Altai landmarks

The Altai Republic (aka Gorny Altai) is called a "place of power" and is compared in beauty with Switzerland. Majestic mountains, numerous lakes inscribed in the cliffs, breathtaking views, unique local culture and legends that envelop every corner here.

There are a lot of sights of the republic, but, as a rule, the brightest creations of nature are hidden in hard-to-reach places. We offer you the top significant places worth seeing with your own eyes.


Chuisky tract

The very first attraction that every tourist who decides to go here will encounter is the Chuisky tract. The route is the oldest route from Siberia to Asia, and its total length is about 963 km. The current Chuisky tract was formerly called the Mungalsky tract, along which Asian traders traveled to the West. Now this place is very popular among tourists who want to see untouched nature with their own eyes.

The National Geographic Russia community has included the Chuisky tract in the list of the most beautiful roads in the world, which is not surprising, since the modern route has collected all the unique geography of Siberia. The highway starts in the Altai steppes and rises to the mountains of Mongolia. Almost all the sights of the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic can be reached along the Chuisky tract: from Altai resorts to snow-capped mountain peaks.

Going on a trip by a private car will not cause problems, thanks to the ideal road surface along the entire highway, and the availability of accommodations and recreation centers along the highway will be an additional advantage for traveling in Altai.

Lake Aya

Aya is a fresh lake in the Altai Territory, located near the entrance to Gorny Altai. It popular with tourists for three main reasons: accessible location, swimming and well-developed infrastructure.

It will not be difficult to get to Aya, as there is an asphalt road and signs leading to it. Unlike most other fresh water bodies in Gorny Altai, it is suitable for swimming for children and adults. In summer, the water in it can rise above 20 degrees, with a maximum depth of 21 meters. Not a single river flows into Ayu, but the water always remains at the same level.

Aya, like most local attractions, has a legend of its origin. From Altai "Ai" means the moon. According to legends, the moon came down to seize the cannibal Delbegen, who haunted the inhabitants. A month-shaped lake was formed at this place, and the Altaians named it after the moon.

Now Aya is no longer considered as inaccessible as before, since recreation centers are located throughout the territory, and the developed infrastructure is a place of attraction for tourists, as it is ideal for spending time with children.

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