Construction and repair

What could be a rooftop terrace? Ideas and important nuances of the device

People are forced to live by uniting in large communities. But at the same time, everyone wants to be able to retire, relax, be alone or together.

Even in a small company, but no one else. To be alone with nature and loved ones. Without prying gaze. A terrace is perfect for this.

Renovation, decoration and arrangement of a freshly built country house with an attic

It's nice to know that during the construction of your house, many of the work is done by hand. And we can honestly say, looking into the eyes of children and grandchildren, that we built this house ourselves, together with my wife.

Of course, the foundation, the walls, the roof and the plastering of the interior walls were done by the builders. But everything else is entirely our merit. And also the help of children. I can't wait to talk about this.

How to make your terrace beautiful, comfortable and durable?

How pleasant it is to sit on the terrace, drink tea and watch the sunset. Or settle in a large company without being overwhelmed. Or just sit in the shade and enjoy the birdsong and the scent of a blooming garden.

A house with a terrace, the dream of many owners. If it is not there, then you can easily attach it.

Planning and construction of aerated concrete country house x with an attic and a terrace

It all started with a Finnish house project that got caught on the Internet. Despite the simplicity of its design, it was not possible to find a ready-made summer cottage for sale similar to this house. And the desire arose to build such a cottage myself.

Construction and repair

How the foundation slab for a house is made of aerated concrete. Features of slab bases, scope. The specifics of the calculation, material requirements, rules for pouring a monolithic slab.

Aerated concrete structures require strong and reliable foundations. Despite the low weight and relatively low load on the base, houses made of porous materials need a fixed support that keeps the structure intact. Low strength and lack of resistance to tearing do not allow the walls to transfer multidirectional loads and influences, therefore, the durability and the very possibility of operating the house depend on the condition of the foundation.

Features of aerated concrete

Aerated concrete is one of the varieties of aerated concrete. The material has a porous structure, which gives the structures a lot of positive properties:

  • light weight, which allows to reduce the power of the base;
  • low thermal conductivity, which allows you to save heat energy and save on heating.

The acquisition of such useful qualities was accompanied by the appearance of disadvantages:

  • lack of bearing capacity inherent in dense concrete grades;
  • inability to withstand pressure and multidirectional loads (tension or bending);
  • high hygroscopicity ...

It is necessary to understand that the shortcomings of the material were a consequence of its advantages and were not unexpected - all acquired qualities were calculated in advance, both positive and negative. However, the builders for a long time could not work out their attitude to the new material, out of habit expecting from it the properties of dense concrete. It took almost 100 years for the technology of building houses from aerated concrete to be able to receive a well-deserved assessment and capture its niche among other building materials.

At the same time, aerated concrete has a lot of advantages:

  • the precise geometrical shape and smooth surface of the blocks allows to significantly reduce the thickness of the joints. Unlike the usual 10-15 mm, 2-4 mm are made here, which makes it possible to reduce the number of cold bridges and eliminate the so-called. "Wasteland", i.e. the presence of voids in the seam line;
  • the blocks are much larger than bricks, which significantly speeds up the process of laying the walls. In terms of volume, one gas block replaces about 30 bricks. At the same time, the masonry turns out to be very neat and even, especially if tongue-and-groove protrusions are made on the gas blocks;
  • cutting and processing the surfaces of the blocks is not difficult, since the material can be cut with an ordinary hacksaw. The job is no more difficult than sawing wood. You can adjust the masonry with high precision without creating too thick vertical seams;
  • unprepared people with minimal experience in performing such work can build walls from aerated concrete.

However, the properties of aerated concrete put forward certain requirements for installation - for example, an external moisture-proof finish is required. In addition, there are restrictions on the height of buildings (the most popular structural and thermal insulation grade of aerated concrete can be used for the construction of houses up to 3 floors). For a long time, these limitations and the need to use atypical methods of installation and operation prevented the material from receiving a correct assessment and gaining the recognition of builders.

Another feature of aerated concrete houses is the demand for the quality of the foundation. Here it is necessary to correctly place the accents: the buildings are light and do not need powerful supporting structures. At the same time, the bases must be reliable and ensure complete immobility, otherwise the walls will crack or completely collapse. As a rule, small houses are built on shallow strip foundations, which are much cheaper and do not require such a volume of earthworks. But, if the soil conditions of the site do not allow, it is necessary to build more complex support structures, which are quite economical and durable.

