5 erroneous opinions that prevent you from providing high-quality insulation at home

Insulation is an important stage in any construction. Particularly great attention is paid to him in Russia. Because severe winters, long cold weather in most regions are not only cold in the house. But also big heating bills. Insulation is made to save money by reducing heat loss inside the premises. And, of course, to keep them warm.

As a rule, very high-quality materials are used for insulation, ensuring comfortable living in the house. But those who are far from construction often make mistakes associated with this process. In particular, several classic mistakes are very common that should be avoided. In order not to deprive the house of the warmth that is so necessary in winter. Rather, we are not even talking about mistakes, but, perhaps, about myths that have a negative effect on heat conservation. We will reveal the most popular of them in our today's article.

However, insulation is not the only way to save heat in your home. The following video will tell you about other effective ways of saving heat:

Does the insulation get warm?

For some reason, most people think that insulation warms. If we say this to builders, and even those who are at least somehow familiar with physics, then such a statement will probably cause laughter. To say that the insulation heats is completely wrong.

No type of insulation is capable of heating. The source of heat can only be an object that emits heat energy. This can be, for example, a human body, a radiator of a heating system, some electrical appliances. All of them radiate warmth, warming up what is nearby. But to keep this warm, they use insulation. It's like a person's clothes that do not warm, but only keep warm.

That is, it is important to understand that in the absence of a heat source, no type of insulation will not be able to warm the house you have built.

Partial insulation and heat saving quality

If you think that the house needs to be insulated, then this should be done at once for all its structural elements. Insulating only a monolithic belt, for example, or walls will give almost no noticeable effect.

Here's a concrete example to support this claim. Tell me, will a person be warm if in a fierce cold he goes out into the street in the warmest fur coat, but barefoot and without a hat? That is, he will be on the street partially dressed. Of course, this person will instantly freeze. In principle, something similar happens with a partially insulated house.

In order for the heat to remain long enough, the insulation must be carried out in a complex manner. That is, the insulation must be laid over all the elements of the structure. Moreover, in order to exclude cold bridges, it is necessary to carefully seal the joints in it. If this is not done, the cold will quickly penetrate into the room. And the desired result will not be achieved.

Incorrect installation technique

As a rule, insulation is performed using completely different types of materials. But in compliance with the appropriate methods of their installation. Insulation materials are often not recommended to be laid from the inside. Moreover, some types of insulation are not even allowed to be used inside the house.

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