Dekrottoir; shoe cleaner

A shoe cleaner is an inconspicuous and modest thing, but such a handy thing for country and country use! March is coming: imagine the joy of spring work on the site, and along with the clods of clay on rubber boots. I don't want to clean the soles on the curb, because then why was it necessary to create purity and beauty, to ennoble the landscape. Shoe cleaners can be metal brackets or scrapers embedded in the concrete near the porch of a frame made of bent reinforcement bar or steel strip, but a spectacular cleaner can be created from forged elements - such an item will become a decoration and emphasize the style and solidity of the entrance area. Decrottoir is the French word for a sole cleaning device and is conveniently placed at the entrance to the house. You can buy or do it yourself (krott means dirt, and even worse in the context of hooligan French idioms) - so the idea of ​​adaptation is simple: a metal element with curls for beauty and a bracket for comfortable support is firmly installed in the wall or in the ground. cleaning the soles, and the shoes, of course, remain on the foot.

Outdoor shoe cleaner

An outdoor shoe cleaner can be made of metal, wood or three brushes - depending on the passability and purpose, as well as according to the style of the house. The colored brushes on a stand with a simple clamping or rotating mechanism are very comfortable and safe for both adults and children.

It is necessary to enter the house with cleaned shoes, and in the off-season you understand the convenience of decrottoes very clearly. The smartest models can clean not only the soles, but also the whole shoes, you can buy a brush cleaner with a drive and water supply for washing shoes. But semi-antique decor is a very special thing, a reflection of style and antiquity, a historical trend.

The cleaning-decorator has a very ancient and glorious history. Since the 18th century, decrottoes have been decorations and signs of prestigious mansions, theaters and parklands. Let the reason for the popularity and necessity of shoe cleaning trends remain in the shadows - is it worth remembering the dirty, unhygienic streets of old cities filled with carriages and horses. The historical charm, on closer inspection, is not all that aesthetic. But forged decor near the house is a creative and often decorative object. Until now, many ancient cities have preserved dectrotuaries, especially those that were fixed on the basement of the house or in a special deep niche on the side of the entrance doors. The design of the historic decor is surprisingly diverse - the elegant and comfortable devices were in harmony with their style with the drainage systems, elements of the fencing of the porches, the decor of the facade.

At the door to the entrance of a modern house, you can see a metal lattice embedded in the concrete slab - this is a unified decor. Outside a country house, this scrubber can become trendy décor - whimsical and sophisticated in shape, wrought iron or cast iron, Victorian or contemporary. Near the country house, portable grill cleaners are practical, they are convenient to wash and, if necessary, remove them away.

Metal shoe cleaner

A ready-made metal cleaner is a rather expensive item. Craftsmen create these devices from ready-made forged elements, reinforcement, sheet metal, angle bars, channel bars and, in principle, from any remnants of rolled metal, suitable for the size and section of the profile. To create a simple metal cleaner, it is not necessary to have a welding inverter; you can limit yourself to making a bent strip with strong fastening of the ends to concrete or soil.

DIY decor

Shoe cleaners are placed near the house or near the garden path so that lumps of dirt from the sole being cleaned do not fly onto the curb or onto a clean path. The height of the decor should be sufficient to put your foot on the bracket, but the place of installation must be marked and accidental falls should be prevented. Stumbling over a cleaner is not funny at all. And also the aesthetics of landscape design requires that little presentable cleaners be hidden behind vegetation or small forms - a bench or a gazebo. Of course, this does not apply to creative, original decor designed to decorate the estate.

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