Nothing changes a woman's image like a new hair style. But the days when you come to your favorite hairdresser or salon to blow-dry may already seem like ancient history from the time of covid-19, making hair dryers even more indispensable at home. So, in order to get their salon styling, the top hairdressers decided to test the top nine models on the market and were literally ... amazed at how magical a new hairdryer can work. In the coming 2021, our company has already taken care of updating the current range of hairdryers for styling, drying and curling hair based on reviews and ratings of well-known sites. In accordance with the rating of the Russian market, we offer the most popular and interesting models of hair dryers, as well as hair dryers. A high-quality, good hair dryer is a great gift for any woman on March 8th.

Firstly, when buying any hair dryer, be sure to consider that hair has a different texture: thin and straight, wavy and fluffy, thick and curly. Other factors to consider when choosing a hair dryer, such as drying time, heating, air flow rate, and other important components, ranging from attachments and unique characteristics to cord length and weight.

In the article, we will take a closer look at the models of hair dryers and hair dryers, based on the choice of buyers and their opinions, and determine the three leaders based on the reviews.


If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a purchase, but are looking for a price-quality ratio, we offer the hit of the Russian market, the Vitek VT-2269 hair dryer. With a large number of positive reviews, this hair dryer has become a popular hair appliance. Classic design, small size and foldable handle make it a great travel option.

Rowenta CV 8722 from the popular brand is suitable for those who care about stylish styling. At an average cost of 4500 rubles, its price is slightly more expensive than similar models with the exception of Dyson, but it simply surpasses its competitors in terms of hair drying time, settings (more settings means more control from the side of use and the ability to lower the temperature to prevent damage), working well with various hair types.

Dyson Supersonic dear. HE definitely justifies his work. On the market since 2016, from a well-known English company, it dries hair in literally seconds, radiates heat at a speed of more than 100 km. per hour, while working much, much quieter than other models that we tested, and is simply futuristic and cool in everything.

Best Budget Hair Dryer: Vitek VT-

The Vitek trademark is well known to the Russian consumer for its wide range of products and has established itself as a reliable and proven supplier of household appliances in our market. The company has been producing household appliances for body care for a long time, one of its directions is the production of an inexpensive line of hair dryers.

An excellent model of an inexpensive hair dryer, no extra bells and whistles. Lightweight, lightweight, and the hand does not get tired of holding the handle when laying, there is also a loop for hanging. Hair dryer dries hair quickly without having time to get very hot. There is an automatic overheating protection. The foldable handle is a great solution, you can take it with you on vacation. it will take up little space in a suitcase, and it is convenient to store in a folded state in a table or chest of drawers.

Good power for compact hair dryers

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