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The secret of a stylish hairstyle is high-quality styling and protective products and a well-chosen iron. By the way, the universal device allows you not only to level curly and fluffy curls, but also to curl them, giving volume at the roots. As a result, with a certain skill, you can create beautiful curls of various diameters! The best manufacturers offer a huge range of beauty gadgets for bringing beauty to women's hair, including for damaged, colored hair. Our article will help you understand them.

What are the types of irons

Devices are divided into types, depending on the material of the working surface:

  • Metallic - inexpensive, but causing great harm to your hair.
  • Ceramic - a more gentle material, provides easy gliding without clinging to the curls. However, styling products stick to the plates, it is necessary to wipe the surfaces after use.
  • Titanium is wear-resistant, heats up evenly, does not spoil the hair, due to its low ability to conduct heat. Devices made of this material are often used by hairdressers.
  • Teflon is the best option for soft and fine hair, but such a coating is not durable. Suitable for home use.
  • Tourmaline - a semiprecious mineral suitable for moisturizing damaged hair due to the formation of negative ions, in addition, flawless glide and the ability to use any styling products are guaranteed.

It is worth familiarizing yourself with some additional features of beauty devices. For example, many popular models are equipped with floating plates, which, when the working surfaces are strongly compressed, absorb them - they move inside the body to avoid excessive pressure on the strand. This way you damage your hair less.

On store shelves, there are models that use steam for heating (only distilled water is used!), otherwise, the hair treatment procedure does not differ from the work of classic irons. Such a technique for styling the strand does not exclude the use of protective equipment, the correct choice of heating temperature and is not safer.

Infrared iron - intended only for recovery after dyeing and perm, it introduces active substances of nutrients into the hair using ultrasound. The curls infused with treatment compounds and treated with an IR device acquire elasticity, shine and density.

How to curl your hair with an iron at home

This additional nice feature is often used to form soft waves and curls. Doing this is as easy as straightening naughty strands flawlessly:

  • Apply heat protectant.
  • Divide the hair into small locks for crisper curls, large for softer curls.
  • Lock the curl rectifier in an upright position. For expressive curls, start at the base of the strand, for natural curls - step back from the roots.
  • Rotate the device, moving towards the end of the curl and curling them away from the face.
  • Do not hold the device long in one area - this can damage the hair.
  • Fix the hairstyle with varnish if necessary.

Another original way to create light waves is to braid your braids and go over them with an iron. After the hair has cooled, loosen and spray with the fixing agent.

Hair straightening rules

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