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FROM 23 FEBRUARY ALL MEN. Heroes, defenders, just loved ones, relatives, adored, not repeat.

The secret of the best dumplings dough. Sculpting and rolling is now easier than ever! T.

Nice sweater knitted with an interesting pattern of rhombuses. Description given for Russian size 4.

Super exercises for the lower press. Never before has the lower abdomen tightened so quickly. .

I add a teaspoon to a glass and even the oldest seeds will sprout. Today I am you.




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DIY bucket video

Grandma's conspiracies for gaining love + protection from dark forces + evil eye - down with my house - my fortress + spellbound baby bathing + protection from ailments + conspiracy for beauty + good luck in business + human condition before and after execution conspiracy

Although the 21st century has been flying outside the window for several years, and the Voyager interplanetary probe has left the solar system and is moving towards the center of the Galaxy, our world has begun to pay more attention not to the material aspects of life, but to the spiritual. Of course, not all people believe in grandmother's fairy tales and conspiracies, nevertheless, folk legends help us restore health, protect ourselves from the intrigues of ill-wishers, meet true love, return a spouse on a spree and restore family harmony, attract prosperity and wealth.

Step-by-step instructions for executing grandmother's conspiracies for all occasions

My high school love affairs were often limited to going to the movies or disco, going to a trendy entertainment center, and kissing goodbye. After graduating from university, young people still tried to bypass me, although I was completely different from a plain woman. Perhaps my frequent stinging attacks towards my partner served as a hindrance. Even the guy I liked ran away from me after two months of dating.

Noticing my depressed mood, my grandmother hugged me to her, and affectionately ran her hand through her hair.

- You try, granddaughter, a folk remedy - conspiracies, - she whispered in my ear, - maybe your boy will come back ...

I, of course, heard from my mother that my grandmother was a real wizard in her youth, helped people to overcome ailments, returned to the family of their departed husbands, treated their children, but I never had to deal with her advice. Without hesitation for a long time, I took a blank notebook, and my hand quickly scribbled over the paper, keeping up with my grandmother's stories.

Finding love

Of all the desires that I had at that time, first of all, I wanted to return the attention of the young man I liked. To carry out the return conspiracy, the following attributes were needed:

  • a photograph, with a clear image of the face and eyes of the beloved;
  • a separate room - my bedroom;
  • three church wax candles.

The action was carried out as follows:

  • She put the photo in front of her.
  • I lit a candle, placed it behind the photo.
  • I lit the wicks of the remaining two from the flame of the candle.
  • Carefully peering at the photo, she uttered the following speeches:
  • After the candles burned out, the stubs and the card were removed to a secluded place.

Pay attention! During the procedure, no one should be in the room, even pets. In the early days, it is not recommended to independently make contact with the conspirator, you should expect signs of attention from him.

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