Demercurization of mercury

It would seem that from childhood we know everything about hygiene: brush your teeth 2 times a day, wash your hands, shower in the morning and evening and a couple of dozen simple rules. But we are ready to argue: there are a couple of things in which you miss. Let's eliminate the “wrong” items from the daily routine together. We will tell you about 6 popular and not so popular mistakes that extravagant women make.

Cleanse after workout

Extravagant ladies love themselves and frequent the gym. Such people go in for sports, sweat, go to the shower and wash themselves well. Sound familiar? Not true! Instead of rinsing off dirt and sweat, the woman carefully rubs everything that is superfluous into open pores. It is necessary to cleanse the face before physical activity, so that a “mix” of dust and sweat secretions does not form on the skin.

Do not wash makeup brushes

An extravagant woman pays great attention to make-up - always in the parade. That is why he often skips the stage of brushing the brushes (“why, when will I paint again tomorrow?”).

And then he thinks: "Where did this pimple come from?" Brushes, sponges and other tools should be washed regularly. For hygienic processing, a special product, soap solution or shampoo is suitable. Practical life hack: get a rubber / silicone brush for cleaning your brushes. With its help, it is easy to clean the remnants of cosmetics from the pile.

Don't change the washcloth

Just think, how much bacteria and mold can grow on a wet, used washcloth? Even if you rinse it well, do not forget to dry this accessory. And in any case, you should not “stick” to one washcloth for a long time, as well as to a toothbrush.

Rinse your mouth with “aggressive” agents

Extravagant ladies have teeth that they need! And women look after them with all the means available, including harsh mouthwashes. However, instead of the promised freshness, alcohol-based rinses give a feeling of dryness and dehydrate the cavity. The feeling is not pleasant. And not useful. If you need a rinse, it is best to use an alcohol-free balm.

6 hygiene mistakes extravagant women secretly sin

Utilization of mercury remains an important issue faced by both managers of enterprises using mercury-containing equipment and ordinary people who use mercury thermometers and fluorescent lamps in their home. Few houses lack these items. Therefore, every city dweller should know where the disposal of mercury is carried out in Moscow. The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service Mos Eco-Service has the necessary licenses and other permits for demercurization (mercury removal). The company will help solve environmental problems quickly and safely.

To order, call: 8 or leave a request on the website. get a service

Broken thermometer


Anything glass can break. And a thermometer, and fluorescent lamps too. Although the production of household products containing mercury has stopped, many families still have many of them. Mercury, when it gets “in free floating” (for example, on the floor), forms silvery-white balls. If the room is +18 and above, then they emit POISONOUS vapors. And immediately they "run scatteringly" throughout the room, hiding in all the cracks. As soon as a person has inhaled such mercury vapor (odorless!), They find their assemblage point (liver, kidneys, digestive tract organs, nervous system). They begin to "hang out" there, periodically pulling up their friends (the same couples who were hiding somewhere in the room). When the company is assembled, a person suffers from poisoning of one of the organs or disorders of the nervous system. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to clean the premises from mercury at a professional level using chemical agents. It is called DEMERCURIZATION. It is performed only by a specialist. How so? Is it impossible to collect mercury yourself at home? - You can, if only very carefully.

Disposal of mercury at home

Spilled mercury should not be collected with a vacuum cleaner or broom. The best solution would be professional disposal of mercury: the price and quality of services are comparable. But if it is not possible to call specialists, the disposal of mercury from a thermometer at home is carried out as follows.

The liquid metal is collected with a brush and then with a damp filter paper. They work in the cracks with pieces of wire. The collected mercury and used paper with wire are placed in a hermetically sealed container, and the room is treated with substances that react with mercury vapor with the subsequent formation of oxides or soluble salts. Carry out wet cleaning.

Sometimes it is suggested to use regular laundry soap. An aqueous solution of potassium permanganate with hydrochloric acid and chlorine-containing liquids are more suitable. However, these substances are not safe and do not give the same effect as the high-quality products used by the mercury disposal service (Moscow).

