5 years at sea

5 years at sea. Hello everyone! My name is Victor, I am a paramedic, and I want to tell you how I ended up at sea and what came of it. It seems that in already distant 2015 my daughter was born. At that time, my wife and I lived in a rented apartment and had a mortgage for the housing that was still unfinished. I worked on an ambulance with a schedule day after day. I was paid for my work

40k per month, of which 13 were spent on rent, 18 on mortgages, and the rest for life for three people). Once, when I was on shift, my wife called me and said that my daughter had run out of diapers, and there was nothing to buy. In the morning I started asking for a loan from my colleagues ... no one borrowed, everyone was the same beggars as me. On the way home, I realized that something needed to be changed. I quickly drew up a simple resume and sent it wherever I could. They did not respond immediately, but one September day I received a call from Murmansk. The caller introduced himself as Dmitry and said that they were interested in my candidacy. I will not tell you what we talked about, but in the end I ended up in Murmansk in January. I arrived at the MSC SEVRYBA, walked past the guards with a suitcase without question and went up to the 5th floor indicated to me. Coming out of the elevator, I got lost) A nurse passed by and I was curious about where the representatives of the honey lived. puddles of the fleet? She succinctly replied that she did not know anything about it, there is no such thing here, the number on which I spoke was unavailable. Just imagine the storm of emotions that befell me at this moment! What if I was just talking to a troll? Where to go? What to do? Fortunately for me, one of the doctors from the honey was passing by. puddles of the fleet, which, by my suitcase, determined who I was (was warned). I was warmed, fed and treated kindly in every possible way). In the evening I met a man who CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE. Dmitry Nikolaevich Belousov. At that time he was in charge of the med. puddle of the fleet in the medical unit SEVRYBA. Clever, cunning (but not lost humanity) leader. For some 1.5 months, while I was preparing documents for work at sea, he gave me more knowledge than 4 years in college. Unobtrusive, interesting, as if I were dear to him! Do you know that hatred for bitch leadership in an ambulance when you want to arrange a “Maidan?” So I know! And here you are greeted as a relative. I was alerted, but in vain! It takes a long time to tell how it is in the sea, but you still won't understand. The most difficult thing, if not strange, is not pitching!) - Isolation and Groundhog Day ... The most important thing is the result! I am writing all this while at sea. I have no more mortgage. There is an apartment, a car (not a luxury, of course, but MY Foltz polo, without loans and obligations). Between voyages at sea, I again get a job on the "skorjak", but only on the floor of the stake, so as not to get stupid and not forget why I got out of there.) There is an adequate leader. There is a family that now sees me not only asleep after the shift. tomorrow and peace of mind, which is what I wish for you! • Thanks to everyone who has read to the end! Do not kick too hard, the Chukchi is not a writer.

How long will the flights last?

How long is your "long trip"? And experienced storms?

Himself from Murmansk, went to sea.

So, gentlemen from the middle lane, living on a salary of 25 tons. - you go.

For it is better to work well and earn good money than to drag out a beggarly existence.

Well, Good luck !! If there are more such stories, perhaps, over time, the ambulance leadership will start thinking with their heads.

Scorching stories #: A disservice

I read the comments on past "stories" and wanted to ask. Do you really think that "history is shit" since there is no final diagnosis, but there are only my assumptions? Are you seriously? So I have most of the stories like that. Maybe I shouldn't publish the collection at all? Why do you need a collection of shit-stories? Now I’ll tell you a story in which I also don’t know the final diagnosis. Maybe I shouldn't have decided to tell you about it?

By the will of fate and the Minister of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region, our multidisciplinary hospital was transformed into a covid hospital. In this regard, we take all victims of road accidents without raising the temperature to a neighboring city called Yekaterinburg. We are taking the skeletal injury to the hospital No. 23, and the cranial injury to the OKB No. 1. If the injury does not imply treatment in a hospital, then we take the patient to a "clean reception" to a traumatologist. This second-floor admission department has both an X-ray and a procedure. And now the story.

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