Why it has become fashionable to pretend to be poor

The story of the annual pandemic could not but affect consumer demand. And this is a worldwide trend. Psychologists are sure: the attitude of the world's population to the concept of "well-being" has changed.

At the same time, retail representatives confirm: the coronavirus has made flashy luxury a sign of bad taste and bad taste, and successful people increasingly want to appear poor, because such a thing as understatement has become fashionable, which translates as "understatement" ... This means that flaunting your wealth is considered bad manners today.

Buzzers are the reason for this

Millennials (people born in 1981-1996) are still trendsetters, who, being influencers on Instagram, promote fashion for certain purchases. Millennials aged 30-39 are considered the most solvent and active in terms of shopping. But the buzzers (generation 1997–2012) are already stepping on their heels.

"Buzzers will set trends in the market by 2025," says Larisa Nosenko, a social psychologist, a specialist in the study of age-related changes. "This means that a transformation has already begun in the structure of consumer demand due to the preferences of the new generation." .

Without a home and with IKEA

The main feature of Gen Z is the lack of need for stability. "Zoomers do not pursue their own permanent housing, they do not count on a settled life and are very easy-going. That is why they do not tend to" nest ", - the psychologist believes. - This leaves an imprint on the fact that in their age group it is not fashionable to acquire luxury mansions , since in the event of a move, such housing is illiquid. "

Representatives of this generation are ready to rent a small apartment in the city center within walking distance to their place of work. Such an attitude to the place of settlement does not oblige the buzzers to have a personal car, especially when they can rent it. Rented apartments these people furnish budget furniture. Hence the love for brands like IKEA.

Another part of the still solvent population is millennials. They are already at that age when they are still trying to get their own housing, not in a noisy metropolis, but outside the city. Most millennials sell apartments that they inherited from their parents (after privatization), but the proceeds are enough for typical townhouses or duplexes in the middle price category. That is, in fact, they can not afford luxury. But at the same time, people want something modern, fashionable and at the same time simple. And this turns out to be a loft apartment, etc.

Love younger, but get cheaper

Another feature of buzzers that influences consumer interest and pushes to abandon the usual "expensive-rich" is an increased interest in everything new. Modern youth easily change brands that have already become familiar to everyone for younger and more progressive ones. Accordingly, the products of companies that have only recently entered the market will be much more interesting for young people than those that have managed to establish their name.

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