Brick sauna chimney

How to build a brick chimney: a treasure trove of useful tips for self-construction

Building a high-quality brick chimney with your own hands is not the same as fixing a metal pipe. Every seam is important here, tightness and strict compliance with fire safety rules. The main task of any chimney is to remove fuel combustion products from the building. And the traction that is created inside the chimney helps this process - it is she who removes hot vapors and provides air to the combustion chamber in order to maintain the combustion process. The main advantages of a brick chimney are that it has excellent draft in any weather, it looks wonderful, and it serves much longer than modern metal pipes and sandwiches. So, let's figure out how to build a brick chimney in compliance with absolutely all the rules.

The main components of a brick chimney

So what exactly is a brick chimney? At the very beginning there is an overhead pipe, which is installed directly on the furnace. There is a latch in it. The overhead pipe is laid out with a special binding of bricks.

Five or six rows before the interfloor overlap, the overlap ends and the fluff neck begins. The fluff is the subsequent widening of the brick chimney, but its cross-section remains the same as throughout the pipe. In fact, only the outer part of the fluff broadens - by 25-40 cm.

The part of the brick chimney that goes to the attic is a riser, a flat part that will go all the way to the roof.

The next cut is an otter, a special extension on four sides, not less than 10 cm. It is thanks to him that atmospheric precipitation does not fall into the gaps between the roof and the chimney in the attic of the bathhouse.

But after the otter, a neck is already placed - the same size, like the chimney. Its laying ends with the last expansion, which forms the head of the chimney. You can already put a metal cap or a deflector on it to keep the chimney itself from snow, rain and wind-blown debris. It's good for traction too.

Putting the chimney brick by brick

Stage I. Preparatory work

First of all, take a good look at the chimney construction drawings. Take for this the usual standard chimney scheme, do not risk it. If you have an ordinary wood-burning stove, you need a layout of a completely brick chimney, and if you have a gas stove, then one in which there will also be a metal pipe of a special alloy.

Before starting to lay a brick chimney, a rectangular foundation is built for it. It can be built from solid brick or concrete with metal reinforcement, the main thing is that it is at least 30 cm in height. And the foundation should be 15 cm wider than the chimney itself.

You can carefully consider how a standard brick chimney is laid, using the detailed diagram below:

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