Are you still confused about jumping skaters? We have put together the perfect memo for you - with video and diagram

Ozon, the official partner of the Russian Figure Skating Cup Final, and invite fans to prepare for the tournament. We will release several materials about the main characters of the competition and figure skating in general. At the end of each material - a small question for attention. Let's go!

Jumping has long been an important part of figure skating, although they were not always in this sport. However, now it is impossible to imagine skaters without jumps - athletes receive most of the points for technique for them.

There are 6 main types of jumps in figure skating, but it is not so easy to distinguish between them.

What do we know about jumping?

Initially, jumps in figure skating were needed only to draw more complex figures with skates on the ice. Their performance was not evaluated in any way, but over time everything has changed.

• All 6 types are divided into two groups: scalloped (toe loop, flip and lutz) and costal (salchow, axel and rittberger). If the skater jumps from the leg on which he slides, then the jump is costal. If the skater, as it were, strikes the ice with the toe (toe) of his free leg before jumping, then the element is toothed.

• Rib jumps are divided into two types: some are performed from the inner edge of the skate (closer to the big toe), others from the outside (closer to the little toe).

• All jumps are performed from one turn in the air to four. In theory, the human body can withstand a jump of five revolutions, but in reality no one has tried such jumps.

• Jumps can be performed with arms raised, this complicates the element. One hand raised in a jump is called tano, two are called rippon.

• All jumps can be made in a cascade, performing them one after another immediately after landing. Often an oiler is used to connect between jumps in a cascade - a single simple jump.

• During a multi-turn jump the athlete experiences loads up to 10g, which is more than the astronaut endures when descending from orbit. But such overloads last a split second, so skaters practically do not feel them. And athletes land with a force 5-8 times greater than their weight.

• The average jump height is 40-50 centimeters, but some of them were 80-85 cm away from the ice.

Now let's look at the jumps themselves.

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