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A long-burning heating device - a pyrolysis oven - is the optimal type of an autonomous unit in the absence of the possibility of connecting to the main power supply lines. The installation is also called a gas generator, since energy is generated in it as a result of the afterburning of gases that are released during the smoldering of solid fuel in the chamber. The pyrolysis unit is capable of uninterrupted operation on a one-time laying of firewood or coal for a long period of time - from several hours to several days in a row - without constant monitoring.

Pyrolysis ovens construction

The design provides for two compartments: the first is filled with solid fuel and the process of its slow oxidation takes place. When wood smolders, a large amount of combustible gases are emitted, which enter the compartment above and burn. To prevent the fuel from flaring up, but smoldering, the oxygen supply is strictly regulated. By and large, pyrolysis devices operate on gas that is produced in the unit itself.

Diagram of a pyrolysis oven

The operation of a long-term combustion installation gives the maximum amount of thermal energy with a significant saving of fuel resources. This is due to the fact that the fuel is processed almost completely, as a result, soot and ash are almost not formed, and there is also no smoke.

What is pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is a complex technological process. Its principle of operation is the decomposition of organic matter under the influence of high temperature without air access. The described stage takes place in the lower chamber of the pyrolysis oven.

Thus, the structure diagram of the pyrolysis furnace is quite simple. Its main component is a system of two chambers: a firebox and a gas combustion chamber.

After burning dry fuel, a small amount of solid residues remains in the furnace, and the gas burns out in the upper chamber. In addition, the scheme of the pyrolysis furnace involves a special valve in the chimney to regulate the flow of oxygen into the chamber, thereby reducing the intensity of the unit's operation, or, conversely, increasing it.

Pros and cons of gas generators

Pyrolysis combustion units are highly efficient and have a lot of competitive advantages:

  • high performance - efficiency up to 95%,
  • environmental friendliness - minimum smoke level, no soot,
  • comfortable service - load fuel 1 -2 times a day, depending on the model, there is no need for constant monitoring of the fuel supply,
  • fuel variability - pyrolysis can operate on any solid fuel resource. It can be a variety of materials, including peat, pellets, wood, coal. Sawdust, husks, cardboard and other types of industrial waste are also used.

Another plus in the piggy bank is the availability of self-assembly and installation of the factory model of the gas generator and the possibility of making a pyrolysis oven with your own hands.

The principle of operation and manufacture of the pyrolysis oven

Hanging planter

If you are tired of the same type of plastic flower pots, and ceramic containers are expensive, use glass wine bottles to decorate your garden area. I planted vines and tradescantia in them. They are hardy and unpretentious, suitable for garden decoration.

You can decorate them with beautiful patterns or leave them as they are. It all depends on your imagination and creative skills.

What can be made from glass bottles: Candlesticks

If you cut off the bottom of the bottle and cover a burning candle with it, you get a pretty spectacular candlestick. Find out how to competently cut a bottle at home here.

Materials and tools:

Fancy bird feeder

A glass bottle bird feeder will look very unusual if you choose a container of an unusual shade for making. If you have children, invite them to participate. We built a blue one, fortunately, there was one in the garage.

Dog yoga is a great way to bond with your dog and improve your health

Comedy Women is over, but the memory remains: Nadya Sysoeva misses the show

The farmer bought the old palace and turned it into a new building

Handy Gadgets

Homemade glass bottles can be not only beautiful, but also useful. There are several options for useful attachments where this cookware is used. For example:

Recycling of wood waste: pyrolysis of sawdust at home as a way to obtain inexpensive fuel.

Designers from all over the world surprise us with their inventions every day. A wide variety of materials are used. In this case, the classic fabric is often used as a last resort. Many have already managed to see clothes made from raw meat or packages of chips in the photo. And the latest fashion trend is clothes from garbage bags. Today every woman of the fair sex can feel like a real designer. An original cellophane dress can be made at home.

Where to wear a garbage bag dress

Such an outfit, of course, can hardly be called everyday. And it does not differ in great practicality. Cellophane, from which the clothes will be made, cannot be called hygienic and environmentally friendly. At the same time, every girl can make a dress from garbage bags for a fashion show. Rather, it is an option for entertainment. If you use such clothes for no more than a few hours, it will definitely not bring harm.

New Year's carnival is another reason for an original outfit. With the help of trash bags, you can create a stunning dress that is sure to amaze others. And if you show a little imagination, then in general it will be difficult to guess that the clothes are made of such a piquant material. In addition, dresses made from garbage bags do not require special skills and large financial costs when creating them.

What do you need to work?

To create a beautiful outfit, first of all, you need to be patient. After all, a masterpiece does not always come out the first time. It is desirable that the product be made by one person. After all, everyone has their own thoughts, ideas that are difficult to implement at the same time.

If we make dresses from garbage bags without using other consumables, then sewing accessories may not be needed. Individual parts will be connected with glue or double-sided tape. An ordinary wooden clothespin will also come to the rescue. It will need to be used for preliminary fastening of individual elements. And, of course, you can't do without scissors. With their help, we will cut out the details of the dress.

