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Greetings! I am sure many people know that for many decades the best toys for children in the world have been constructors from the Danish company LEGO. They are thought out to the smallest detail and are suitable for a useful pastime for children of any age. Today I present to your attention a rating of the best LEGO bricks of 2021, which are designed specifically for children 10-14 years old.

LEGO Technic Extreme SUV

Opens the TOP selection of Lego Technic 42099 Extreme SUV. The constructor is a set of 958 parts, after collecting which the guys get an advanced SUV with three engines and an improved Smarthub. This all-wheel drive pickup truck is equipped with large wheels with massive tires and high independent suspension. This allows him to move even on difficult surfaces. The toy is made in bright colors and has colorful stickers. The car is controlled by the high-tech LEGO TECHNIC CONTROL + app. While playing with the SUV, users can switch between multiple control screens, select the direction and speed of the SUV, and overcome obstacles and brake. The app also allows you to get real-time feedback, for example, control the speed and angle of the vehicle. High-quality sound and digital combinations add functionality to the toy.

Buyers who have made their choice in favor of this designer, note that the SUV does not leave indifferent any lover of technology. It looks very realistic, has intuitive controls and all the possibilities for immersing the user in the game and real drive. Of course, such a cool toy is very expensive, but this is compensated by the manufacturability and functionality of the model.

LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor

The collection continues with LEGO Mindstorms 51515 Robot-inventor, a new release of which appeared on the market in the fall of 2020. This model is able to open up the digital world of programmable robots with remote control for a teenager. By following the instructions, you can assemble 5 robots, each with unique functions. For example, Charlie is programmed to play drum kit and dance, and Blast can recognize targets and shoot at them. The Tricky Robot Athlete can demonstrate moves from virtually any sport. Blast and Charlie even display emotions on the front of the hub with the participation of several LEDs. To bring the assembled toy to life and give it a task, the teenager generates a command in a simple programming language Scratch. The user can also code their own remote control functions for the models in the branded LEGO app, or connect their controllers to the app using the Bluetooth interface.

Thanks to the Robot Inventor set, children playfully explore the exciting world of robotics and programming, as well as acquire important skills in the subjects of the technical cycle. On the web, we found only positive reviews for this model of the constructor. This is a great gift option for any occasion or teenager's birthday.

LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender

The next position in our ranking is taken by the LEGO Technic 42110 Land Rover Defender. The constructor of 2,573 parts assumes the assembly of an absolute copy of the legendary car with expressive recognizable lines. The SUV is equipped with opening hood, trunk and doors. A child can look inside a car and feel like a driver of a stylish elite SUV, turn a working steering wheel, get acquainted with a dashboard with a high degree of detail. The folding rear seats provide visual access to the 4-speed gearbox. And under the hood of the model is a detailed 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons.

To bring the toy as close as possible to a real SUV, the developers equipped the set with roof rails, a rubberized mat, a ladder and a wicker box. The discs of the car have a unique design, and the tires adhere perfectly to any road surface. Users write in the reviews that the assembled constructor looks very dignified and powerful, it is able to become the best collectible exhibit, despite the very high cost.

LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR

The selection continues with a model from LEGO Technic 42123 McLaren Senna GTR. This construction set is an excellent replica of a British supercar with realistic features and sophisticated details. A 32-centimeter model of a racing car is created from 830 constructor parts. The identical supercar is equipped with a massive rear wing, an air intake on the roof, as well as double-sided doors that can open up and out. Everything here is like the original - even the exhaust system with three tailpipes, rear air louvers and forged wheels with a center nut.

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