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No matter how much we love the saying that happiness is not in money, it is difficult to argue with the importance of finance in our life. Stable prosperity guarantees us peace of mind, material wealth, real estate, amenities, decent leisure, and so on. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a good financial position and wealth. And even attempts to make special ceremonies to attract money and good luck do not bring them results. Why?

The fact is that most often the lack of monetary luck and money is associated with the blockage of energy channels and pollution of the subtle field. In this case, a person is catastrophically unlucky in his career, he cannot get a good decently paid job. Money literally flows through his fingers. The reason for this may be damage to wealth, psychological attitudes of poverty acting according to the law of karma, ancestral curse, and the like.

You need to understand that there are no chronic losers by nature. There are people who have some subtle money problems. After correcting these energetic damages, both life and financial situation are improving. But only a specialist who deals with magical services can help in this case.

Rites to attract wealth and good luck

The magic of attracting money and good luck lies in the fact that first the space is cleared for the necessary energies of wealth, that is, the subtle field of a person is cleansed, all ancestral and karmic negative programs are removed, and only after that a ritual is performed to attract good luck .

To do some rituals to attract money and good luck, without cleaning the field before. This activity is thankless and useless, because it will not bring the desired result anyway. Until there are some negative programs for poverty and energy channels are blocked, the energy of wealth simply cannot break through. Sometimes even the usual cleansing of a subtle field leads to the fact that a person's financial situation will significantly improve. This is due to the fact that energy flows begin to work well and stably, opening up new perspectives.

Independent attraction of finances and luck into your life

Many people firmly believe that the symbols of wealth and talismans of attracting good luck, made with their own hands, as well as certain manipulations to attract money, are beneficial. At the same time, semolina is consumed, which is carefully poured into your wallet, golden coins on a red thread, money painted on nails, an unchangeable coin in your pocket, Simoron sayings, feng shui, numerology and much, much more.

The most courageous people are even ready to do special rituals of wealth to attract money and good luck. Accompanied by conspiracies, but at best, all these actions do not bring any results. And at worst, they lead to the fact that fortune and wealth completely turn away from them.

In order to interact with energies, it is necessary to clearly understand the principles of the system, and an ordinary person can rarely boast of this. In addition, before doing anything, it is necessary to establish the cause of all troubles. For example, if lack of money pursues for some karmic reasons from past incarnations, then until all karmic knots are cut, the situation will not change. In the case of a generic curse, serious work with a thin field is required to remove a negative program. That is, there is no universal remedy for poverty: in each case, an individual diagnosis is needed.

Attracting money, wealth and luck with a magician

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