What is the difference between two-chamber windows and three-chamber double-glazed windows? Overview

Vladimir Prodivus and Oleg Samchuk drove the company into colossal debts.

It just so happened in Ukraine that everything state-owned rarely brings at least something good to the state itself. But debts, losses and schemes for every taste. This is how Cherkassyoblenergo lives, where criminal authority Vladimir Prodivus and his loyal manager Oleg Samchuk are densely settled, Ukrrudprom writes.

Cherkassyoblenergo has been in bankruptcy proceedings for more than 15 years. For a long time, it was controlled by Dmitry Kryuchkov, who organized the laying of JSC "HC" Energomerezha ", which received payments for electricity from consumers instead of bills of the oblenergo itself. Law enforcers estimate the damage at half a billion hryvnia.

At the same time, the company has a large debtor - PrAT Azot of the Viennese prisoner Dmitry Firtash did not pay 1.6 billion hryvnia for electricity.

But in 2017, when NABU was closely tackled by Kryuchkov, he was replaced by a new beneficiary - Vladimir Prodivus. As Wikipedia describes him, “Ukrainian entrepreneur, sports functionary, philanthropist, politician”. In fact, Prodivus is a crime boss, a former People's Deputy from the Party of Regions, who rose up on racketeering, schemes during the construction of bridges and illegal extraction of amber. There are many stories in the media about how he and a gang of machine gunners organized shootings in Kiev and the regions.

Prodivus needed his own man at the oblenergo. It was Oleg Samchuk, who was lobbied by the godfather of his father, Yuri Andriychuk, the former head of the Zhytomyr Regional State Administration, associated with “OPSZ”, in particular Firtash, Lyovochkin and the sanctioned Medvedchuk and Kozak.

Prodivus and his faithful companion quickly picked up the schemes of their predecessors, but also brought their own. It is worth giving credit, unlike the old corrupt officials, the new ones came up with a long-term strategy.

So, in 2017, a new group entered Cherkassyoblenergo, which also wanted to earn extra money. But here's the problem - the oblenergo was already in a bad shape, with unpaid salaries and Firtash's huge debt. What to do?

The oblenergo constantly receives money from thousands of clients, it is not so difficult to earn a monopoly. Now everything went not to Kryuchkov's front company. And then - a matter of technology and "agreement".

Firstly, our corruption tandem quickly picked up the simple schemes of Kryuchkov's time - fraud taking into account electricity consumption and selling bypassing the market. Adjustments were made to the electricity consumption metering system, due to which only part of the expenses of large consumers is recorded, and they give generous kickbacks. For some, special equipment is installed at all so that electricity goes bypassing any metering - with a discount, of course.

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Plastic windows (two-chamber and three-chamber) - the difference

If you have decided to install new double-glazed windows, then a number of questions will surely appear - how to avoid a mistake when choosing, how to correctly install everything and how much the cost of the structure will cost. At the moment, double-glazed windows with 1,2 and 3 chambers are available to buyers. The designs differ in thermal conductivity, noise insulation, light transmittance, and thickness. Each of the window options has its own characteristics and advantages. We propose to understand the difference between two-chamber windows and three-chamber windows.

Differences between different double-glazed windows - which are the best

The camera is the space between the glasses. In simple double-glazed windows, such a space is filled with dry air, and silica gel is additionally used to remove excess moisture in the structure. And in order to increase the thermal insulation properties of the window, the space between the glasses is filled with a gas that is safe for human health.

Single-chamber double-glazed window

Usually a window consists of a pair of glasses with a thickness of up to 0. cm, and the distance between the glasses is no more than 1. cm.

Advantages of single-chamber double-glazed windows:

When purchasing single-chamber double-glazed windows, you should pay attention to the following qualities:

  • Low degree of heat transfer resistance - when installing a window with one chamber, one should not rely on the effectiveness of thermal preservation.
  • Minimum sound isolation - up to 24 dB. The window is perfect for a country house, which is far from the road and other residential buildings. A house / apartment located near a busy street will require a multi-chamber window.
  • The minimum degree of resistance to wind impact - such glass units are not suitable for high-rise buildings.

Where they are used: summer cottages, balconies, loggias, unheated premises and outbuildings.

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