Broken heart flower, or dicenter: common types, planting and care

Bracelet (weaving in macrame technique)

We already have master classes for weaving simple beaded bracelets. And now let's get acquainted with macrame - a type of needlework that is now experiencing a new rise in popularity. In this technique, you can weave belts, bags, flower pots, decorative panels on the wall and much more.

If you are just starting to master the technique of weaving macrame, the bracelet can be the first thing you do yourself.

Heavenly Mary presents this simple yet detailed master class for beginners. So, let's begin.

This bracelet will need 7 strands folded in half of approximately the same length. Any lint-free thread will do. They can be of any color. For clarity, contrasting colors have been selected.

Now you need to pin them. Use a pen, pencil, or safety pin for this. In our case, this is a pencil.

Place the pencil on the thread as shown in the photo.

Now you need to thread the end of the thread into the resulting loop,

This is what you should get:

Let's start simple. When weaving flat knots, the pattern is the same on both sides. 4 threads are involved in weaving, two of which are workers, and the other two are the warp. The warp threads are braided with working threads.

Manufacturers and Models

Alive! Lighting

The company has been assigned international status. The company is engaged in the production of lighting products, includes a team of enthusiastic specialists who are interested in new ideas and who value, along with quality, the relevance of the product.

UNO VolcanoSlim NoirTube PassionMaterial shadeglassglassglassReinforcement materialmetalmetalmetal Power 403030 Base type Е14Е14Е14Number of lamps111Size75 cm34 cm38 cm

The UNO Volcano model refutes the statement about the availability of products, but this is understandable, because this lamp is a giant, the cylinder is made in the form of molten wax. It is actually a floor lamp, with an improved formula that prevents overheating.

The Slim Noir model represents a classic sample of the device in terms of color combinations, shape and size. The wax is black and the stand is white. This design makes the product versatile and rigorous.

The Tube Passion is also minimalistic in design, but the red wax color makes it brighter. Standard sizes allow using the product both in the living room and in the kitchen.


Mathmos is the oldest manufacturer of such devices. Such a device, in fact, is a symbol of the company itself, but specialists and new lighting systems are developing, regularly receiving prizes for design and marketing organization.

Lavalamp AstroFireFlow O1FireFlow 01 glossMaterial shadeglassglassglassReinforcement materialmetalmetalmetal Power 303030 Base type Е14Е14Е14Number of lamps1Size43 cm27 cm27 cm

The LavalampAstro model has a removable flask, new colors appear once a quarter, which allows, having bought a product once, regularly receive a modern version.

Model FireFlow O1 - know-how in the field of similar luminaires, the device is powered by a candle. The cylinder is replaceable, the design is hi-tech, the duration of continuous operation is 3 hours, it is distinguished by its reliability in operation.

Model FireFlow O1 gloss - modification of the previously presented FireFlow O1, works from a candle. Differs in minimalistic and space design. The activity time - the period during which the candle burns out - is 3 hours.

Types of ottomans for the bedroom

Ottomans are divided into types according to their purpose:

  • ottoman banquettes - which are used to sit on them. Their height is on average 35–40 cm. They can have a variety of designs, shapes, external finishes;
  • ottoman additions - they come with a bed, sofa, or armchair, and have the same style with them ... They have many models with different designs, styles and colors. Examples of ottomans can be seen in the photo;
  • a transformer pouf - which easily turns into a sleeping place or an armchair. It is large in size. Transformer poufs also include models whose designs consist of a frame with drawers or one large box used in children's bedrooms for collecting toys or other things. The shape of such transformers can be varied. A photo of transformer poufs is presented below;
  • an ottoman with a graphic pattern - externally resembling a patchwork quilt, suitable for living rooms of country houses, if you put it near the fireplace;
  • frameless pouf - more suitable for youth rooms or children's bedrooms. They are divided into several varieties, the choice of which depends on the preferences of the owners of the room;
  • decorative poufs with a back - they look like chairs, only without armrests. These poufs add comfort to the room. Decorative poufs include many models that are outwardly different from the usual ones. For example, a curly pouf made of bent plywood with an open frame. The top of this model is equipped with a removable cushion in textile upholstery.

Transformer With graphic drawing Frameless With back

All of the above types can be divided into subspecies, depending on the design, they can be soft and hard.

