Can You Learn Web Design On Your Own

by Elisheva Laufer. Last updated: February 24, 2021

Website designer is a very coveted profession today. Anyone who knows how to create an interesting, functional website in any programming language definitely shouldn't worry about a lack of work. Moreover, this profession is very profitable. No wonder the interest in learning web design is so great.

Learning to design is a process

There are many ways to learn web design. Anyone who has reached any level in this skill knows that it took a lot of commitment, effort and discipline, and the learning is never ending and requires constant development. In an industry as fluid as programming, many areas are constantly changing and new challenges arise that need to be addressed. Therefore, making a decision to study web design is not a one-time decision, but a decision to be always ready for development.

Learning to program is nothing special - it is like any other field, which can be completely new at first, even causing anxiety. But learning is about the same thing - the acquisition of knowledge and skills. You can treat it like learning any foreign language. Just like how to correctly write a sentence in English, we need the right amount of words and knowledge of how to use them, and when building websites, we need to know how to put the individual pieces of code together.

Is it better on my own or in school / courses?

You can take the first steps in creating websites on your own or at a design school. What to choose? Here again it is worth turning to the example of learning a foreign language. Who among us does not know at least one person who was in a language course and eventually left him, claiming that he did not learn anything? Well, whether the teacher or the student is to blame is not the most important thing. What matters is that the course turned out to be ineffective. On the other hand, there are many people who learn the language on their own, repeat new words and sentence structures. And this is how you can also learn how to create a website. Read more about online web design courses at.

So, pondering whether to choose a course or independent work, let's answer the question, do you need a "whip" for learning? Or maybe you have your own discipline to learn new design problems step by step every day? There is no definite answer here either, but one of these two paths will surely suit everyone.

What's the best way to get started?

If we decide to study on our own, we can buy or borrow books in the programming language we are interested in. And it's best to just search the internet for information, because they are the freshest and usually free.

The web design forums, blogs of people who have learned the skill themselves, have a lot of tips and useful information. Many websites even offer free courses, which will be especially helpful for those who like to put information on a tray. You have to start with this and ... one task after another - build.

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