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The robot box looks like a mechanical one. The only difference from mechanics is that in the box, the transmission robot switches a certain actuator (robot). There are two types of actuators:

  • • Hydraulic drive;
  • • Electric drive.

The classic robotic gearbox was designed in the 60s of the 20th century. Its main disadvantage is the long gear change time, which leads to jolts and dips in the vehicle dynamics. In order to reduce gear change times, a dual-clutch transmission has been developed. It is worth noting that the robotic dual-clutch transmission is the most common on the market. For example, Volkswagen's well-known DSG gearbox is a robotic gearbox with two clutches.

Such a box can be conventionally represented as consisting of two boxes (see figure). Each of them has its own grip. One gearbox is responsible for odd gears, the other for even gears. The boxes exist independently of each other.

Let's take a look at the gear shifting process. Let's say you're in first gear. While you are driving in first, control sensors inform the box that the car is accelerating and the second gear is engaged in advance. T. at the moment when it is necessary to engage the second gear, it is already included in advance. And the box just turns off the first gear.

For clarity, let's look at the gear shift process on classic mechanics.

  • 1. Squeeze the clutch;
  • 2. Disable transmission;
  • 3. Turn on the transmission;
  • 4. Release the clutch.

There are only two steps in the robot box:

Video traffic light with your own hands Our tire warehouses in Russia: Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Podolsk, Voronezh, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk How a checkpoint robot works: 6 rules about which

Hello readers of our blog.

For a long time we have been hatching the idea of ​​learning how to drive a car. And so, during a 2-week vacation, in August 2020, they firmly decided to enroll in one of the schools in Izhevsk. Several days of reading reviews, analyzing prices, location of offices - allowed us to limit the search to two located close to home. Next, I will tell you how the learning process went.

August Conclusion of the contract

+21 new cases of coronavirus infection in Udmurtia. Warm weather +22, no wind, cloudy. About 10 o'clock we moved to the driving school closest to our house, a 5-minute walk. The door was closed, no one was there. After a short wait, we decide to go to another driving school from the chosen ones. We can only guess what this choice could have influenced.

At about 11 o'clock we are already there, but there is no one there either. The schedule indicates the opening hours from 12 o'clock. At 12, we already ask questions to a driving school employee and then conclude training contracts. We learn that we will study in the 8th group and it has already been formed. The date in the contract is August 5, 2020, the cost of training is 16,000 rubles, of which 11,150 are a practical course and 4850 are a theoretical course. Plus payment for fuel and lubricants 50 rubles for manual transmission for one lesson. The term of study is 3 months or 192 hours (138 hours of theory and 56 hours of practice). The first lesson is scheduled for August 18th.


+26 cases of infection. We made an advance payment under the agreement - 3000 rubles per person to start training. If they had done this after August 15, the payment for fuel and lubricants would have already been 150 rubles.

August Organizational Meeting

+27 cases of coronavirus, slightly cloudy, +14 degrees. Classes start at 18:00, from home at a quick pace of 15 minutes. We were there at 17:50, the room in which the classes will be held is almost full. It has about 20-22 seats, about 6-8 PCs, several stands on the walls, a board and an LCD TV. It was just an organizational lesson in which they talked again about what was already known, told about the stages of training, asked if there were any questions and let them go home. Lesson time is not more than half an hour, travel time is a little more.

August Theoretical lesson

+27 cases of coronavirus, cloudy, +14 outside. 15 days after the conclusion of the contract, 1 theoretical lesson will take place. We analyze the categories of vehicles (TS), registration numbers, general concepts of traffic rules. Instead of giving specific formulations from the traffic rules, the teacher tries to make the audience remember what kind of registration numbers are in cars and formulate the concepts of driver, passenger, pedestrian. As a result, this takes all 2 hours of the lesson.


+23 new coronavirus cases that day, +20 degrees, clear. Theoretical lesson number 2 - we continue to analyze the basic concepts of traffic rules - the rule of the right hand, overtaking, advancing, types of visibility, the concept of a road and an intersection, stopping and parking. Classes are held quickly, in a dialogue with the audience, but its activity is not very high. In the evening I watch videos on traffic rules and exams in the city on YouTube.

After leaving the service, the car is in active but careful use every day. I managed to slide to the north and south of Moscow Region and every day I ride around Moscow. During these couple of weeks I managed to drive more than 1000 kilometers, below will be my notes and thoughts1. Dynamics. Well, I don’t know how many horses there are left in the engine compartment, but if necessary, the m102 2. very briskly starts from a traffic light, and also easily allows you to overtake trucks on the track. I tried the kickdown a couple of times, perhaps in the event of a sharp maneuver, he washes to save, but I had to push the pedal harder than I would like. I do not know if this is a problem in adjusting the assembly, but the pedal is tight and a little wadded. The new-old box still likes to tighten the second gear a little, but now it at least smoothly switches and does not make sounds: D But 3 steps are not enough for the car, maybe in the future I will redo it for a 4 series or 5 manual transmission, we will see

While it's summer outside, the sun and occasional rains, the car fulfills all my needs 100%. But winter is ahead, this car will require preparation: anticorrosive underbody, wheel arch liners, and winter tires, respectively. While it is difficult to guess how much I will operate the car in winter, but the car is still far from hibernation in the garage.

Mercedes-Benz W, petrol engine l, hp, rear-wheel drive, automatic transmission - surveillance

Cars for sale


On impressions, I agree. I try not to go into the slush myself, I'm sorry for the old man. And if it's dry, then you can go for a ride in frost

I don't have an alternative right now: D processed the car with anticorrosive material from all sides and from the inside. And so she still cares about sandblasting and repainting, so I'll go for a couple of years

123 as a car for every day - copes with the task without any problems!)

This is not the Mercedes that was hung on a car for 500 years, then for 300 for several years?

Remembered! No, it's not he, of course, there is a terrible rotten bucket through and through

hours of work in minutes

Season Motorcycle garage floors and carriage-style furniture set Part

Guys, I'm glad that many people liked my motorcycle garage.

It's easy with the floor. Filled the self-leveling floor. After 3 days, I went through with a primer. I bought the cheapest black porcelain stoneware. 400 rubles / m2 for the promotion.

Laying took 2 hours. Then I rubbed the seams and you're done!

Here's the finished view. The skirting board is an ordinary metal pipe painted with copper colored spray. That's all. For economists: Floors with self-leveling floor - 5000r. Lining - 3500r. Brick tile - 5000r. Paint - 3500r. on the little things another 3000 rubles Total in the region of 20. 00 rubles.

I have long dreamed of trying to make furniture in the style of a coach tie. That actually had a chance in quarantine.

Unfortunately there is no photo of metal frame production. But if anyone wants to do it, you can do it as you like. I do everything without drawings, so to speak, everything is in place.

Foam rubber 100 mm, OSB base 18 mm. I looked at the manufacturing principle on YouTube.

Buttons are then tightened into these holes. I bought buttons and leather together.

It turned out not quite super, the perfectionist in me died a long time ago.

I liked Bruno very much and this is the main thing)))

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