Antifragility: a plastic roof and an overview of materials for it

For a person far from construction, the very idea of ​​making a roof from plastic sounds like an April Fool's joke. Moreover, not very successful. After all, the plastic that we encounter in everyday life is often fragile, easily breakable material. This means that the plastic roof must quickly collapse under the slightest load. Who needs such a short-lived roof?

Such views are far from reality. Modern plastic roofing materials are very different from ordinary household plastic in terms of properties. So much so that some of their types will give odds to the usual roofing coverings in terms of strength and bearing capacity. And this is not taking into account other advantages.


Plastic for roofing: pros and cons

Plastic roofing is actually not uncommon. For a half-hour walk around the city, you can see dozens of such roofs. It's just that you hardly paid attention to them, mistaking polymeric materials for glass.

These are canopies and awnings, covered overpasses, public transport stops, kiosks and other buildings with a transparent roof. Of course, some of the transparent inserts are actually glass. But there are fewer and fewer of them, since plastic for the roof largely outperforms glass.

Here are nine benefits of any type of plastic roofing:

  • Corrosion resistance. Unlike metal coatings, roofing plastic does not rust.
  • Fire safety. Combustible plastics are a thing of the past long ago, modern materials do not burn and do not support combustion, they simply melt.
  • Self-cleaning surface. The plastic roof panels are very smooth, so even a slight slope is enough for the dirt to be washed off with each rain and the snow to slide off.
  • Light weight. On average, roofing plastic weighs only 1-2 kg per 1 m 2.
  • Chemical resistance. Plastic roofing material is resistant to concentrated salt solutions and many acids, and some species are also inert to alkalis and organic solvents.
  • Transparency. Not all, but many types of roofing plastics can transmit up to 90% of the sun's rays, and this is their main difference from traditional roofing materials.
  • Ease of installation and processing. Plastic panels for the roof are cut with an ordinary hacksaw or grinder, it is elementary to fix them, and one person is enough to work.
  • Good load-bearing capacity. Roofing plastic is able to withstand hundreds of kilograms of distributed load, including snow.
  • Biological inertness. Fungus does not develop on plastic, lichens cannot live on it, as it happens on slate or tiles.

In many performance characteristics, plastic roofing materials are at least comparable to such familiar coatings as: metal, corrugated board, slate, ondulin. And even surpass them in some properties.

If you need to make a transparent roof, then plastics simply have no alternative. Except, of course, glass: tempered or triplex. However, glass is many times more expensive, heavier and much more difficult to install.

Antifragility: a plastic roof and an overview of materials for it

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Projects of houses with a pitched roof

A house with a pitched roof looks stylish and unusual. Designers increasingly began to use such projects, especially when it comes to small buildings. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a flat roof, for which buildings it is more suitable, we will understand.

Advantages and disadvantages of houses with pitched roofs

Buildings with such a roof plan have many positive aspects.

  • If we compare gable and more roofs with single-pitched structures, the second option is more economical. It will take significantly less material.
  • The roof is not very difficult to install.
  • Suitable for regions with frequent and strong winds.
  • Not difficult to maintain, if necessary it will be easier to make repairs, because the coating has one slope and usually with a slight angle.
  • During natural precipitation, water and snow will flow down in one direction, so it will be necessary to equip only this side with a drain, a snow retainer, but it is worth considering that all the water will flow down exactly to one side. Therefore, the equipment must be reinforced.
  • Good conditions for installing solar panels.
  • If you want to design an attic with large windows, for example, as in the photo, this type of roof is a good option.

  • If the project has a roof with a slight slope, then reinforced hydro and thermal insulation will be needed.
  • A weak slope can cause stagnant snow on it, and, accordingly, destruction of the roof.

It is important to make the correct calculations of the entire structure so that the pitched roof can cope with the snow load during snowfalls.

Features and operating rules

When designing a house with such a roof, you need to consider some points:

  • If the building is erected without an attic and the roof is combined with the ceiling, it should be covered with high quality materials. As a result, the roof must be airtight with good thermal insulation.

In one-story houses with a flat roof at a large angle, it is interesting to beat the interior inside the premises. Part of the room, where ceilings are about 150 cm, can be used for arranging wardrobes, shelves. If the ceilings do not "crush", then here you can arrange a sleeping place.

Pay attention! The sloping roof of a one-story house will look favorably in a building not with a decrease in the height of one of the walls, but with a rise - thus, it will turn out to be with a second light.

The plastic roof is not a joke, but a reality. Plastic roofing materials are durable and surpass traditional coatings in a number of properties. About their advantages and characteristics - in the article.

Roof repair in Moscow and Moscow region

Do not underestimate the importance of a roof in a house. Dry walls, warmth and comfort are the merits, including the roofs. However, nothing is eternal, so roof repairs are the usual nuances of every house.

We carry out work on the repair of various types of coatings:

  • folded ,
  • roll ,
  • soft ,
  • metal ,
  • corrugated board,
  • from slate,
  • from shingles and metal tiles.

It often seems that the problem of a wet ceiling is not so serious, it can be repaired on its own and does not require typical efforts. However, it is not. Ignoring the repair of the roof of a cottage or a country house is a big expense in the future. We must not forget about the health risks, because a roof over your head every day. And sometimes the lack of desire to repair the roof of the house leads to a collapse.

It doesn't matter: a pitched, gable, vaulted, folded, domed or other roof near the house. A problem always needs a solution and we will provide it.

When repairs are needed

Repair of the cottage roof may be needed:

  • after prolonged snow, hail or rain,
  • strong gale winds, falling trees on the roof, installed structures, etc. .,
  • with the appearance of rust, deformation of the coating, the formation of holes and cracks,
  • violation of the technical norms of the correct installation of the mechanism, due to which the roof loses its properties,
  • the desire to add ventilation, waterproofing,
  • the expiration date of the building materials from which the roof is made,
  • changing the color and structure of the roof.

Repair of waterproofing roofs with a soft roof is required more often than other types.

How to get the roof back to normal

Repair of the roof of a private house returns the former comfort to the premises. No high humidity and no harm to health. You don't have to worry that rain will ruin the walls in the room, and damaged building materials will poison the air.

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