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What is this document?

Monthly monetary compensation for utility services - partial refund of payment. It is provided to both federal and regional beneficiaries.

Compensation for utility bills is a refund of funds paid by a citizen for housing or utility services. It should not be confused with a subsidy, since compensation is provided after payment, and not at the time of settlement. In addition, compensation, unlike subsidies, is aimed at other categories of people, but more on that below.

When to qualify for a subsidy

To understand whether to pay subsidies to a citizen, you need to see if his expenses for paying for housing and utilities exceed the maximum allowable share of citizens' expenses for paying for housing and utilities in the total family income (part 1 of Art. . 159 LCD RF).

What is the total income of a family or a single person? It includes:

  • wages you need to know to calculate average earnings;
  • severance pay upon dismissal;
  • pensions;
  • < li> scholarships;
  • cash payments as measures of social support to pay for housing and utilities;
  • income received from the rental of residential premises;
  • cash , allocated to the guardian;
  • payments to the foster family for the maintenance of the child (Articles 5, 6 - 12 of the Federal Law of 05. 4. 003 N 44-FZ).

Another procedure for accounting for income can be found in clause 7 of Art. 154 of the Federal Law of 22. 8. 004 N 122-FZ. It concerns the victims of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, veterans, disabled people who were injured during the nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk test site.

For them, the amount of the monthly payment was not taken into account before the entry into force of the Federal Law when calculating the total family income to assess the need for subsidies for housing and utilities.

Who is entitled to compensation for housing and communal services?

Utility reimbursement is based on an extensive list of people. There is no single document that includes all categories, but the generally accepted list is as follows:

  • heroes of the USSR;
  • WWII participants, relatives of participants after their death;
  • people who survived the blockade of Leningrad and Moscow;
  • survivors of concentration camps;
  • home front workers;
  • war veterans with disabilities;
  • people with disabilities, as well as families raising a child - disabled;
  • people affected by radiation;
  • honorary donors;
  • repressed citizens;
  • large families.

How and where to apply for benefits for utility bills

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Keep your distance

There are two main ways to remind the following motorist to keep their distance. The first is to briefly apply the brake so as not to cause a decrease in speed, but at the same time to make the brake lights work. The second is to signal the rear red fog lights.

But it is best to use the UDD rule - make way for a fool.

Be careful

Experienced drivers very often warn each other about various dangers with a high beam. To do this, it is enough to blink the high beam for a long time. Double flashing high beam is traditionally used to warn about a camera standing on the road or a traffic police post.

Thank you

To give such a signal, motorists traditionally use a quick on / off alarm. It is enough for the headlights to blink just one single time. Also, the emergency gang can be used on the road if you want to apologize for some awkwardness or rude behavior on the road.

It's gone!

Some of the signals are sent between motorists using gestures. For example, if one of the colleagues noticed a flat tire in a traffic stream, then you can hint to him that he needs to stop by simply drawing a circle in the air with his hand.

From the article you will learn where to apply for a discount on utility bills, where you can and cannot apply for subsidies for housing and communal services. We will tell you about submitting documents to the MFC, social protection and via the Internet remotely, and we will also analyze which method is the most convenient.

In connection with the communal ownership of apartment buildings, the organization of the repair of such objects has a certain specificity. In the event of leaks in the roof of an apartment building, it is not always possible to quickly organize the elimination of the defects that have arisen, which causes a danger to the safety of the property of residents and adversely affects the technical condition of the building structures. The proposed material examines the features of the organization and financing of the repair of the roof of an apartment building and related issues.

Roof repair types

Considering the scale of structural destruction, there are several categories of repairs. The construction engineer of the management company, depending on the amount of work required and the degree of destruction of the roof and roof elements, classifies the upcoming repairs.


Current repairs are carried out if the technical condition of the coating needs partial restoration. In such a situation, when repairing the roof, the following works are performed:

  • restoration of fastening or replacement of individual damaged slate sheets;
  • sealing of local destruction;
  • restoration of roofing felt roofing in case of local defects, if not a complete replacement of the roofing material is required;
  • elimination of other minor damage.

This type of work does not require significant financial investments, and is intended to maintain the structures in good working order until the next overhaul.

Overhaul of the roof

During the overhaul of the roof of an apartment building, a complete restoration of the coating is carried out with the replacement of ACV sheets or soft roofs, reinforcement, restoration or complete reconstruction of load-bearing elements.

If the scale of damage exceeds forty percent, overhaul is mandatory.

Urgent or Emergency Repair

Signs of a facade overhaul

Since 2014, overhaul costs in Russia are borne by the owners of an apartment building, this also applies to the facade. Residents make monthly contributions to an accumulation fund specially provided for these purposes, from which funds are subsequently taken for the purchase of materials and payment for work.

Overhaul of the house includes works:

  • facade repair: interpanel seams, damaged areas, insulation, cladding, painting, gutters, installation of doors and windows in the stairwell (entrance lobby);
  • roofs;
  • repair or replacement of elevators and shafts;
  • repair of the foundation;
  • replacement of utilities (sewerage, heat, water and electricity).

A commission is assembled to assess the general condition of the house. It includes a specialist authorized by the regional operator, the head of the management company, who is the official representative of the home owners.

Facade repairs are definitely required if the commission reveals the following defects:

Who should pay and how much?

Each constituent entity of the Federation independently determines the minimum payment for homeowners for overhaul. That is why it is different by region. The average recommended "price" is 6 rubles. from 1 sq. m. But in large cities this amount can be 2-3 times more. There are owners who have been officially exempted from such contributions. Those who live do not pay: in houses where there are less than 3 apartments; in buildings whose structural wear is more than 70%. In this regard, they are subject to demolition. And residents of a house on a plot that the state is going to seize for public needs still do not pay. For example, a highway will pass through the site or publicly significant structures will be built on it, such as an airport or an Olympic stadium.

The law allows collecting more from each owner for overhaul than the authorities have determined. But this decision is voluntary, but less than determined by the regional authorities - no. If you are already paying to the regional boiler, but now you have decided to collect money on a special account at home, this can be done by the decision of the meeting of owners. But, based on the experience of Omsk and Ufa, where several houses tried to do this, they will have to face bureaucracy: officials, not wanting to waste a lot of money, put a spoke in their wheels.

At whose expense should the capital repairs of apartment buildings be carried out and who should control this process? Official answer.

When the meter is installed, it is very easy to determine the amount of consumed resources. If not, then it becomes more difficult.

Let's take a closer look at the features of calculating payment standards, as well as ways to save on bills.

How the government calculates standards

In May 2011, Resolution No. 354 of the Russian Federation established the rate of consumption of cold and hot water, taking into account wastewater disposal.

Standards for water consumption in the Russian Federation. Table.

The foundations of these norms were developed quite a long time ago, even during the Soviet Union and have changed only slightly since then. In accordance with these norms, the following is how much water a person should have per month (liters):

  • showering - 900;
  • cooking - 100;
  • washing - 100;
  • daily activities (washing and washing dishes) - 100;
  • bath once a week - up to 800;
  • toilet, etc. - 500.

The rates were calculated as follows: data were collected from several apartment buildings, after which they were divided by the number of residents. The payment rate was made in such a way as to recoup all the costs.

Cold water rate per person per month

In the Russian Federation, many consumption parameters are left to the discretion of local governments. But there are also general documents adopted on the basis of legislative ones.

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