If you are bored with fishing and are looking for a way to diversify your hobby, then the fishing slingshot will be a great addition to your hobby.

Why does a fisherman need a slingshot

Fishing, like any other hobby, is subject to change and innovation. One of these innovations is hunting fish with a slingshot.

Purchasing additional components

For a full-fledged fish hunt, you must purchase a number of additional components:

  • Polarized glasses - required to protect your eyes from sun glare on the water. They help the fisherman to react in time to the fish swimming in the water.
  • Arrows or darts - arrows with a cutting part of the tip have the greatest efficiency, due to their high penetrating ability, they can reach fish at great depths.
  • Shooting gloves - eliminate the possibility of damage to the leading hand as a result of damage to equipment or incorrect shooting.
  • Slingshot reel - useful for fishing in waters where there is a lot of vegetation and for catching strong fish.


To protect their lives and the health of those around them, fishermen must take precautions such as:

  • Before hunting and between shots, it is necessary to inspect and check the functionality of all parts.
  • When shooting, be sure to wear protective clothing.
  • Do not shoot in the air, blindly and at people.
  • Watch out for ricochets.

Application Features

To achieve high efficiency, correct shooting technique must be followed.

  • At the beginning, you need to stand sideways to the goal. If desired, the leg, which is closer to the target, can be turned in its direction by 5-10 cm. / Li>
  • The holding arm should be straight and extended. Skewing the slingshot to the side will greatly affect accuracy.
  • The best holding methods are vertical, 45 degrees and 90 degrees.
  • The choice of shooting method depends on the preference of the fisherman.
  • The elbow of the driven hand must be straight. You cannot lower it down and press it to the body.

A slingshot with arrows for fishing or secrets; wet; hunting

With all its simple design, the range of tasks that modern slingshots can solve is very wide and is not limited to recreational shooting. What slingshots are, their advantages and the best models - read the article.

What is a hunting slingshot

Purpose - guaranteed defeat of small game. To do this, it must meet several criteria:

    The structure has to withstand considerable power, so instead of traditional wood, they are made from modern composite materials and steel.

  • Shooting is carried out at a small, moving target and the first accurate shot is important. For this, the slingshot is equipped with a sight and a hand rest.
  • Range is provided by the use of a system of levers, blocks and spring mechanisms.
  • Various projectiles are used to hit targets: metal balls, arrows, harpoons.

How it works

Like any throwing weapon, the slingshot uses the principle of energy accumulation by elastic elements with its transfer to the projectile when they contract.

Advantages and Disadvantages

What the slingshot consists of

Three must-haves for any slingshot:

    Handle made of various materials, providing a uniform grip, fastening of all knots and additional equipment.

  • A tensioning mechanism that can consist not only of elastic cords, but also block systems similar to crossbow and archery ones.
  • Leather saddle (leather) for positioning and centering the projectile. Its size should not create parasitic windage that reduces power.

DIY slingshot

If you are bored with fishing and are looking for a way to diversify your hobby, then the fishing slingshot is a great addition to your hobby. What for

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