DIY Easter egg baskets! (ideas and workshops)

How to make a stone candlestick with your own hands?

Ceramic, glass and even stone candlesticks can be made with your own hands. This does not require a lot of effort, because imagination and skillful hands can do a lot. We present you a master class on making simple stone candlesticks that can decorate your interior.

From seaside resorts, our children often bring many shells and smooth pebbles, which are abundant on the beach. In winter, when you really want to remember the warm sunny days and the cool sea breeze, try to create a wonderful marine style candlestick with your children. To do this you will need:

  • CD-disc,
  • glue gun,
  • seashells, smooth sea stones, corals,
  • dried flowers optional,
  • a candle for an aroma lamp.

First, you need to mark on the disk with a marker the place where the candle will be located. We heat up the glue gun. Glue carefully washed shells and small stones with hot glue to the disk, filling all the free space. We drip glue into the designated place and glue the candle. Be careful not to let the glue come into contact with the candle flame, otherwise it will melt and start flowing. If desired, the composition can be decorated with dry flowers.

Another master class will demonstrate how you can make a candlestick with your own hands from artificial stone. For work, take:

  • half a glass of rock salt,
  • half a glass of ground coffee,
  • half a glass of flour,
  • river or sea sand,
  • water ,
  • container for mixing ingredients,
  • PVA glue,
  • cling film,
  • acrylic varnish ,
  • a candle for an aroma lamp,
  • an artificial sakura twig.

In a container, you need to mix all the dry ingredients, add a little water and PVA glue to them and knead a tough "dough". You should get a mass for modeling, in consistency similar to plasticine with sand grains. Next, we wrap the mass in cling film and give it the shape of an oval stone. We remove the film and carefully coat our stone with a brush dipped in water, removing all small cracks. Then we take a candle and press it into the surface, forming the final look of the candlestick. Now you need to leave it to dry. If you want to speed up the process, you can place the stone in the oven for 10 minutes.

After drying, the surface is varnished and decorated with a sakura branch. It can be glued with a hot gun. We insert a candle into the hole, light it and the candlestick is ready.

At the stage of sculpting, a stone candlestick can be decorated with mosaics, patterns can be drawn with a match or a blunt pencil, or decorated with shells. This decor element will perfectly complement the Japanese-style interior.

Natural stone candelabra can be presented as stylish decor items for the living room, dining room or bedroom. This piece of interior can decorate almost any room, especially in the evening, when candles are lit, because the light from them creates a magical and magical atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

What stones are candlesticks made of?

Candlesticks, candelabra, tappers, branes, kinilas: from the

What are Easter egg baskets made of?

A distinctive feature of Easter baskets is their small size, enough to put a few colored eggs and Easter cakes inside. Such crafts can be made from traditional vines, willow twigs, or carved from wood, but in urban settings, of course, other materials are relevant.

Let's look at the most popular ones:

  • Paper. The technique of weaving in modern conditions has been modified into weaving from paper ropes. First, dense tubes of newsprint or tissue paper are twisted, and then a do-it-yourself basket for eggs for Easter is made. But thick paper can also be used to form small decorative baskets. Its disadvantage in this case is the fragility of the craft. Such a basket cannot be folded, which means that you will need to allocate a separate place for storage or create a new one next year.
  • Cardboard. An excellent material for creating a rigid base, which is decorated with colored paper, fabric, lace, but in this case, you will need to allocate a separate shelf to store the basket, it will not work to fold it.
  • Yarn. A crocheted crocheted egg basket, if you use tight knitting patterns, does not require additional frames or rigid bases. Both a box and a tight handle are weaved from the yarn, while the finished product is not afraid of water, and in most cases, packaging during long-term storage.
  • Textiles. It is used as a decoration material for a rigid monolithic or frame base. That is, first, a box is formed from cardboard or plastic, wire, and only then it is covered with a cloth. The exception is small decorative baskets for one egg; they can be made of thick felt without using a frame.

For decorating a finished base, you may also need ribbons, inlays, lace, sequins, beads, beads, felt and foamiran, fabric flowers. Paper baskets are also decorated with volumetric flowers made using origami technique. In general, the decoration and materials for it can be anything.

Also, do not forget about the tool base for creativity. Depending on the technique in which you decide to make your Easter egg basket, you may need:

  • a needle with a thread in the color of the fabric or the main weave - for fastening parts or sewing on decorative elements;
  • hooks, knitting needles, row counters, magnifiers for schemes - experienced the craftswoman, to crochet an Easter basket for eggs, will only need yarn and tools, but for beginners it is better to use the maximum number of elements that simplify the work;
  • PVA glue and pistol glue;
  • pliers, round nose pliers and wire cutters;
  • scissors or hard knife.

Recently, it is more and more difficult to surprise someone with a craft in one technique, so many craftswomen combine various technologies, for example, the bottom of the basket is glued using the cardboard technique, and the walls are woven from yarn.

