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But the unpredictable, unexpected, unique year 2021 turned everything upside down. The fashion industry was shocked by the news: the fur is justified.

Winter 2021 was snowy and cold in many parts of the world, and the streets of European capitals and New York were filled with women in a variety of fur coats. Fake fur has once again lost the competition, which is quite natural: products from a surrogate can be fashionably and originally sewn, but they do not fulfill the main purpose - they do not keep warm and, moreover, harm the environment. Therefore, in a year when health became a priority, many returned to tradition.

XX century: Renaissance of the fur industry

Fur traditions are rooted in ancient times: rich and famous women have always loved floor-length fur coats from a variety of furs. And those who could not afford such luxury made do with collars, trimmings, hats and other details from fur to maintain the nobility and elegance of their outfits.

The furs were so good and of high quality that they were passed on by inheritance: it was quite natural that the granddaughter sported her grandmother's sables! Fur, along with gold, precious stones and other values, were considered the main capital of the family and, accordingly, emphasized the status of their owners.

Surprisingly, the twentieth century turned out to be very favorable for fur: the rich and famous gladly wore furs in all their diversity. Fur products of the last century were fully in line with the spirit of the sexual revolution: they became less conservative, more fantasy and extravagant.

Marilyn Monroe adored flirty products from light fur. Her photographs, where she poses in youth fur coats wide open, have spread all over the world! She also had luxurious capes and collars in her arsenal.

The incomparable Sophia Loren also wore furs with pleasure. Her choice has always been femininity, so the actress could often be seen in exclusive fur coats, flirty stoles, and original hats.

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Maya Plisetskaya, one of the best ballerinas of all times, did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate status fur products. Even in those days when the prima of the world ballet could not afford the luxury, she was gladly presented with truly royal gifts. Contemporaries remember Maya Mikhailovna in a stunning white mink coat, which was presented to her by Elsa Triolet, the sister of Mayakovsky's beloved Lily Brik. A little later, the artist Nadia Leger presented Plisetskaya with a long black astrakhan fur coat with leather appliqués. It was very shocking at the time.

The true admirers of good fur have always been Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner and other beauties of the 20th century who shaped the trends of their time.

XXI century: a sharp turn from abandonment to demand

The new century began not very unfriendly towards the centuries-old fur traditions, and a huge number of business owners and a wide variety of specialists seriously thought about new areas of implementation. For many regions, this was a real collapse, because it was the production and processing of leather and furs, as well as the sewing of products, that provided the lives of many people, entire families and even villages and towns, the infrastructure of which is tied to these specializations.

DIY coat video

Effort of women of fashion until the ear of spring, or to clean up their policemen from irrelevant speeches, or to update their wardrobe with speeches. The period before the ear of spring is the ideal hour, abi take new images from the old people of speeches, the urgency of the people who come to the tsikave for their outfits.

With the coming of spring, everybody wants to look like a bully with a lightness, with a special charm, which hasn't started so much.

In the new season, fashionable images in the birch trees cannot be done without a top coat, and even often at spring days we do not check the best weather. Surrounding the top dressing, you will be able to turn up on the most beautiful clothes, whipping up those accessories that can help you complete your outfit.

The best top coat - coat

Monotonous, fitted, straight printed coat is ideal for any spring look. Coats of basic types - black, beige, brown and beige, are very relevant. Okrіm tsyogo, a coat in a wedge and a duck's foot - a classic, too, the season cannot do without a variety of options.

Important items for updating your wardrobe / Photo via Pinterest

Good news - neutral

On the sprout of spring, get ready for neutral views. You can also take a look at your wardrobe in a new way. Basic colors wonderfully fit for the correct placement of the accents of the black selection.

The pastel base can be supplemented with a jacket with high gum chobits. Attachments to the beast of respect on rozhevy jackets, which will be especially popular.

Important items for updating your wardrobe / Photo via Pinterest

More pressure - instagram

Your best instagram line for stylish looks is your best choice. Sign up for the specialty of the profile of the stars of the street style and those of the most fashionable women, picking up which reasons for yours and so called pressure.

Similarly to the image of your choice, you should be able to create an image of your own.

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