5 best ways to check your car parking sensor

Parktronic helps many drivers to park well and correctly. In modern car models there is a special parking sensor, but sometimes it fails. Without this feature, it is quite difficult to park properly and well. Consider how to check the parking sensors for serviceability in several ways.

Tactile check

First, inspect the outside of the sensor. You will need an assistant who, during the check, will be in the driver's seat and change gears. First engage reverse gear and move closer to the rear sensor. Do the same with the front device, just change the speed.

When the car approaches any object, the parktronic sensor begins to emit characteristic sounds (squeak, squeak, and others). This means that the device is in good working order and signals an impending danger. In this case, you bring your hand closer and further away. Also, when you touch the sensor with your hand, it should vibrate. If the system does not respond, then it is defective.


Some devices make a sound that not everyone can hear, because the range is very low. In this case, you can use the voice recorder on your smartphone. You need to download one that would show the recorded audio track. Click on the entry and bring it to the sensor. Wait about a minute and check the diagram. If it is interrupted, it means that there is sound and the device is working completely properly.


This method is the fastest and most effective. But for this you have to remove the parking sensors from the car. You need to check the voltage not in the sensors themselves, but in their connection. The voltage between plus and minus should not exceed the 0.5 mark. Also check the devices for short circuits or other malfunctions.


All such sensors are, in one way or another, piezoelectric elements. A signal is sent to them - in this case, vibration - and then it goes back under a certain voltage. This provides a chance to check the device for serviceability. A great way to test equipment that cannot be vibrated with your fingers.

Take another parking sensor and two LEDs. The sensor must be of a different model, not the same as the one being tested. Solder the LEDs on the new sensor: they will light up as soon as they feel vibration from the parking sensors. Rub the sensor diaphragm and place it on the items to be tested. When vibrated, the bulbs will immediately light up.

Diagnostic software

There are special programs for smartphones that can detect errors in working with parking sensors. They can be downloaded from regular services to different operating systems. The only condition for competent work is the presence of an installed scanner on the phone. The program immediately shows errors in technology and even writes how they can be eliminated. Click on scan, and after complete diagnostics, the program will provide a detailed report.

5 best ways to check your car parking sensor

First, let us make a reservation that 90% of the models on sale in the Russian market are gasoline cultivators of a classic layout with cutters under the engine. For this reason, electric cultivators and cultivators with rear-mounted cutters will not have their own rating, since there is nothing special to rank there.

Gasoline cultivators, like walk-behind tractors, will be divided into classes, within which we will try to highlight the leaders. Let's start from smallest to largest. Well, let us remind you that the rating is conditional. We will not even put numbers. Since each potential buyer decides for himself which factor for the purchase is the most significant for him - price, production or brand, weight, availability of some options, etc.

Mini cultivators (greenhouse) Weight up to approx. kg

These models are popular among the fair half of humanity for their compactness and light weight. They will be indispensable when working on flower beds and beds, including greenhouses. But at the same time, one must understand that they are not capable of plowing a garden for potatoes. As a rule, the design does not imply transport wheels and is equipped with a carrying handle. The transmission of torque to the cutters is carried out through a centrifugal clutch (like in chainsaws and petrol cutters). As a rule, all models are equipped with a worm gear.

Among the models on our market it is worth highlighting:

  • Cultivator Mantis Honda Plus. In this class, probably one of the most interesting choices is the Mantis cultivators. Their principle of operation is somewhat different from competitors - the cultivation of the land is not due to burying the cutters into the ground under their own weight, but offset by cutting the earth with cutters of a special shape at high speeds. Due to this principle of action, the land is processed quickly, you can even dig up heavy soil with a minimum of physical effort. The only negative is the price. American production, Japanese Honda motor, logistics costs and the ruble exchange rate all had an impact.
  • Cultivator Honda FG201K1 DET. Already a classic cultivator. With the most powerful 50 cm3 4-stroke engine in its class (other models usually have an engine capacity of 25-35 cm3). The weight is already more, which allows you to cope with harder, denser ground. Excellent quality, trouble-free starting and engine operation.
  • Cultivator Caiman Supertiller MB 25H. In terms of weight, this model is similar to the Mantis (10-12 kg), but has a "classic" cutter device. It also comes with a Honda engine, but more compact.
  • Cultivator Daewoo DAT3530. The model is already from the lower price segment of the Chinese assembly, with a two-stroke engine. There are a bunch of similar ones from other manufacturers who also order equipment in China. This one is the highest quality made, painted and brought to mind.
  • Cultivator Champion CG 243E. Especially for those who do not want to pull the cord on a two-stroke engine, Champion has brought a kind of exclusive. The only small cultivator with battery-powered electric start for a 2-stroke motor.

Middle class cultivators Approx. to kg

The division is rather arbitrary. So the models passing along the lower weight bar can be used like mini-cultivators, and the heavier ones can be used for plowing the entire garden, including the area for potatoes.

In this class, transport wheels are already appearing, and in some models - even adjustment of the handles and a reverse, which allows you to start the cutters in the opposite direction.

Here we have selected 6 particularly noteworthy models:

  • Cultivator "Mobile K" "MKM-MINI". One of the most successful Russian models in terms of price-quality ratio. This cultivator is closer to the class of mini-cultivators, but already has a design of more serious models: belt clutch, transport wheel, chain reducer. It will be a versatile assistant for both greenhouses and garden beds.
  • Cultivator Caiman Uno 40 C. Import analogue "Mobile K" "MINI" from the Caiman company. Everything that is said for the "Mobile K" "Mini" is true for him as well.
  • Cultivator Honda F220K1 DET2. Let's move on to heavier and larger models. The model offered by us from Honda, first of all, is perfect for those who responsibly approach the choice of the brand and make a big bet on quality. Here, as in the case with other equipment from the Japanese manufacturer, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.
  • Cultivator Caiman Mokko 40 C2. Probably the most interesting cultivator in this class of the heavier models. There are advantages from heavy cultivators - adjustment of the handles in two planes, reverse gear (reverse), crop protection discs. And all this with a relatively low weight of 40 kg. For those who do not need a wide grip and do not need to dig in virgin soil - an excellent choice.
  • Cultivator STIHL MH 445 R. A competitor to Caiman Mokko from a well-known manufacturer. A very interesting design. A balanced and well thought-out instrument. The handles are adjustable in both planes. Moreover, all adjustments, as well as the installation of the opener / wheels, are made without additional tools.
  • Cultivator Daewoo DAT 5055R. Well, in conclusion, we will also mention this model. According to its characteristics, it is a direct competitor of "Caiman" and "Calm", but made in China. It is suitable for those who want to save money without losing much in quality. And in general, as practice shows, Daewoo is one of the highest quality manufacturers ordering their equipment in China.

Heavy cultivators Weight over kg

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