We are on the raid "

“They took a laptop, mobile, at least seven flash drives, two devices for electronic signature, five cameras with lenses, a drone and a tablet. The technique was not new, its approximate cost today is about 10 thousand dollars. They also took away printed materials, board games and wall calendars, ”- Chief Editor and Director of Hrodna. life Aleksey Shota lists the losses as a result of the search on January 29 in the editorial office, Naviny writes. y.

Search without owners and lawyer

Alexey Shota shows the building where the Hrodna editorial office is located. life, and says it's special. In this building on Kirov Street, journalists are adjacent to the Center of Garadskoga Zhytsya and the Admetnasts store, where, for example, you can buy a white-red-white umbrella and many other beautiful things with Belarusian national symbols:

“I have such an umbrella. Sometimes, when I walk around the city with him, they honk me. Perhaps people think that this is a picket, and I open my umbrella because it is raining. "

The owner of the premises does not interfere with work. However, when in August a mural with a traditional Belarusian ornament appeared on the building, they called from a high office and said that either the mural should be removed, or the building would be removed from the guarantee. As a result, the mural was slowly, slowly erased.

Almost a month after the arrival of the police, the editor-in-chief did not have any documents on the results of the search, although Aleksey Shota wrote a statement addressed to the head of the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs of Grodno with a request to provide information on what and on what basis was removed from the editorial office.

When Naviny correspondents. by met with the editor-in-chief of Hrodna. life, he did not yet know whether the administrative process was being conducted in relation to him as an individual or in relation to the editorial office as a legal entity.

“This is important, because in the first case the punishment is a fine of 1,450 rubles, and in the second - 14,500 rubles,” Shota noted.

On Monday, February 22, it turned out that the protocol was drawn up in relation to Shota as an individual and indeed for those posted on the Hrodna website. life, a link to the Nexta live telegram channel, included in the republican list of extremist materials, and two photographs with the Nexta logo - this is part 2 of Art. 17.1 Administrative Code.

The editor-in-chief says that the publication has various awards from the journalistic community, there is recognition from readers. He perceived the search as a high appraisal of their work by the authorities: “We realized that we play an important role for them too, we are not the last people, and we are doing everything right. The more correctly you do everything, the more they will beat you, this is obvious. "

Search as part of a year-long campaign against non-state media

We are on the raid

For work, you need a garage, but if you wish, you can also on the street. Good omkrat, rags, a head for 30 and a knob, keys for 17.19, a hammer and a set of CV joints. extractor for steering tips, VD-40, flat screwdriver, pliers, knife. still hard wire. 1. we put the car at speed and you can also use the handbrake. we fix three wheels with anti-rollbacks or bricks. We remove the protective plastic cover from the hub, if possible align the ring nut of the hub and unscrew it with a knob and a head by 30.

I'll tell you right away that it won't be easy. We raise the wheel with a jack, for self-confidence we also put some kind of timber to put it dangerously, they can burst. we take the wheel. You will need to remove the caliper and hang it up. the support is held by two bolts, unscrew them with a 17 key. We unscrew the two mounting bolts with a 17 ball wrench! 6 It will also be necessary to pull the steering tip finger out of the A-pillar. We remove the cotter pin from the fixing hole of the steering tip nut and then unscrew the nut with a 19 key.

Take the finger out of the rack with a puller. now you can remove the old CV joint from the hub by pulling the rack towards you and moving the rack to the side. Now the CV joint is free, remove the two boot clamps. Cut the butt with a knife and throw it into the trash. We remove the old grease from the drive and the CV joint with a rag and use a hard wire to the fixed part of the suspension so that the drive does not jump out. we take the hammer and knock down the CV joint with one good blow. we take out the retaining ring for fixing the CV joint. and this finished with the dismantling of the outer CV joint. all the more in the reverse order. I HOPE THE INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE INTERESTING TO ALL OWNERS OF FRONT DRIVE VASES!

