWED BETWEEN THE SHOOTING OF INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS.

If you, for example, apply for the 4th grade, then you fulfill the standards of the 4th grade only. It is not necessary to comply with the standards of the previous categories.

Try to arrange the order of the exercises according to the order in the list.

All elements must be performed in good quality in accordance with the rules described below and video examples. If the exercise includes multiple repetitions, then they must be performed in a row without getting off the horizontal bar.

All exercises are performed on a rigid horizontal bar. Attempts on a gymnastic bar or on objects not intended for pull-ups will not count.

The use of shoulder straps is prohibited. Gloves are optional.

Video should be of acceptable quality with sufficient lighting. The competitor must be clearly visible at full height.

In case of unsatisfactory fulfillment of any of the standards, the applicant must exceed the standard in the best quality and post the updated installation.

If hell comes to the conclusion that everything has been done satisfactorily, then the applicant is assigned the appropriate workout rank and his name and video are added to the list of dischargers.

All video reports from 4th to 7th grade will be evaluated by three admins. Depending on the quality of performance, each exercise will be evaluated on a 10-point system. The average score for your report will influence your position in the rankings rankings. A passing score is 75% of the maximum possible number of points scored.

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It was not an easy year, it brought a lot of joy and disappointment. The first game is the most difficult and despite the regular positive reviews in 95% of Steam. The work was paid in full. And now what's new in our (Bionic Dues + Gogmind + Laser Squad + Syndicate 1993) hodgepodge!

- New units: "Synapse A" and "Synapse B".

- New strategy tile: "upgrade chest".

- You can now rename your units and assign custom colors to them.

Enemy Upgrade System:

Every enemy has a chance to get an extra item. This chance increases as you progress through the tier and increase the difficulty.

Opponent Improvements:

1. "1 Armor Break" when attacking.

2. +10/15/20 armor (depending on the tier)

3. Hull +30/40/50 (depending on the tier)

4. -50% damage from status effects.

5. Limit 20 damage from any source.

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