Best Slings Ranking 2021

One of the most fashionable accessories of a modern mother is a baby sling. To choose a sling for a newborn, it is worth knowing why more and more girls choose it, preferring a stroller or a chaise longue? In fact, it has undeniable advantages:

Thanks to these advantages and the popularity of the device, there are many models on the market. Our ranking of the best baby slings for moms and babies will let you know all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and help you make the best choice.

Best Baby Scarves

This type of device is versatile. It can be used both instead of a cradle for a newly born baby, and as a backpack for babies who already know how to sit. Thus, by choosing a quality sling scarf, you can use it until the moment when you stop carrying the baby in your arms. Features to look out for when choosing:

  • material
  • width
  • length

Estetica Sling Scarf

The model of domestic production is made of diagonal weave scarf fabric. Its main advantage is precisely the material of manufacture. The special weaving gives a feeling of comfort even after long-term wearing of the baby, and the composition of 100% cotton eliminates the risk of allergies. At the same time, it is enough to simply tie it, and the fabric does not stretch and does not gather during wear.


  • affordable price
  • quality material
  • service life

Diva Milano Sling Scarf

This is a soft and gentle fixture made from cotton and linen. This pleasant, delicate material is suitable for babies from birth. It is convenient to wear a sling in the hot season, as the fabric has a cooling effect. Italian designers offer a wide variety of colors, so even the most capricious mother can find a suitable option.


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Everything is fine in your life in general, it's a sin to complain. Except for one thing - you don't get enough sleep.

always "fights" before going to bed

falls asleep only with breastfeeding or motion sickness

gets up so early in the morning that it's just a guard

wakes up several (!) times at night

With sadness and hopeless fatigue, you think "Oh my God. WHEN will we finally start SLEEPING."

It is a big mistake to think that sleep deprivation can then be compensated for by getting more sleep.

In addition to the enormous harm to your body, repeated day after day, the inability to get enough sleep entails:

Medical College Livehack

In my opinion, everything here is just brilliant, there is nothing to add :)

Life hack for self-repair of cheap multicooker

There have already been articles about replacing thermal fuses in multicooker, etc., but in the low-cost segment, due to poor quality, this is no longer a one-time repair. The thermal fuse becomes a consumable. Personally, I changed it for the third time in one of my multicooker today, and in the other two times so far (I set my own ratings, I did not take it with an increased response temperature).

Therefore, I propose the following solution that makes life easier. Even your mother will be able to make the next repairs (I had such a goal =)

I crimped two small terminals into which the fuse legs fit perfectly. And also, I prepared 5 pieces of spare fuses, so today the repair took 5 minutes: unscrew two bolts, throw out the old one, cut the legs of the new one a little and put it back in, tighten 2 bolts.

It is better to pick up the terminal immediately on the spot, trying on the legs + it must be narrow, otherwise it will not fit into the protective casing. Like this:

In services, for the replacement they want the cost of the multicooker itself (1500-2000 rubles), and the fuse costs 40 rubles.

How we built a two-story log house with a balcony

We have completed the construction of a log house in the village of Burdakovka. This is a house of 95 m2 for the price of a one-room apartment in Irkutsk.

Ground floor area 52 m2. On the ground floor there is a kitchen-living room with an area of ​​27 m2. Guest room or children room 9 squares. San. green ground floor 6 m2. Those. Premises 6 m2. And a warm terrace of 6 m2 with access to those. room and living room

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