6 "expensive" clothing colors: how to add polish to your style

When choosing an outfit, you should focus not only on the style of wardrobe items, but also on their shade. You can choose a dress that fits perfectly, but if its color makes your face look tired, then the image will be hopelessly ruined. Stylists told what colors clothes should be in order to make any outfit relevant and give status to its owner.

Milky White

Unlike sterile white, dairy does not emphasize flaws, is less easily soiled and more restrained, and therefore looks more expensive. Combinations with such a shade are universal and do not strike the eye with excessive severity and officialdom, and therefore are suitable for almost any occasion. Mono looks are also good in this color, especially when using loose-fitting clothes.

Universal beige

Suitable for everyone and is already included in the list of fashionable colors of the season. One caveat - you need to choose the most suitable shade of beige for yourself: lighter or darker. This will be your ideal option for a basic wardrobe, matching almost all colors. Beige wardrobe items will come in handy, if necessary, dilute brighter outfits for a more relaxed look.

Powdery Pink

Delicate, muted - this shade will help to visually reset a couple of years and refresh the tone of the face. Like beige, it has no age restrictions and looks good on both a young girl and a mature lady. Choosing clothes of this color, it will be easy to assemble a gentle, fragrant spring-like look.


To play on contrasts and emphasize striking features, use cold blue-gray shades. You can experiment with what colors will dominate: gray or blue. The combination of such a palette with a dark hair color looks especially advantageous. Outfits in this range are extremely elegant, giving nobility to the hostess.


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How to look trendy, stylish and confident

A smart wardrobe includes different things that fit together. By the time we're 50, most of us will benefit from a re-evaluation of our wardrobe. Our bodies, faces and lifestyles have changed over the decades. However, our fashion choices don't always change.

Forget the rules! We just need a few guidelines for creating great styling and answers to questions on how to get it.

Below is a basic list of things to use for women who want to fight stupidity and look energetic, young and trendy. You can wear these basic items to work, lunch or anywhere else:

Dark denim, high waist jeans

Make sure the jeans fit well (with a slight stretch) in the buttocks and thighs. Shorten the length if necessary.

Dark Denim Mid Rise Straight Jeans

Do not wear tight skinny jeans (they only go for a slender lady and are now out of date) and choose them in a dark blue color, without holes and scuffs. Pair them with sneakers, rough boots or small heels.

TIP: Straight leg jeans pair perfectly with longer jackets or tunic tops. Check out the options for Uniqlo, 7 For All Mankind, J Brand, Levi's.

White Jeans (Straight)

In warm weather, wear with sandals and tops with puff sleeves. When it gets colder, wear brown or white boots, a sweater or jacket, and a pretty scarf for a monochrome look.

TIP: Be sure to wear underwear that matches your skin color to any white pants.

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