Bus salary in 2021

The trend for craft production and handicrafts continues to grow. These products are more often associated with more natural ingredients, higher quality ingredients and health benefits by shoppers than regular supermarket products.

Spoke to the founders of Mr. Pops is a Ukrainian brand of craft ice cream. The guys told how to launch home-made ice cream production, enter the market with a completely unfamiliar product to the consumer, find their audience and grow to the scale of the network. What was difficult and what was easy, and what came of it - read the article.

It all started with a crazy idea

Before starting the production of ice cream, each of us worked at our own boring jobs.

And in the spring of 2015 we were the first in the Ukrainian market to start making popsicles - craft ice cream on a stick. Popsicles in format resemble popsicle familiar from childhood, but the main feature is an unusual production technology and a unique recipe. We, of course, keep it a secret. Another difference between popsicles is the filling. Since the homeland of popsicle is South American countries, most often these are exotic frozen fruits with spicy additives.

"Craft" - from the English word "craft", literally translated as "skillful work" or "craft". The difference from “ordinary” ice cream is that it is not made at a factory, where a large volume of products is produced at once, but in a workshop, in small batches according to individual recipes.

They took the idea from culinary TV shows, unearthed original recipes, made the first test samples in the kitchen. The tastes were selected exotic: "chocolate with sea salt", "ginger-hibiscus" and a couple more of the same kind.

We began to treat all our friends and acquaintances and wait for an enthusiastic reaction.

We are waiting, waiting, but no one asks for more. Moreover, it is unrealistic to make him eat even the most unassuming. "Eat your own beetroot!" - this is still the most decent answer that sounded to us.

"Stoooop!" - we thought, it seems that you won't go far with such a product. And they turned their product strategy towards less exotic and more understandable tastes: creamy, chocolate, more fatty in consistency.

How the first batch was sold on the embankment on a tricycle

In America, a product of this format is often sold through street vendors. Inspired by this experience, we decided to sell our ice cream with a special bike design.

To do this, we made a large thermobox with our own hands, remade the bike for a cycle rickshaw. We conceived this: we hook a freezer on a bike, an umbrella. We cut through all the crowded points of the Dnieper, feed everyone with pops, collect likes. The romantic mood from this imaginary picture was simply overwhelming!

IT blogs • Case: how to launch and develop craft ice cream production with minimal investment

Hello everyone. I haven't had new posts for a long time. Now for your attention a video about the salary on the beads in 2021. Maybe someone will be interested. for the impatient and who do not want to watch the whole video. iimings 0:01 Introduction

1:17 Employers don't want to raise salary

2:42 Dnyuvka and its features 2021

4:56 Salary projections for 2021

8:40 The main message for getting a salary.

The picture in the title post shows that there are snowfalls in Europe too. realized that I made a mistake without writing the text. Now I'm editing, but I've already picked up the minuses. so on the list and without lyrics. ... There are several types of wages for the bus driver: - pay for every working day (24 hours) - from a kilometer (how much you have traveled, although it depends on how you think) - from freight (percentage of the cost of transportation - the dirtiest scheme) 2. What awaits us, in terms of rates and other things. I explained everything in the video, but nevertheless. Now employers are reluctant to raise wages. And the competition is huge. More details in the video. ... Salary levels at a glance

- Dnyuvka 160-210 PLN the average pay for a driver. - From km 0.26-0.38 PLN per kilometer. But here comes the condition as these km count

- they say that they get a lot from the freight, but I don't know anyone who works like that. then a short description of the video itself))))

There was a flight from Berlin to Yerevan recently. Through the Balkans and Turkey + a piece of Georgia. Whether to cut the post now I think. Thank you to my subscribers.

Is it possible for the impatient text?

Of course you can. Editing now

Working days

The trend for craft production and handicrafts continues to grow. These products are more often associated with more natural ingredients, higher quality ingredients and health benefits by shoppers than regular supermarket products.

Winter, outside at about -10. the same happy, but still a little tear-stained child, three years old, greedily looks at ice cream and, obviously, is not going to rush to go home. Dad stands a couple of meters away and ponders how to rush his child.

- Let's go home quickly, the ice cream will melt now!

At the moment the child is led by a trick and runs to dad. The prank succeeded

The son ran, stumbled, fell. e strongly, on the grass. Crying.

-aaaaa, it hurts, I can't get up! - son, come here, I will raise myself!

Evgeny with his own person.

At home, dad will get pizzas for ice cream in winter

What's the problem then? Eat at home as much as you like


A couple of days ago, in the evening, I was returning home from the five. The mood is at zero, sadness, melancholy, sadness. I went up to a traffic light in front of a large highway and, to my joy, at that moment a green man appeared, inviting me to cross to the other side.

I walk and see a nine-year-old boy running on the right, overtaking everyone: there is a backpack on his back, an ice-cold in his right hand. Suddenly a child's voice is heard: "Byeaaa!" I turn around - there is one more boy left behind, standing, looking at the trail of the fleeing one.

The guy looks around, also says goodbye and continues to run, crosses the road, and the escort shouts:

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