In order to create a complex model with darts and assemblies, you must have special sewing skills. Here you can no longer do without a needle and thread. But in no case can you sew parts on a sewing machine. Cellophane is a delicate material. In the process of work, it can simply be torn.

Minimalist style

A miniature dress made from trash bags will look great. A photo of a girl in such an outfit will surely amaze others. Only one bag can be used to make a model. Particular attention should be paid to the strength of the source material. A sturdy garbage bag with a capacity of over one hundred liters is ideal.

Marinochka is a tall blonde 50 years old, she is a visiting nurse and secret (and sometimes not so much) love of all grannies. Marinochka works on weekdays, but on weekends the soft assholes of her grannies also need injections, and one of them got into my Sunday shift. *** The door was not opened for me right away, at first there was a quiet rustling, and then a menacing old voice uttered : "NOBODY LIVES HERE, LEAVE!" You can understand the grandmother, the grandmother of the 30th year of birth and such curiosities are forgivable. The door was opened by the nurse, not having time to open it properly, the granny briskly ran out to meet me: - Are you so still ?! Goat-dereza! Grandma is short, I am short, her slap hit me right along the ridge, I immediately remembered my childhood and my grandmother with a rag. And where, at this age, is there so much heroic strength? - Well, what are you, Mary Vanna, the same ukolchik came to do it! - the nurse was taken aback. - Aaa, Marinochka, come in soon, I thought you wouldn’t come today, I said that it’s a weekend - (smiling rather) I’m standing in a stupor, not only did it fly, I’m also Marinochka for some reason. But I was quickly brought out of the stupor with powerful, this time friendly, slaps on the same hump: - Well, you are standing there Marinochka, come in soon, I got all the medicine! - Granny pulled off his pants and went into the room. I did my business quickly, put my gloves on the table, and my grandmother still stands without pants. Here I would strain, but I learn from life for a long time and very painfully: D- Well, where is your injection, Marinochka ?! - a firm hand flies to me. And all in the same place. The elevator almost arrived, and my grandmother stood in the doorway and looked at me intently. My rolls began to relax slowly. But then, with a sharp jump, MaryVanna is next to her: - Marinochka, I understand! You dyed! And sho didn’t tell me anything ?! - the elevator did not have time to come, a friendly SLIP caught up with me in its open doors.

Marina dyed her hair and made suspenders ..

It's hard being a grandma

Two electric brooms are worn on the playground, years 3 and 4. Grandmother follows them, so as not to flop. And at the same time, all this is interspersed with loud questions: "And when will dad come?", "When will mom come?", "And where is grandfather?"

Apparently, it went on for a long time, since my grandmother already had the face of the great martyr on the cross. And finally, the questions come to naught.

Here a car pulls into the yard, the glass falls, children fly towards it shouting "daddy-daddy". The man says something to the children and to the woman: "Mom, I forgot the keys, I drove on, I'll be there in the evening" and calmly leaves.

In a couple of minutes I hear: "When will dad arrive?" And the very sad face of my grandmother.

How I wanted to cheat the client today

It was a very difficult day, and at the moment when it was already boiling, a client came in about 40 years old, dressed very cheaply but cleanly, brought an ipad 3 to replace the touchscreen and torn the loop on the home button, asks a lot of questions about the quality of spare parts, how much it costs, is there a discount, asked about the guarantee, and so on.

I told him RUB 2500. He agreed to leave the tablet and I went to my room (workshop)

I hear a conversation between the receiver and the client.

Client - Where can I get acquainted with the price list?

K - And where are the guarantees that you told me a normal price and are not trying to deceive me?

- Sha. Nobody is going anywhere anymore


I’m standing in the store, I hear: -Woman, get out of the bag what you stole! -I brought it from another store! -We saw on camera how you put coffee and cognac in your bag! -Well, forgive me, I have a child. -I have two children myself. I work, I do not steal! -Ah! Well, hold. - Give everything! - Yes, hold! Heartless!

Woe-thief in Rostov-on-Don

On Striki Ave., a guy tried to steal a drink for 100 rubles, but the saleswoman noticed it in time. Then another buyer came up and the thief had to fight back and flee.

Penza-style robbery

Friends, we meet - a woodpecker named Dmitry B. (To be more precise, so far his body is with a blurred, God forgive me, head)

The moment of theft starts at 1:40.

To this individual, as never before, the phrase "greed has ruined the frayer." This gangster decided to hit the jackpot in full, he not only stole his socks, but also decided to save a little by taking part in the bonus program. He gave his phone number and name at the checkout. (checked through Sberbank online) We decided to first write and normally ask to pay for the stolen goods, but our idea was not crowned with success.

In general, Dmitry, if you are reading this, we are still waiting for you ????. But we are already getting a little tired. ????

Okay, most likely Dmitry does not understand the hints. Therefore, what will happen next: - report to the police - deanon

Good service

Great start, keep it up!)

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