Pay attention! A crocheted basket for Easter eggs, like a wicker, cardboard one, looks very beautiful, but not always practical, since with a large diameter it hides dyes behind its walls. To ensure that each egg fits in its place in the basket, it is recommended to place paper or plastic egg carriers on the bottom

This is especially important if you have Easter eggs and want to show the Easter egg in all its glory without damaging it while moving.

Read about the candlestick and its varieties that have survived to this day and are a modern interior decoration

A nine-year-old girl nearly died while filming a TikTok video.

Imitating a piercing on her tongue, a Voronezh schoolgirl swallowed 12 magnetic balls. They caused intestinal ruptures, the press service of the regional health department said on Wednesday, February 24.

The incident happened on January 31, but it became known about it only now. According to doctors, the girl was admitted to the regional children's clinical hospital No. 2 in a serious condition. The schoolgirl complained of abdominal pain and repeated vomiting. On the control X-ray, 12 magnetic beads were visualized in various parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Then the doctors decided to intervene immediately.

- To save the girl, children's surgeons immediately performed a complex abdominal operation. In the course of it, the balls were removed, the tears in the intestines were sutured, the sanitation and drainage of the abdominal cavity were carried out, - said the regional health department.

It took the schoolgirl more than three weeks to recover. As of February 24, the girl is feeling well, she is being prepared for discharge.

Doctors noted that about 20 children who have swallowed magnets are admitted to the regional children's clinical hospital No. 2 every year. And there is a tendency to an increase in the number of such cases. In 2020, three children required surgery, since they could not get the magnets otherwise.

the State Duma urgently needs to ban tick-tok and magnetic balls?

They say it is enough to connect the balls with a string for ease of extraction.

Excuse me, why post a news feed, word for word from a source?

Naooruchaya, try to sue, go to Malakhov, or who is there now for him? There was a case a few years ago, some kind of woman fucked everyone's brains, due to the fact that a child ate these balls. Then she tried to ban balls

Edible hedgehogs

Your imagination is unlimited in making edible hedgehogs. If your child does not eat well, make him a funny animal from rice or mashed potatoes and the meal will turn not into torture, but into a game.

If you prefer to work with yeast dough, make pies with a hedgehog filling and use scissors to make cuts along the back to simulate needles. Make the eyes and nose out of raisins.

Fruit hedgehog will look great on the holiday table.

On the Internet you will find many photos and ideas for your future craft. Add creativity and you have an original craft, an addition to your interior or a wonderful flower bed for a garden.

It all depends only on you and your imagination.

Imagine yourself, fantasize with your children, and the result will not take long.

How to make a hedgehog from a plastic bottle A hedgehog from cones and a plastic bottle

So it's autumn. The children went to school and, among other concerns, the fragile shoulders of the parents of primary school students still have the responsibility to help their kids with crafts on the theme of autumn. If you're looking for simple ideas, check out how to make a hedgehog from pine cones and a plastic bottle.

There are a lot of options for such a craft, you will find several examples in this article. But the author of this project came up with an original way to cover the bottle with tights and fix the bumps with glue and threads, that is, just sew.

Lesson Master class on creating crafts from natural flowers with your own hands

You can think of an infinite number of different flower crafts, but the most common forms of bears, bunnies, snails.

Making an adorable kitten with your own hands from flowers will not be difficult, this kind of work is suitable even for beginners. Required materials:

  • scissors ,
  • floral foam,
  • live buds,
  • glue,
  • stationery knife,
  • wood skewers,
  • greenery, rhinestones, beads, button ribbons, sweets.

We will prepare materials. You need a floral sponge or foam - this is a special artificial soil for flowers, thanks to which you can create various forms and original compositions. It is very easy and convenient to work with it. This foam is soft, allowing for easy insertion of plant stems, yet strong enough to hold these buds at the right angle.

The cost depends on the size of the sponges and is approximately 90 rubles for a diameter of 9 centimeters. The floral sponge is sold in all kinds of shapes, you can immediately buy a ball or cube Different sizes are also selected. To give the sponge the desired look, you need to cut off everything unnecessary with a knife.

Step 1. For the "Kitten" you need to take 1 large round sponge to create the body and a smaller sponge for the legs, head and ears. The most difficult thing is to carefully cut out the desired shape, the shortcomings, of course, can be "covered" with flowers, but it is better to immediately make a beautiful frame.

Step 2. The cut forms should be placed in water for 3 hours so that they can be well saturated with water. Then take out and leave for a while. Excess water should drain off.

White wedding bouquets: a unique classicBouquet of fruits and flowers we make vegetable, delicious bouquets, step-by-step pictures for beginnersHow to make a bouquet of paper with your own handsOshbana - pressed floristry, wrong with your own hands

Step 3. You need to combine all the details of the future kitten into one full-fledged toy. For this we will use wooden skewers. It is necessary to plant the head, paws and ears on the body of the toy. The shape should be neat and stable.

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