What is an ovoscope how to make a device with your own hands

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Before laying eggs in the incubator, it is very important to know whether they are fertilized and how the embryo develops. A special device - an ovoscope - will help to control this process. Making it with your own hands is as easy as shelling pears, you just need to make a little effort. There are several ways to make such a device. In any case, you will spend only a few minutes on manufacturing, so choose the one that suits you best.

What is an ovoscope and how does it work?

This device is used in cooking to determine the freshness of a product, but more often in farming to establish fertility. That is, with the help of this device, you can check the quality of the eggs.

The operating principle of the ovoscope is quite simple. It is based on the translucence of an egg with an ordinary lamp. Therefore, you can easily make an ovoscope with your own hands in 5 minutes. Eggs are placed in small indentations on the body. And the lamp is located inside the device.

Usually, ready-made ovoscopes operate from the network and are designed to scan through about a dozen eggs. Although there are also larger specimens, allowing to determine the quality of more than twenty pieces. There are also miniature devices that can illuminate just one egg at a time. Depending on the model, the device will differ noticeably in weight and dimensions. At home, it is quite possible to make both copies.

Types of ovoscopes

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    Ovoscopes are of three main types.

    • Vertical ovoscope. This is a species used in large farms, in enterprises where you need to shine through from 10 eggs or more at a time. This is, in fact, a vertical apparatus, at the bottom of which there is a lamp, and on top there are compartments for eggs.
    • Horizontal ovoscope. This unit allows viewing only a small number of eggs at a time. It has a lamp below, and the eggs are located on the side. When checking the apparatus, it is necessary to lean the eggs one by one against the hole, which is made for them, and check their condition. The main disadvantage is fire hazard. It is not recommended to use them in private, small farms. / ul>

      Photo of Ovoscope ON-10

    • Hammer ovoscope. Outwardly, the device looks like a hammer, but in reality it is something like a handle with a lamp attached to one side and a plug for an outlet on the other. Although this is not necessary, as there are batteries or rechargeable devices. To check the eggs, you just need to put the side of the handle with the lamp to the egg, and it will light up. The advantage of this ovoscope is that eggs can be checked anywhere without even taking them out of the incubator. And the disadvantage is that it is necessary to select a sufficient power of the light bulb, which can fully illuminate the egg, but will not overheat it during operation!

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