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Hello everyone! My name is Inna.

I present to your attention the purchase of perfumes and cosmetics TM CIEL (Si El). oskva

Give your skin joy and pleasure!

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CIEL products are complex solutions for beauty and health. Delightful fragrances, irreplaceable care products, decorative cosmetics and healthy food. All this is created so that you can glow with beauty from the outside and from the inside.

CIEL does not make cheap products - we make high quality more affordable. Thanks to the stable business model of the company, the quality of our products corresponds to the level of the world's leading brands of the premium and luxe class beauty and perfumery industry, and the prices are up to several times lower.

Anyone who knows about the multifunctional mousse from Constant Delight will never exchange it for other similar hair preparations. I know this for sure, based on my experience and the impressions of clients

Welcome to my hairdressing channel. I'm Natalia.

The title of the publication is the dissatisfaction of my old client, whom I, as if, did not recommend this mousse and now, after numerous experiments, only a short haircut can help her hair. But, let's not talk about the sad and unfair, since I definitely advised the mousse.

What is Constant Delight Revitalizing Bran Mousse

This is a multifunctional mousse for hair and scalp, which is a concentrate of wheat protein and panthenol. The mousse penetrates deep into the hair, evens out the structure, and also envelops its surface, protecting it during any chemical procedures.

Also, it can be used for scalp irritations, for example, during dyeing or perming. Moreover, technologists at seminars taught us, masters, to use it on the skin of our hands as a cream.

For example, during chemical procedures, when gloves are uncomfortable to work with cosmetic preparations or a tactile sensation of hair is needed. We were delighted, the skin of our hands did not pinch at all and its quality did not suffer.

What is the purpose of using Constant Delight Revitalizing Mousse

For example, when dyeing hair to avoid scalp irritation or chemical burns. Can be applied to the scalp in case of discomfort right during the procedure or before.

  • Mousse can be added to the ready-made hair color mixture. The mousse will increase the volume of the dye and significantly save your color mixture. Moreover, it does not affect the quality of coloring and the durability of the result. During a chemical reaction, the mousse will gently take care of your hair.
  • Free of parabens, sulfates and artificial colors.
  • Nourishes, softens, protects and regenerates.
  • I advise you to use it before toning bleached or lightened hair, so that the coloring is uniform, without color dips in its pure form, or add to the toning mixture.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Absolutely does not "grease" and does not provoke rapid hair pollution.
  • Contains thermal protection function.
  • Affordable price and very economical consumption.

This mousse is not a fixative for hair styling.

Method of application

If used in pure form, the mousse should be applied exclusively to clean, freshly washed, damp or semi-dry hair. The length of the hair from the middle to the ends. Spread evenly with palms and start styling. Thermal protection can be omitted.

Fences with horizontal strips in sections are becoming more and more popular. They look non-standard and attractive, depending on the design, they can provide light and air permeability of the fence, they require less materials during construction. Moreover, they are easy to install. Even one can build a horizontal fence with your own hands.

Horizontal fence structures

Today, the following types of horizontal fences are installed on garden plots and in areas near private houses:

  • Solid single row. In such a fence, each section is assembled from horizontal strips fitted closely without gaps. This option is practically no different from a solid vertical fence, except for the method of mounting the section. During their construction, both individual strips and whole canvases can be used, for example, from corrugated board with horizontal orientation of profiled elements.

  • Ranch. Such a fence is a set of horizontal slats or beams (usually wide enough) with gaps between them. The design is often single-row, it is economical in terms of material consumption, ease of installation. In addition, it creates virtually no shade, which allows it to be used in internal zoning or for planting plants near the fence. Does not impede the free movement of air. Such a fence is not suitable for those who would like to hide the space of the site from prying eyes.

  • Blinds. The design principle is precisely described by the name of the type - it uses lamellas turned at an angle. With the correct choice of the width of the slats and the angle of rotation, the fence becomes impervious to prying eyes, while allowing sunlight and air to freely penetrate into the space near the fence, and moisture and snow do not linger on the construction details. The installation is not much more difficult than the ranch fence. One of the varieties is a shingle - a fence, in the fabric of which the inclined strips are mounted without gaps.

  • Double-row checkerboard fence. In this design, the planks are mounted on both sides, and in a checkerboard pattern (hence the name) - the plank on the inside is located opposite the gap between the lamellas on the outside, and vice versa. The main advantage of the design is that the site is reliably protected from viewing. At the same time, the fence practically does not interfere with the free movement of air. Another important plus is the ease of assembly.

Materials for horizontal fence

The choice of materials for the construction of horizontal fences is extremely diverse. For this purpose use:


High-quality natural material looks great both on the garden plot and around the city cottage, in harmony with the decoration of a house of any style and from any materials. For construction use:

The material is affordable, simple in initial preparation and installation, and has sufficient mechanical strength.

Moisturizing BB Leveling Cream SPF-50 (natural color) Bioaqua Cream Air Cushion Extreme Bare Makeup.

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Evens out skin tone, has a maximum sun protection filter SPF-50. Moisturizes dry skin, adjusts to tone, masks minor imperfections.

Inside the powder box is hidden a soft airy sponge, impregnated with a tinting composition.


Water, propylene glycol, cyclopentasiloxane, PEG / PPG-18/18 polydimethylsiloxane, titanium dioxide, hexadecane, cyclopolydimethylsiloxane, hydrogenated polydecene, PCA sodium, magnesium stearate, distearyl montzmorillonite sodium hyaluronate, iron oxide.

Water, propylene glycol, cyclopentasiloxane, PEG / PPG-18/18 polydimethylsiloxane, titanium dioxide, hexadecane, cyclopolydimethylsiloxane, hydrogenated polydecene, PCA sodium, magnesium stere, distearyl montmorillonite, glyceryl behenate / oxygen fragrance, sodium hyaluronate, iron oxide.

Bioaqua Natural Extract Green Tea Oil Control Mask.

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Regulates the oiliness of the skin and makes it fresh.

Tones the skin, helps control sebum secretion, eliminating the cause of comedones and oily sheen.

Green tea extract has an antiseptic effect.


Water, tea leaf extract, glycerin yeast extract, allantoin, xanthan gum, propylene glycol, disodium EDTA, PEG-40, nicotinamide, PCA sodium, etc.

Water, tea leaves extract, glycerol yeast extract, allantoin, xanthan gum, propylene glycol, EDTA disodium, PEG-40, nicotinamide, PCA sodium.

Method of application

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