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Chevrolet Cruze windshield replacement

The windshield or windshield provides the vehicle with road visibility and protection from headwinds and foreign objects. The malfunction of this element directly affects the safety of the car, as well as the view of the road. In this article, we will consider how to choose and change a windshield on a Chevrolet Cruze with your own hands, as well as where it is better to buy it.

Glass selection and quality on the Chevrolet Cruze

When choosing a windshield for a car, you should trust professionals who know which manufacturers are of high quality and which are not. The original catalog number is presented, as well as analogues of manufacturers who have proven that they can make glass well and with high quality for Chevrolet Cruze.

Glass for installation on a car.

Glass composition and why you need it

Chevrolet Cruze windshield consists of 3 parts and is called triplex. Two glass polymers with a film between them. So, when it hits the windshield, it maintains its integrity. This is done so that when large objects hit, they do not break the glass and damage the eyes and other parts of the body of people who are in the car.

A Slavic person has a "bad" habit of not wearing seat belts while driving. At the same time, if the car gets into a head-on collision, the glass does not break, and the fragments do not fly into the passenger compartment, and the driver and front passenger do not fly through it onto the road.

Also, glass type 4-X is being tested. They differ in that they have not 3 coatings, but 4 ones. In front of the film, behind the first layer of polymer glass, a liquid is poured, which, if the structure of the first layer is disturbed, seals it and does not crack, and the chip is almost invisible ..

Additional information

The original glass with the Chevrolet logo will cost the car owner a decent amount, so most often the choice falls on a product from third-party manufacturers. For example, for the 2009 Cruze, the cost of the original shield starts at 40,000 rubles, and the SL-glass company offers a heated part and molding for only 7200 rubles.

Chevrolet Cruze windshield replacement

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Perhaps the best article on this topic in runet at the moment. It was written by our colleague, a person we know about the old forum under the nickname Sergejs. Let's hope that he will join us here too - he received an invitation.

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