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Universal soils are used for growing plants. They include: high-moor and low-lying peat, sand, complex mineral fertilizers and other components. Universal peat can be high-moor, low-lying and neutralized peat. It is necessary to enrich the soil with nutrients.

In the online store "Darwin" you can buy a universal primer of our own production. These are Ogorodnik, Fasco, Intavir, Robin Green, Generous Zemlya, Terrasol brands. We guarantee the quality of our products, because our leading specialists and scientists are engaged in the development of soil. The soils of our production have all the necessary certificates and comply with European quality standards.

Our store managers will help you select soil or peat, in accordance with your requirements, will advise you on how to use it correctly. You can order the delivery of soil and peat by our courier service directly to the site or pick them up from our hypermarkets in Solnechnogorsk, Zelenograd, Pushkino and Podolsk.

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Such soils are most often a mixture of natural components (peat) and artificial components, for example, expanded clay.

In our online store you can order a universal primer of our own production "Ogorodnik", "Fasco", "Darwin". We use the latest technologies, constantly improve our products in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

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Peat is the remains of plants rotted in lowland and marshy areas. The higher the peat is, the lighter it is, the lower, the richer and heavier substances are useful for plants. Most often, in soil mixtures, up to half of the volume is peat. Different types peat is used for different types of plants, for example, lowland peat is used for succulents, and horse peat for deciduous plants, because such plants are more demanding on the composition of the soil. The introduction of pure peat into the soil to improve its properties is unjustified, because peat itself is not very rich in microelements, but the combination of peat and organic and mineral fertilizers will maximize the quality of the soil and give good results when growing plants.

High moor peat is considered an excellent soil base for use in greenhouses. In nature, it is located in the upper layers of swamps, therefore it has contact with air. This type of peat is not too rich in nutrients, but it is considered more durable and therefore is used in a mixture with soils, primarily in greenhouses and greenhouses. High peat is highly acidic, so it is often used to change the level of soil acidity. It is not necessary to introduce this type of peat in its pure form; it is necessary to make soil mixtures from it with the addition of neutral soils and fertilizers. Peat pots are made from high-moor peat for growing seedlings.

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