What are slab bases

Construction and renovation What can be a roof terrace? Ideas and important nuances of the device People are forced to live, uniting in large communities. But at the same time, everyone wants to have

How to correctly determine the width of a concrete strip base for a gas block house? What determines the size of the tape, possible options for the construction of the foundation, the procedure for calculating the dimensions and depth of immersion in the ground?

Foundation - the supporting structure on which the walls of the house are built. The durability and strength of the load-bearing walls and other structures of the building depend on the quality and reliability of the base.

According to the degree of importance and responsibility, the foundation is ranked among the main elements of the building, especially since the foundation is located underground. Repairing or maintaining this element is a complex and time-consuming engineering task. Errors or miscalculations made at the design stage will inevitably affect the condition of the house, increasing the danger of its operation. consider the features and rules for building a foundation for a house from aerated concrete blocks.

Features of aerated concrete buildings

Aerated concrete is a building material from the aerated concrete family. It has a porous structure and is characterized by low thermal conductivity and low weight. Aerated concrete or gas silicate blocks are easy to install, retain heat well and do not create unnecessary stress on the base. Such properties have made aerated concrete a profitable and convenient material for low-rise construction. The most popular are residential buildings with a height of up to 3 floors (SNiP restriction introduced for buildings made of structural and heat-insulating material).

A strip foundation for a house made of aerated concrete does not require high power and bearing capacity, although a lot of additional factors are taken into account here. The weight of building structures is only a part of the total load, since the foundation is also affected by the weight of snow in winter, furniture, equipment, vibration loads, etc. Calculation of the foundation for a house made of gas blocks is a complex engineering problem that only experienced design engineers can solve.

The main feature of aerated concrete is its relatively low strength, which makes the role of the supporting structure important and responsible. Despite the low weight, the walls need a solid foundation to ensure immobility and unchanged position. In the course of construction work, a special punched tape is used to reinforce the connection line of the lower row of gas blocks with the upper part of the foundation, which strengthens the adhesion of structures and ensures the immobility of the walls. In addition, an important element is waterproofing, which cuts off capillary moisture from hygroscopic walls.

Base strip construction

A strip foundation is a closed reinforced concrete strip that supports the load-bearing walls of the house, both external and internal. It is a supporting structure that takes the weight of the building, distributes it evenly and transfers it to the ground. The tape must have sufficient strength and bearing capacity to withstand the weight of the house, taking into account the operational load (furniture, appliances, things, people or animals), snow and wind loads, plus a margin of safety in case of unforeseen external influences.

The structure of the strip base consists of a strip of reinforced concrete of rectangular section (sometimes an expanded concrete pad is made at the base, which reduces the specific pressure on the ground). Such foundations are built on stable soils, with low or no heaving (expansion and change in relief due to winter freezing of soil waters). The best soil option:

I will develop and implement from scratch a design project for the construction of a solid frame house of your dreams, without deviating from technology and norms.

Price from 400 rubles / m. Experience 17 years.

Having studied the finished architectural and construction album, you can:

  • build a house from scratch on our own;
  • entrust me with technical and architectural supervision;
  • calmly wait for the keys to the finished frame house by ordering building my brigade.

I value my reputation and carefully control the quality of the process at every stage. This is what gives me the opportunity to provide a guarantee for work up to 10 years.

I have already helped dozens of families completely rebuild the building, fulfill their dream and live in renovated comfortable houses. My clients were completely satisfied with the progress of the renovation. See how it was.

  • title page,
  • floor plans,
  • building appearance (facades),
  • sections, <
  • 3D visualization,
  • statements,
  • plan of the location of the building on the site,
  • explanatory note.

They contain: diagrams of the foundation and floors, the pile field (if provided), the rafter system, as well as nodes and sections, projects of chimneys, ventilation, stairs.

The constructive section will reflect the types and required amount of building materials.

What I need from you to get started

A video about what materials you need to provide (for reconstruction, extension or construction) so that I can start working with your project as soon as possible.

I am conscientiously compiling the project documentation necessary and sufficient for registration of the building in all registration authorities.

what is and what needs to be done (make a short description of the work)

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