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Irina Dmitrieva brought her aunt Lyubov Zabashta to the stylists to ennoble her.

Fashionable verdict Case: "I come from merchants ..." Issue from

Lyubov Zabashta, 50 years old.

Lyubov Zabashta claims that she is from a merchant family and the love for various kinds of shocking outfits was passed on to her from her ancestors. The heroine's mother instilled in her the idea that a woman should never look sloppy in front of her man, it is imperative to start a marafet in the morning and delight her husband with beauty. Niece, Irina, said that love for bright outfits repels potential suitors from Lyubov. The image of the "shamakhan" queen, which is everyday, is too overloaded with bright accents, which makes the aunt vulgar.

Evelina Khromchenko noted that the heroine of this issue was cheating and simply took with her only a small fraction of her shocking outfits for fear of losing her most beloved ones.

The heroes have assembled three sets with the help of Alexander Vasiliev.

First set

The first assembled set - a translucent black blouse, a blue overalls and blue shoes. This outfit was chosen by the heroine's niece, for which she received a scolding from Alexander Vasiliev. It is worth noting that the presenter was fascinated by Love and defended her interests and position. During the choice of outfits, Vasiliev smiled and tried to touch the woman by chance. The jumpsuit turned out to be small and, in addition, it showed all the shortcomings in the waist area.

Second set

The second set is a white shirt, which the heroine famously unbuttoned with more buttons than it should be. A cardigan with a black and white geometric print, a sequin skirt and white shoes, which turned out to be small for Lyubov. The presenters and the invited expert really liked the presentation - how Love walks on the catwalk, how she behaves. By and large, such a bright and energetic woman does not need someone's recommendations. Vasiliev remained in a permanent delight.

Third set

"I am a star" - said Love. The woman went to the podium and everything around began to shine. The combination of sequins with a leopard print is, perhaps, overkill. And the dress was not enough for the heroine, which was especially noticeable when Lyubov walked the catwalk - the dress barely audibly cracked at the seams. Alexander Vasiliev with great regret sent the heroine to the stylists in the hope that they would not spoil her - "don't you dare spoil my love for me."

Release of

The story of how TK ENERGIA let me down, and we stepped on the same rake twice.

Background. My wife has an online store that deals with clothes, accessories, toys and other small items to order. I have a basic, stable job, but all my free time I am directly involved in the family business, so to speak. I help with promotion, advertising, holding contests in order to attract new customers, receiving huge parcels, packing them in packages for each client (a very tedious task, it kills the whole day) and delivering goods to a neighboring city (they used to live there, the bulk of customers are in nearby town).

Situation one. sent the last order in 2020, the New Year's eve rush, customers ordered outfits, gifts, toys for children. Your order, taking into account the load and other factors (experience of previous years), we expected to receive about 28. 2. But out of 3 boxes one came. I called the hotline and asked what happened.

Me- me. О- Support operator.

A: Sorry bro in the "gazelle" there was not enough space. What are you indignant, the delivery time according to the price list is not violated (deadline 29.2, 5 working days). Me: how are you going to meet the deadlines for the price list? A: no way, the next car to your city will be 11. 1.1g (???????????????? trolls everywhere) Me: put me in touch with a specialist who can offer me an alternative solution my problem. (Send a parcel by plane for an additional fee, etc.) A: I can't help you with anything, I won't contact anyone, write to the mail for feedback.

My pleas for help have not been heard.

Further, I noticed in the TC application that I have an additional payment of 100 rubles for each box. I decided to take an interest in sho for such an additional fee. Support call. : I had a package consisting of 3 boxes for each of them an additional payment of 100 rubles. : this is a paid entry of the courier into the territory of the shopping center by car. Me: that is, the courier calls in, he is charged 100 rubles, right? A: that's right. Me: So you want to say that the courier brought my parcel of 3 boxes to the territory of the shopping center, each one separately? Me: but the boxes are registered at the same time O: I can’t help you, contact the mail for feedback ????????????????

Well, there everything is on the knurled .. Obscurrency useless.

This is how energy shopping mall works. Negligence, indifference, deception.

The only ray of light and New Year's miracle.

When they opened the box, it turned out to be with toys and gift sets. You should know how relieved we were. even if the children will receive their gifts for the new year.

Most of the clients reacted normally to what was happening, they said that we were not to blame, but TK. We are enormously grateful to them for their understanding, although I don’t remove our guilt and our sense of responsibility.

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