Was in the store again: what seeds I was looking for and what I found

All repairs, easy and happy!

Today is the last day of winter. And although the drifts on the street in places still reach my waist, this light and fresh breath of spring is already felt in the air. The calendar, whatever one may say, affects us! Even if frosts hit -30 in March, we will still feel that it is March. That this is the breath of new life. The breath of another spring!

And it's probably not even in the air, but in the fact that it got dark later, the sun becomes more and more energy. I don’t know about you, but I want more colors and mood. And I slowly began to work in this direction

Planted a flower AND arugula

I have no flowers at home. Because yes, I am a lazy hostess, I do not like to bother with them, watering, replanting, and before leaving, I also decide who will look after them in the absence of the owners. It's easier when there are no such problems. Therefore, only dry flowers and spikelets decorate my house.

But this spring changed everything. I wanted flowers! And I brought a hyacinth bulb, earth and good mood from the store.

Remember my wooden collection from Gift'n'Home? Here I talked about her. I decided to plant the onion in this very wooden box and put it on the work surface in the kitchen. This is how my kitchen looks now:

And I also have a little flower that I took from the window of our entrance.

I have no idea about colors and have no idea how to reproduce them. But yesterday I saw such a baby in a pot!

And I took him with me. I don't know if something will grow out of this, I just stuck it into the wet earth. But I decided so - everything will sprout in the ground! And today I found out that this is a zamiokulkas, a dollar tree. And it seems that with such a method of transplantation, like mine, it may not take root. Well, let's see what happens. I believe that everything will work out for me!

Yesterday I bought arugula seeds. I have never had seedlings on the windowsill. But everything happens for the first time. Especially when spring and vitamin deficiency can sneak up unnoticed. So we'll eat arugula from the windowsill this year. I'm already waiting for the shoots.

A little more color and tenderness in the kitchen

I'm preparing my house for spring: I added just a couple of penny touches, but the mood has already changed and energy has increased

Trambler (ignition distributor sensor) is an element of the car ignition system.

Let's try to understand how it works and what is its principle of operation.

Appointment of the distributor VAZ 2108, 2109, 21099

It is designed to receive a spark from the ignition coil and distribute it among the cylinders in accordance with the engine operation order (for VAZ 2108, 2109 1-3-4-2).

In addition, the distributor sets the sparking moment (issues a control pulse to the commutator) depending on the crankshaft speed, engine load and ignition timing.

The design of the distributor is based on a rotating shaft (i.e. roller) driven by the engine camshaft. Devices and distributor elements are attached to the shaft, which operate from the rotation of the shaft.

The principle of operation of the distributor (ignition distributor sensor) VAZ 2108, 2109, 21099

The principle of operation of the distributor includes the work of all its elements.

The rotor (slider) rotates and distributes the spark to the side contacts in the distributor cover. Further, through high-voltage wires, it enters the spark plugs. A spark is supplied to the slider itself from the ignition coil through a movable central contact in the cover.

The Hall sensor has a gap through which a rotating screen with four teeth and four slots passes. When the screen slit passes through the sensor gap, a pulse is sent to the ignition switch, which is a spark signal. Read more "The principle of operation of the Hall sensor".

The centrifugal ignition timing regulator with an increase in the distributor shaft speed due to the divergence of its weights and the impact on the Hall sensor screen increases the ignition timing, which allows the fuel mixture to burn in a timely manner and with maximum efficiency. Read more "Centrifugal ignition timing regulator".

The principle of the centrifugal regulator

All repairs, light and happy! Today is the last day of winter. And although the drifts on the street in places still reach my waist, this light and fresh breath of spring is already felt in the air. The calendar, whatever one may say, affects us! Even if frosts hit -30 in March, we will still feel that it is March. That this is the breath of new life. Breath of another spring!

February has come to an end, I've been waiting for it for so long, and it flew by unnoticed.

It's time to summarize the interim results for the February crops.

I had a lot of crops planned for February and now I will tell you what came of it.


I sowed petunia for almost the whole of February and there are still a lot of sachets for March.

Seed germination for solid four. I already sowed the crops from February 1. All seedlings are doing well, there are no losses.

Also sowed begonia, eustoma and pelargonium in early February. Shoots are almost 100%.


Here germination did not please me at all. Some varieties never emerged. But this is a frequent occurrence when sowing strawberries, because the seeds are not stored for a long time, but the manufacturer still sells them.

Onion germination always makes me happy, because I found a store where you can buy high-quality onion seeds.

Shoots appeared on the 5th day.

Taishan and Marvel Marigolds

DIY pumpkin jam - general cooking rules

For making the jam, choose a pumpkin of early varieties, ripe, but not overripe.

We will not need peels and seeds, but do not throw away the seeds: they can be dried and gnawed, because it is not only tasty, but also very useful for the health of adults and children.

Pumpkin pulp for jam or cut into small cubes, or sticks, or grated. The finer you grind the pumpkin, the thicker the dessert will be.

Decide for yourself which consistency you like best.

The finished pumpkin delicacy is closed in small jars.

In this form, it can be stored indoors at room temperature, and not only on the shelf in the refrigerator.

We choose a recipe to our liking and taste, be patient and start preparing a bright dessert.

Classic Pumpkin Jam for Winter

This is the most common type of jam, when there is a lot of pumpkin, sugar at home, and you don't want to go after everything else.

For such a dessert, we need:

  • a kilogram of pumpkin pulp without seeds;
  • a kilogram of granulated sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of citric acid.

Yesterday I was in an economic hypermarket, and there stands with seeds were organized right at the entrances, there are new arrivals. In the morning I wrote a small review of perennial roots that surprised me there:

Now I want to tell you what seeds I am still looking for and buying.

And once again I will boast about the greenhouses. I have been using them for the first year and am not overjoyed.

My greenhouses

First I bought a pair for trial in winter - I liked it, bought 5 more pieces. We liked it again and went to the windows. Yesterday I bought three more and one long for 2 cassettes. I will try it.

The lid does not close tightly, there are vents: three on the long sides and one on the ends.

There is no need to open or ventilate anything, and the humidity inside is perfectly preserved. Condensation sometimes collects under the lid, when we heat the stove at home and in the sun.

You can put both cassettes and pots inside.

The plastic is flimsy for a long greenhouse, the bottom is weak, you can't bear it without losses, probably, I will use it permanently.

I bought more tomatoes

I have already decided on a set of tomato varieties for the 2021 season, it lacked only the Pink Flamingo.

I also wanted to find the Malachite Box from the Greens, everyone praises it too much. But I haven't found it yet. There was no pink flamingo either when I was looking for it in winter. My fellow countrymen suggested in the comments: "I have appeared!" Yesterday, indeed, I found his packet.

In general, I found out about it from the reviews: for many gardeners this is the most favorite tomato for og: always sweet, fruitful. Low bush - 60 cm. / P>

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