11 facts about everyday things that will surprise even those who think they know everything

On condition of complete anonymity, the retoucher who quit Victoria's Secret told how the photographs of "angels" are being changed.

It's no secret that all photos of stars are processed before publication in magazines or in advertising campaigns. More than once or twice journalists (including us) have made selections of photos before and after Photoshop. But sometimes you don't even know that the photo has been processed. A person who worked for Victoria's Secret for several years as a retoucher, on condition of anonymity, told what really happens with the photographs of models.

“For a long time, I treated this as just a job. Subtract here, add there, and so on. But over time, I realized that I was participating in a terrible business. That, among other things, because of me, many girls around the world are acquiring complexes about their appearance. Many will become anorexic or ruin their health with endless diets, because because of me they believe that the ideal body looks like this. I felt terribly ashamed. I quit my job and I want to tell the whole truth, ”says the retoucher.

Swimwear is being finalized before filming

“Before we start shooting, they insert tabs into swimsuits for volume, sometimes their total weight exceeds a kilogram. Everything is corrected on the model: chest, butt, until everyone is satisfied. What you see in the photo has a very distant relationship to the real body of the model, believe me. Moreover, it often looks terrible (I mean in real life): all these pads and tabs on a skinny body look completely obvious. You have not noticed anything thanks to people like me. "

Models wear modeling underwear

“If the leotard model does not allow the use of inserts and inlays, the model puts on underwear that tightens at the waist and hips and adds volume to the chest. And only on top - a swimsuit. I have repeatedly swore at the organizers who did not think that this corrective underwear was at least without straps, because it is terribly difficult to restore the natural look of the skin in areas where the fabric has cut into the flesh. "

I have never seen a model with a breast size larger than A

“Every time I received photos for processing, I saw the same instructions in front of me:“ Remove the nipples, make the breasts rounder, taller, form a hollow, make the breasts symmetrical and bring to size C ”.

Models are so lazy they don't even epilate

A closer look at some things can lead to unexpected discoveries. We have seen them hundreds of times, but we did not know their true purpose. In this article, you will find new information about things that you, for sure, want to apply in your daily life.

Hairdryer Loop

If you keep the hair dryer hanging and not bending the cord, your electrical appliance will last much longer. Don't have a special attachment? Regardless, almost every model has a hanging loop, although few people notice it.


The history of pompons dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century, when they were used by soldiers of the French navy. In those days, ships had very low ceilings and pom-poms helped keep sailors from getting hit on the head. Or at least they softened the blow a little.

Backpack grooves

The diamond-shaped loops on the backpacks are for things that don't fit inside. They provide easy access to things you may need urgently.

Holes in Apple Headphones

In addition to the unusual shape, Apple headphones have 4 differently shaped holes. Each of them has its own unique function. The speaker directs sound to your ear, while other openings optimize airflow for better acoustics.

Hole in the pan handle

The hole in the handle of the pan has survived since the pans were hung from hooks on the wall. But even today it can be very useful if used correctly. After stirring the food, place the spatula in the hole at a 45 ° angle so that the liquid on the surface drains directly into the pan.

The Americans will supply lethal weapons to Ukraine.

How Russia will surprise foreigners at the defense exhibition in the Emirates.

Russia is ready to show off a new attack drone.

Defender of the Fatherland Day - everything about the origins of the holiday.

Heading "Society"

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