Disposal of weapons: procedure for carrying out the procedure, required documents, deadlines

The dream of finding a treasure is increasingly being replaced in our time by a more realistic program for searching for precious metals in a natural or artificial environment.

In today's environment, it is very important to find and retrieve valuable materials trapped in waste, garbage or other uncontrolled environment.

Hardware is an important component of this search technology.

Search and recovery of gold and precious metals from waste, garbage, in the natural environment - part of the recycling strategy, technology for effective recycling of used materials, including the processing of precious metals.

Searching for them in the ground or in the mass of industrial and other wastes not only requires the use of equipment, but also stimulates its improvement. Devices of various levels and specializations are being created. There is interest in such equipment among amateurs and enthusiasts of searching for valuable metals.

Metal detector

A metal detector is the most important tool for manually searching for metals in a chaotic natural or artificial environment. With the help of such a device, you can search not only for ferrous metal, but also for gold, silver, and other precious metals.

The principle of any metal detector is based on electromagnetic effects.

This is how a typical metal search technology works:

  • The device creates an electromagnetic field.
  • A metal object hidden in a foreign environment affects such a field when it falls into its sphere of influence.
  • The device detects the effect of the object on the electromagnetic field and signals it.

Most of the metal detector models work on this principle.

The technical differences of such equipment make it possible to obtain more complete information about the fact of detecting a metal object, for example:

  • estimate the mass of the find;
  • obtain data on the shape, size and configuration of the object;
  • specify the location, including depth.

  • September 8, 2018
  • Legislation
  • Lukinova Natalia

Despite the fact that in the Russian Federation there are quite strict rules regarding personal weapons of ordinary citizens, many people, and especially hunters, still have them in stock. That is why you need to clearly know how to hand over the gun for recycling, since this problem will be relevant in the life of every owner who somehow has to get rid of the old barrel so as not to violate modern legislation. It is quite important to know what should be the order of actions of a citizen in this case, and therefore this issue will be specially considered in this article.

Legal Notice

Absolutely any sane person understands that it is simply impossible to get rid of a weapon like any other garbage, because it is unclear what will be its fate after being thrown into the trash. In addition, any weapon, when acquiring it, must go through the registration procedure, and therefore subsequently its absence may cause unwanted questions from law enforcement officers. Moreover, this state of affairs applies not only to standard rifles and pistols, since the disposal of traumatic weapons also has its own procedure and requires a specially obtained permit.

That is why in order to solve this situation, when a citizen decides to say goodbye to weapons he does not need, a special government decree “On measures to regulate the circulation of civilian and service weapons and ammunition for them” was created. Adopted in July 1998, in its 14th part, it contains information on how the procedure for the disposal of weapons should be carried out, which is in effect at this time. In addition, an interesting law in this situation is the Federal Law "On Weapons", as well as the "Rules for the Circulation of Civilian and Service Weapons", in which you can find information on how exactly you need to hand over your own weapon. Information is also given about which authorities are dealing with this issue, and what documents will be needed and in what time frame the papers must be drawn up.

Farewell to Arms

Traumatic pistols are scrapped. Amendments to the Federal Law "On Weapons" force people to refuse licenses to carry the barrels of people. The police cite statistics: over the past year, more than one and a half thousand residents of the Irkutsk region preferred to get rid of limited firearms. The reason lies in the reluctance to undergo additional checks and medical examinations, as well as to pass practical exams, which became mandatory in August last year for those who apply for a license for the first time.

First step

To answer the question of how to hand over a gun for recycling, you must first understand which authorities are responsible for this. In fact, the answer here is quite simple - a citizen must apply to the LRO, that is, the licensing and permitting body, which is now part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In order to directly hand over the weapon for recycling, you will need to contact the department where the permit for its storage, carrying and operation was directly issued, that is, where everything was preliminarily drawn up, and the weapon itself was registered. This is one of the mandatory requirements in order to simplify the work of the authority and prevent requests for documents.

You need to come with an application, although you can fill it out on the spot, since there are free access samples of an application for the disposal of weapons, and in addition to attach to it all permits received during registration.

General disposal rules

The disposal of weapons, as well as the execution of documents related to its circulation, is the sphere of activity of the licensing and permitting department, which, in turn, is in the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In this case, it is necessary to contact the LRO in which the permit for carrying and operation was issued. On a note! When applying, you need to fill out an application (there is a sample in each department) and attach photocopies of permits to it. Do not try to hand over the weapon to the scrap collection point, at best they will simply not accept it, at worst they will call the police to draw up a protocol.

Next, it's up to the police. LRO employees draw up all the necessary documents, according to the instructions, after which the surrendered gun or pistol is sent for storage.

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