The collected mercury from the thermometer must be neutralized. Don't call the Emergencies Ministry. Utilization of mercury on such a scale is the sphere of interests of SES, management companies or DEZ. They have special containers for transporting such substances.


Point 1. Remove people and pets from the room where mercury is. Do this carefully and quietly. Do not panic, do not wave your hands. Try to do everything so calmly that the vibrations of the air do not go towards the mercury. Otherwise, the mercury will run away to hard-to-reach places or scatter throughout the room. THE MERCURY SURFACE IS STICKY! Point 2. Close the doors (to prevent the spread of contaminated air to other rooms) and open the window if it is not hot outside (this can slow down the mercury evaporation). Make sure there is no draft. Otherwise, mercury balls may not be found later. They will roll somewhere far under the plinth and will poison households from there for many years to come. Clause 3. Call the specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (service number 01) Clause 4. Personal safety:

-Protect your respiratory tract by wearing a cotton-gauze bandage or a disposable mask (it must be either soaked in soda solution or soaked in water); -Protect your hand skin by wearing rubber gloves; -Protect your legs by wearing bags or shoe covers; -Protect the rest of your body by wearing clothes with long sleeves, pants, long hair, collect and put on a scarf, a kerchief, a simple hat (this clothes will then need to be given where the mercury is).

It would seem that from childhood we know everything about hygiene: brush your teeth 2 times a day, wash your hands, shower in the morning and evening and a couple more ...

The all-year-round ski resort "Altai Alps", which is located in Ust-Kamenogorsk, welcomes guests of the city with oriental hospitality, who want to spend their holidays surrounded by picturesque nature and those who like skiing.

Geographical information

"Altai Alps" are located in the foothills of the Alpine mountains in the East Kazakh region. The ski resort is located on a mountain that belongs to the territory of Rudny Altai, located only 30 km from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk (conditionally, the Republic of Altai in Kazakhstan is divided into regions: Rudny, South and Kalbinsky ridge).

The Republic of Kazakhstan, where the ski resort is located, is located at the same time on the border of Asia and Europe between geographical objects:

  • Caspian Sea and Siberia;
  • Urals and China;
  • Lower Volga and Central Asia.

Kazakhstan has common borders with states:

Country Side of the World and the length of the border zone Russian Federation North and West, has a length of 7,548.1 km. The Chinese People's Republic of the East, has a length of 1,782.8 km. Irgiz Republic The southern side, has a length of 1,241.6 km The Republic of Uzbekistan has a length of 2,351.4 km Turkmenistan has a length of 426 km

The city of Ust-Kamenogorsk in the Republic of Kazakhstan is considered the largest on the eastern side of the country and is located at the confluence of the Ulba River with the Irtysh. The city is located on the western side of Mount Belukha, at a distance of 280 km from the capital Nur-Sultan and the highest point of the Altai Mountains.

The mountains of Rudny Altai represent the western outskirts of the Ulbinsky ridge and are in the range of heights from 600 to 1000 m. 2368 m).

The ski resort is located on the flat territory of the Ulbinsky ridge, the Gornaya Ulbinka tract, at an altitude of 660 m. It is located in a picturesque place, surrounded by a mixed forest, where fir, birch, pine and aspen grow.

The ski resort owes its origin to the businessman and snowboarder Alexander Chilikin, who was the founder of the Association of Snowboarders of Kazakhstan, the organizer of championships and competitions of various levels in alpine skiing. The exact location of the ski resort: Republic of Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan region, Ust-Kamenogorsk, index 070004, st. Kabanbai batyr, house No. 160. Geographic coordinates of the location: 49.714 s. sh., 82.059 in. etc.

You can book your stay at the ski resort by calling the phone numbers: +7 (7232) 49-20-72, +7 (7232) 24-30-26 and +7 (777) 401-53-40. You can find out all the information about the resort on the official website of the Altai Alps or by e-mail izaltay @ mail. u. The Altai Alps in Ust-Kamenogorsk are located on the territory of a harsh continental climate, which is characterized by frosty temperatures in winter and relatively warm summers.

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