A grenade explosion in the center of Luhansk: this is not a terrorist attack, but revenge for unrequited love

From unofficial sources, details of a grenade explosion in the center of Lugansk became known. The man wanted to take revenge on his "ex."

About this CXID. nfo was reported by an anonymous law enforcement source.

The detained man, suspected of planting an explosive device in the form of a "stretch" near a residential building on T. Evchenko Street in Luhansk, confessed.

“On the basis of a quarrel with the victim, the detainee put up a banner at the exit from her house. The victim, having opened the door, tore off the banner and detonated an explosive device. Miraculously, her young son, who followed his mother, was not injured. The child got off with minor abrasions and fright, "- said the source.

Formerly CXID. The nfo informed that the suspect was detained "hot on the trail" and is already giving testimony.

“In hot pursuit, they identified and detained a resident of Lugansk, who had installed an RGD grenade stretcher at the entrance to a residential building on Shevchenko Street. The detainee is already giving confessions, ”a source said.

As previously reported by CXID. nfo, an RGD grenade exploded in the Red Square area. There, an unknown person installed a banner along Shevchenko Street, 13, which worked at about 08:30. The explosion injured a woman who was taken to a hospital with multiple shrapnel wounds.

A grenade explosion in the center of Luhansk: a suspect in installing a banner on TShevchenko Street was detained

A man suspected of planting an explosive device in the form of a "stretch" near a residential building on T. Evchenko Street in Luhansk was detained ..

A grenade explosion occurred in the center of Lugansk. There are casualties. PHOTOS

In the area of ​​Red Square, an RGD grenade was allegedly triggered.

A 3-year-old girl was severely injured by a grenade blown up by her father

An explosion and fire on a gas pipeline in Lugansk could bring the city a serious problem

A grenade explosion in the center of Luhansk: this is not a terrorist attack, but revenge for unrequited love

Exactly six years ago, on February 24, 2015, the prosecutor's office opened administrative proceedings against the ex-director of the Novosibirsk Opera House Boris Mezdrich and the director of the Tannhäuser opera Timofey Kulyabin for insulting the feelings of believers. Soon the city literally "exploded" with thousands of rallies. Without exaggeration, Novosibirsk attracted the attention of the general public for a couple of months. After a series of performances by supporters and opponents of the production, the opera was removed from the theater's repertoire. NDN. The nfo recalls how the fate of the main participants in those events developed.

Theater earthquake

Since then, after the earthquake, the city will experience more than one theatrical aftershock. In 2018, the director of the Globus Theater, Elena Alyabyeva, was suddenly dismissed and they tried in a roundabout way to bring a person far from theatrical life - Viktor Starkov. The theater rebelled and defended its director. The current director of "Globus" Tatyana Lyudmilina said that the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region Anatoly Kubanov promoted the comrade. Kubanov himself is now being prophesied to be the head of the new Novosibirsk drama theater. Already this year, the play "Tango Morgen, Tango Or" was suddenly removed from the Globus repertoire. The official version was that tickets for it were poorly sold. Director Anastasia Patlay said that the production was removed after a call to the director of the theater "from above".

All this revived in the memory the events of 2015, when after active protests of the Orthodox community, the so-called "Orthodox activists", with the support of a number of officials on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater "Tannhäuser" they stopped showing. And the opera house itself entered a new era - the theater was "given" to the former banana king from St. Petersburg, who holds a candle in the same church with the President of Russia, Vladimir Kekhman. But that's another story ...

The work "Tannhäuser" was written by Richard Wagner in 1845 based on a novel by Hoffmann and is dedicated to the poet Tannhäuser, who exchanged a life full of pleasures in the grotto of Venus for a spiritual search. The opera was staged at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater by director Timofey Kulyabin. It was first shown in December 2014. A few more times the audience saw the production in early 2015, after which a scandal erupted, about which even foreign media wrote.

It was outrageous for Orthodox Christians that in the production one of the artists appears in the role of Jesus Christ. It is unacceptable for believers that the sacred image is used profanely, as if in passing, in secular life. And besides this, in some scenes, the crucifixion and the actress stripped to the waist appear at the same time, which, in the opinion of the Orthodox, even more offends the shrine. True, the majority of "Orthodox activists" never watched the production, which, incidentally, did not prevent them from condemning the opera and actively demanding that it be removed from the theater's repertoire.

And they won - the then Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky fired Mezdrich, put Kekhman on, and he first of all removed the opera from the shows. Since then, the lives of "winners" and "losers" have changed dramatically.

Orthodox activists

Yuriy Zadoya stood out especially clearly from the crowd of protesters. By the time of passion for "Tannhäuser" he was already a grated kalach - he fought with rock concerts in Novosibirsk. With his participation, the performances of world rock stars - Marilyn Manson, the Polish metal band Behemoth and the English gothic rock band Cradle of Filth - did not take place. Zadoya actively opposed the participation of Novosibirsk youth in the zombie parade and Monstrations, tried to get the mate banned at the concert of the Leningrad group in LDS Siberia.

A year later, Zadoya sent his son, a student of NSMU, Konstantin, to a psychiatric hospital. Constantine's girlfriend Maria said that quarrels often broke out between father and son, including over the observance of Orthodox fasts. Konstantin himself called his father "an Orthodox fanatic." A month later, the guy was discharged from the hospital. And a few months later, the body of Konstantin Zadoya was found in a rented apartment on Red Avenue with signs of asphyxia. He was 21 years old ...

Now Zadoya Sr. appears in public much less often, but he is actively suing either Novosibirsk journalists or Russian atheists.

The protest activity of the opponents of the opera was also supported by the first deputy secretary of the Novosibirsk branch of United Russia, Andrei Panferov. He called the performance "disgusting", claiming that "Tannhäuser" was causing a split in society.

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