The ZhDYa ensemble congratulated the men with their favorite song

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The history of caskets can be traced back several centuries. It is believed that the first boxes were made by craftsmen from China and Japan. Since then, their appearance has not changed much, but today products are made from raw materials of the modern world and sophisticated mechanisms. The assembly diagram has also been improved. It doesn't matter what exactly the box was made of, each of them has its own little secret.

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SakhaNews IA. On February 23, the vocal ensemble "Railways of Yakutia" took part in a festive concert dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day, which took place in the District House of Culture in the city of Aldan. The ensemble performed the well-known and beloved song "Aty-bats, soldiers were walking," which the members of the group prepared specially for congratulating their male colleagues from JSC "AK" ZhDYa ".

This performance was like a breath of fresh air for the vocalists - they yearned for the stage so much. After several months of strict restrictions, the concert became the first cultural event on a regional scale. The concert was attended by creative groups and amateur artists from the Aldan region, according to the press service of JSC "AK" ZhDYa ".

The ZhDYa ensemble is an active participant in cultural events in the Aldan region, has repeatedly performed at various venues in the republic. Despite the pandemic and the ban on cultural events, the team did not sit idly by. He prepared a new repertoire for his audience.

And in December 2020, the vocal ensemble of the Joint Stock Company "Railways of Yakutia" took part in the All-Russian open distance competition "Glory to the Heroes of the Fatherland!", dedicated to the Day of the Heroes of the Fatherland. With the song "Russia" they became laureates of the competition, taking first place in the "Vocal" nomination in the mixed age group.

The team members, together with their leader Inna Samoilova, are making big creative plans. Now they have their own platform for performances - the stage of the Cultural Center of JSC "AK" ZhDYa ", they are also happy to respond to participation in cultural events of any level. After all, any artist cannot imagine his life without a stage and a spectator, thanks to which he is charged with creative inspiration.

The vocal ensemble "Railways of Yakutia" expresses special gratitude to the organizers of the concert, city and regional culture, for fruitful cooperation and joint creative activity.

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