Replacing the outer and inner CV joints with a VAZ

Welcome! CV JOINT - Joint of Equal Angular Velocities, thanks to it, all the moment that goes from the engine to the box is transmitted to the front wheels, this part is used exclusively only in front-wheel drive cars (or full-drive), if the machine is equipped with a rear-wheel drive, then instead of this part, a propeller shaft is installed, by the way it performs the same function as the CV joint, namely transfers the moment to the wheels from the box, because of the CV joint, front-drive cars could not start for a long time (At the beginning all rear-wheel drive were), because it was heavy in execution and it was simply not invented at that time by anyone and therefore front-wheel drive was not practiced on cars at first.

Note! To replace the outer and inner SHRUS, you will need: Firstly, special pliers with which the clamps to install protective covers will need to be, if there are no such ticks and you are not going to buy them, then instead of them you can use thin sliding pliers, even the pliers thanks to which the retaining rings can be removed, as well as the CV joint lubrication (Be sure to stock up, do not even start work without it, if you do not find such a lubricant, then look for something like it, no matter what the name will be, the main thing is that it fit for lubricating the CV joints), a new boot will be needed (But this is if yours is torn, if your boot is in good condition, then you don’t need to take a new one) and a new retaining ring of the inner CV joint (It is mandatory) and thrust rings, too, stock up new hub nut!

Where are the outer and inner CV joints? It is easiest to see it from the bottom of the car, by the way, you will have to remove it by crawling under the bottom, although you can do without it (For example, you can put planks under the front wheels and raise the front part with two jacks provided that both jacks stand on these planks, thus the front will be higher, it is especially convenient if the car is tall), but it is still better to drive the car onto a lift and replace the CV joint you need with a new one there, but we will immediately explain to you what it means such an outer and inner CV joint so that you understand this and no longer get confused (It's just that we will often talk about them in the article and so that you immediately get the idea of ​​which CV JOINT we are talking about), so the outer one is the one that faces the car wheel and is inserted into the hub (Both outer ones are indicated by green arrows), and already the inner one is the one that is inserted into the box (They are indicated by yellow arrows) and there are four CV joints in the front-drive cars, two of them are on the left side are placed and go to the left wheel, and the other two go to the right and go to the right wheel, but the drives on which there are only two CV joints and both of them are indicated in the photo by blue arrows.

When do you need to change the outer and inner CV joints? When it starts knocking, then it must be replaced, in addition, you also need to monitor the condition of its anthers and from time to time look under it and watch there is grease inside the anther, it did not get whether there is dirt and other kind of particles, sand, for example, there should be absolutely nothing under the anther, only one lubricant should be there, you can understand in more detail how you can check the SHRUS for operability, you can by the video clip that is posted a little below:

How to replace the outer and inner CV joints with a VAZ-VAZ?

Removal: 1) The CV joint does not change so long in time, but it's just a very painstaking work that requires not only removing the CV joint itself, but also the wheels and disconnecting the ball joint will have to be done, and many more operations will have to be done on little things, but you will need to start first by draining the oil out of the box, this is done so that when you are going to take out the CV joint, the oil does not leak out of the box, but you carefully drained it yourself (For how to do this, read the article: "Replacement oil in a box for a VAZ "), then remove the crankcase protection if it is present on your car (It will just interfere) and then slightly unscrew the hub nut (It is indicated by a red arrow, but only with a screwdriver, remove the collars that will not allow it to be unscrewed and do not forget to remove the plastic cover, which closes this nut from getting dirt into it), well, remove the wheel itself after that from the car, but just remember which side you are going to change the CV joint from, from which side you are going to remove the wheel from the auto car (For information on how to remove a wheel, read the article: "Correct wheel replacement on a car").

2) When you're done with the wheel, move to the top of the car and loosen the three nuts that secure the rack to the cup (Indicated by arrows), but do not unscrew, but just loosen by two, three turns (If necessary then loosen more), then completely unscrew the two bolts that attach the ball joint to the steering knuckle (see small photo) and how the work will be done, unscrew the hub nut completely and remove the washer behind it (Do not lose it, by the way it is very convenient with a magnetic screwdriver pry), well, at the end, turn the steering wheel all the way to the right or left.

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