Soft models include:

  • open-frame poufs - a small decorative chair with upholstered seat. Such models belong to the budget options. The frame material can be not only wooden, but also metal. The shape and style of frameless ottomans is diverse, which allows you to choose it for any interior of the room;
  • ottomans with a closed frame - externally look like a large pillow, since the frame is completely upholstered from all sides, with leather or other types of fabrics. These models can be produced with legs or on casters. They have a variety of shapes, for children's bedrooms they can be presented in the form of fairy-tale characters or a car, for adults they have the usual classical shape, in the form of a square or a circle;
  • frameless soft poufs - which are soft bags stuffed with some or filler, but mainly expanded polystyrene is used. The shape of frameless poufs can be different, in the form of a pear, triangle, circle. Due to the properties of the filler, sitting in such a chair, it takes the shape of the body, as if enveloping it.

Open Frame Closed Frame Frameless

Rigid ottomans are a small chair made of wood with decorative trim. Such models can be used not only for sitting on them, but also as a coffee table. Having a stylish unusual look, they decorate and transform any room. The shapes and sizes of this product are varied. A photo of the presented hard poufs allows you to appreciate their merits.

Pouf coffee tableWith tabletopRigid model with tabletop


How to propagate a dicenter?

There are several ways to plant a dicenter in your garden. Most often, vegetative propagation methods are used:

  • cuttings ;
  • dividing the bush;
  • reproduction by parts of rhizomes (root cuttings).

It is recommended to grow dicentra from seeds only for breeding purposes and obtaining new varieties.

In Russian conditions, the plant does not have suitable pollinating insects, so seeds are set very rarely and in small quantities.

But in horticultural firms you can buy bags with seeds of species and breeding dicenter.

Growing from seeds is not particularly popular, because with this method of propagation, the plant blooms only 3-4 years after sowing.

It is produced directly into the ground before winter, covering crops with lutrasil. It is advisable to sow late, when the soil temperature will not exceed + 15 ° C. They will rise only in the spring.

If seed is purchased in winter, sowing can be done in February-March. Germination occurs at a temperature of + 18 ... + 20 ° С after 1 month.

After the appearance of 2 true leaves, the seedlings can be split into separate pots. In May, you can already plant the grown dicenter.

Dicenter, planting and care in the open field which are carried out according to the general rules, will delight with long flowering.

Vegetative propagation of dicentra involves the use of parts of the bush. The dicenter is beautiful, or graceful, and also its relatives tolerate a transplant well once every 3-4 years (in spring or autumn). In this case, you can disassemble the bush into several separate ones, planting them in other places in the garden.

Green shoots are used for cuttings. Dicentra splendid reproduces in this way only in early spring.

Equipment selection

When creating an environment for keeping future pets, you should make sure that the fish are comfortable. It is worth considering that any square or rectangular tank suits the inhabitants of the underwater world much more than a bank or a rounded container that distorts the vision of the world. A miniature aquarium needs to be equipped with protective glass, installed away from drafts, contact with direct sunlight.

It will be impossible to do without additional life support systems. The higher the density of the aquarium population, the more intensively you will have to monitor the purity and quality of the water.

From the equipment, you will have to purchase the same set that is required for the full-size version. Among the necessary components:

  • a filter or pump with an aerator;
  • a heater, it is better to immediately choose an automatic one, with a thermostat;
  • a carbon dioxide supply system;
  • lighting equipment.

If you have no experience and special knowledge at all, you can purchase a nanoaquarium with a completely ready-made set of equipment. But it will be much more useful to independently gain experience in choosing the right components. Pumps with or without a small sponge are not suitable for use in a tank containing fish. In this case, much more productive equipment is required with a throughput of 8-15 standard aquarium volumes per hour

It is important that the filter does not create a strong flow of water

An important requirement is the availability of protection against the ingress of small aquatic inhabitants into the filtration system. Optimal model - compact, demountable, with a convenient washing system, in harmony with the landscape

This category includes indoor filters with open sponges or hinged outdoor waterfall systems. A canister model is also suitable, but the intake pipe here will have to be supplemented with a mesh or sponge. An interesting solution can be a phyto filter, in which live plants are added to the waterfall, absorbing harmful substances.

Small aquariums may require additional accessories to make life easier for the fish breeder. So, it is worth taking care of buying a special thermometer fixed on the wall of the tank to measure the temperature of the water. Another useful tool is the soil siphon, which allows you to completely remove any dirt from your aquarium. You will need a scraper to clean the walls of the container, and a landing net for transplanting pets.

Sizes of small bodies of water and their purpose

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